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REVIEW ITEMS: (GENERAL OVERVIEW, Products may all vary, these are general guidelines)

1) To do a review you have to send me a product to review.  The item will not be returned. I am not responsible for shipping costs.

2) The review item must be in its original packing, no exceptions.  If the item is not in original packing, item will not be reviewed.

3) Negative Reviews. If I find that the product I reviewed is not up to my standards or the standards that were ‘offered’ I will contact you before posting any type of review and we can discuss.  If you fail to respond to the ‘reach out’ the review will be posted with the email that was sent.

4) Please don’t send me a winner’s product to ship.  The winning product from a giveaway is your responsibility as a company. I will run the giveaway, however you must furnish the product to the winner!.

5) I review APPS, but I charge, please don’t ask me to review your APP for free.

6) If you would like to be mentioned on my blog, contact me about advertising rates, yes I charge.


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