Not Confined To Heels With My Konvine Shoes

We are off and traveling and packing with 3 kids is tough. I have to fight for my space in the suit case in between toys, games, electronic devices and mini hockey sticks! When we travel, I try to keep the packing frugal by saving space on anything that enters the suitcase and my new foldable flats from Konvine save me space and let me dress up or down! The shoes are fashionable, comfortable and will give those high heels a rest.  The shoes are comfy on the inside, and your toes will thank you, because when you unfold these shoes, you get to unfold your toes into comfort!

Rollable foldable flats

Konvine Ballerina Flats

What in the world is a Foldable Flat?  See how these roll up from flat to purse ready in this 5 second video I made. The shoe is by Konvine and they are rollable, foldable, ballerina flats. They are comfortable on and they travel well whether by purse, handbag, or suitcase.  If you going from night to day and you want to change up your shoes but keep your space in your bag frugally used, this is the shoe you have been looking for! Heels are great during the day or at the beginning of a wedding reception, but a few hours in and oh the poor tired toes, give them a break with these great shoes from Konvine.  I have mine tossed in my bag for going from day work to running the kids around at night.  I often don’t have time to change and I am not wearing heels into an hockey arena to drop off players, so my alternative becomes these great shoes. I roll them up, toss them in their little tie pouch and put them in my purse. Easy, Peasy! unrolled flat The price on these frugal space savers is frugal as well Under $40 and Under $30 for shoes that you can have with you all the time! What makes the shoe line pretty spectacular as well are all the color and styles.  Often when you find a great pair of shoes you are limited by color, the Konvine Roll Up Shoes have a lot of choices for all of your outfits and taste!


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