DVD Weekend Flicks To Catch

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There is nothing like the weekend to catch up on all the DVD's that are out and available for purchase. Those weekend nights are great for just kicking back,with a bucket of popcorn and munching, sleeping and let the kids watch a movie. ONCE you get the right dvd's you are set and I have a few to … [Read more...]

bobble for SPORT

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Fitness, Sports & Water As the newly appointed Ambassador for G&G Sports I have to tell you the pressure is on to train, train hard and get some well needed MomME time.  My goal is to lose weight, carve in MomME time and make sure that I am getting both strength training and cardio time, … [Read more...]

Discover How To Spend and Earn

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Can You Earn Money While You Are Spending Money? The kids are all back to school and it's time to clean the house back up to the way I liked it, and then shop till I drop.  The holidays are just ahead and I know that if I get ahead of the curve, life will work so much better.  While I am not … [Read more...]

HP Wall Challenge

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*My photos were canvassed for this post ** Life changes in the blink of an eye.  It seems like only yesterday my kids were in my arms, warm and swaddled in a blanket just coming out of the delivery room and looking at me with those big, trusting eyes.  I feel like I can see their eyes looking … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Pizza ~ How To & What Brand

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Months of trying to perfect Gluten Free Pizza dough has left me feeling the dings of failed results or crusts that really don't make the pizza cut(lol).  I have decided that by the time I purchase the ingredients needed for the dough, and the time I vest in creation of the pizza dough I could have … [Read more...]