Gluten Free Pizza ~ How To & What Brand

Months of trying to perfect Gluten Free Pizza dough has left me feeling the dings of failed results or crusts that really don’t make the pizza cut(lol).  I have decided that by the time I purchase the ingredients needed for the dough, and the time I vest in creation of the pizza dough I could have just as easily purchased dough for a whole lot less. [Read more...]

Frame Up Frugally

Deck the halls with family photos, fa, la, la, la, la, la blah!  No, decorating the halls can be downright difficult if you but how do you deck out the halls with all the new technology and keep it simple?  I have often thought about buying holiday photos that are pretty and decorative for the season, but they are so impractical when I already have the perfect crew to deck my walls and with Walmart and HP photo décor for the holidays I have to say it has never been easier to deck the holiday halls with family fun!

Walmart Digital Photo

To change things up a bit and enjoy my family, I turned to Walmart HP photo products which allowed me to create a wonderful canvas art of my family set up for the holidays that I can place on a wall or mantle and enjoy year after year, without killing my budget! I simply navigated to the Walmart site and then I was able to customize my portrait and create a good looking canvas.  

Walmart Canvas HP

You can create a sizable canvas for only $35.00 or you can create holiday cards, small and large canvasses as well as mugs, and so much more!

Walmart hp

 All you do is upload your favorite photos as you can see I did below and then you can add more to change them or make a decision on what you most like!
walmart hp
I will make the canvas online at and pick up in store? It is easy as 1-2-3 and suddenly your walls will be ‘techorated’ with ease! I love technology and HP makes it easy!

The Commercial Holiday ~ Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

*This article contains material that may not be appropriate for those above 18****

The holiday season ushers in some of the season’s best commercials and I am sorry to break it to you but not even the Super Bowl commercials can outdo a few that I have found.  What is it about this time of year that sparks the creative juices for the advertising firms or for the brands like no other time of year? Perhaps they know that as consumers we are all watching their comedic acts because we are tired from long days of earning money to pay for all the things in their stores and we flick the television on more frequently? Has the latest commercial strand from a national retailer gone too far? My answer is no because it still is doing nothing to help their slow lines, their less-than-quality merchandise and the fact that their online website is so confusing that even the computer savvy can’t figure it out! The commercials are all in fun and honestly a welcome distraction! See what you think.

Do you remember seeing this Target commercial and laughing because it is so something I would do in a store and my kids would laugh and say, “mommy!”   See the Target Commercial HERE.   I think the humor lies within the fact that we so badly would love to do what the lady in the commercial does but we don’t!  It is kind of  like touching all the talking toys at once or pressing all the elevator buttons and getting off!  The point is there are cards that can be brought to life, they are at Target and shop on! Target identifies with the consumer and basically iFunnies it up.  I would so do this and laugh all the way.

The commercial of the season that is causing a bit of a stir, but has not yet been pulled is from KMART.  Let’s face facts: to date KMART is really not lighting anyone’s buying fire, as they have branded, re-branded and mixed in so much we all really don’t know why to shop there?  Are you shopping there for clothing from Adam Levine or Jacqueline Smith?  Are you at KMART for name brand appliances? Or are you shopping at KMART for household items that really are overpriced?

I remember back in the day shopping at a KMART to find some pretty solid values, or even shopping at clearance time but over the last few years let’s be honest the quality of everything in the store has pretty much flopped or was there ever anything of quality at this store?  My point is, do you really see a lot of youth shopping in your store?  I have been in line grabbing cleaning supplies on numerous occasions and sometime planting supplies and those in line are not your under 40 crowd, that is for certain. The target audience they are reaching in the commercials is not the one shopping in the store, but does it matter? KMART is doing great with branding their name to those of us watching, but are we really ending up in their stores? Easter had so much left I would tend to think the answer is no, and it seems to be like this season after season.

The commercial with “I shipped my pants” while funny is almost unbelievable because the generation they are using for the commercial does not even touch the computer, so did they really “ship those pants?” or are they trying to get you into that store to shop? Hand a smart phone to the man in the commercial and ask him to try to SHIP HIS PANTS and I would lay odds he can’t navigate the site because it is confusing!

The most recent holiday commercial with Joe Boxer-like Chippendales is nothing short of cute, but in reality do you ever see those guys in the KMART stores? My answer is typically not unless it is Adam Levine checking on his clothing line(not), Nicki Minaj, Sofia Vergara and a few other celebs are selling clothing that they wear(yeah right) in the store to be budget friendly.  Here’s an answer to selling budget-friendly, less-than-quality clothing : charge less for your downloads, cd’s and concert tickets and your fans could buy more clothing at stores that have better quality items and shorter check out lines.

KMART commercials are not making you nod yes, to what they have, just Yes to the real life commercials that talk the way we all carry on in life, about gas, shipping pants, and women loving their guys in the under garments.  The store still has too many things going on their website to decipher which makes it un-navigable, and there are so many complaints online about the brand itself that it is a wonder they can still exist. The commercial is all in fun!

We could look at the less than funny Walmart commercials but then again, who needs humor from Walmart when walking into the store just watching is all the funny most of us need, after all there are songs made about Walmart people(oh darn, just thought about this, if I walk into the store I must be one!)

In the end, the commercials are just commercials, enjoy them for what it’s worth, laugh a little, but realize it’s not selling anything but the commercial and every once in a while you might identify with something in their commercials that will usher you into their store! Game Over! 









I am all about the season of sparkle and this season sparkles with really great commercials from



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