Make Your Own Tortilla Chips

homemade nachos

It’s frugal and snack savvy and you won’t believe how easy it is to make your own Tortilla Chips.  My kids love these snacking sensations and I love how easy they are to prepare.  I also have found that .99 a package is a really frugal deal and makes enough chips to satisfy my crew.  An added ‘frugal’ extra is that you are not adding in any unnecessary ingredients so you can keep the garbage fillers out of the diet.

When you are at your favorite store, purchase flour or corn tortillas, whichever you prefer.  In my home we buy a few of each because of food allergies and my kids.  Don’t forget to pick up non-stick spray(butter flavor or olive oil), sea salt, foil and your favorite nacho toppings.

Gather the following ingredients:

1 bag of flour or corn tortillas

Non Stick Spray (butter or olive oil flavor)

Sea Salt

Foil Lined Tray

Cut each tortilla into wedges or strips.  Lay on a non-stick sprayed pan or a foil lined tray sprayed with non-stick spray.  Lightly spray each of the wedges/strips with spray and sea salt.  Bake at 400 for about 10 minutes. Flour tortillas cook more rapidly and tend to burn so watch them carefully.  Once them come out they are ready to eat.  Look for golden brown chips.  These are restaurant quality and a deliciously frugal snack.

My preference is for the corn tortilla because it crisps up nicer and packs a more powerful crunch.  Flour tortillas burn a bit more easily and you really have to watch these as they bake.  We have found that preparing them on a STONE from Pampered Chef is the best way to create these, they turn out crisp every time.


     The challenge is on, finding foods that my allergy-laden children can eat.  This time I am working on items that can build sandwiches or make Quesadillas.  I have been searching High and Low for good tasting Gluten Free Flat Breads or Gluten Free Wraps, with good ingredients.  It is so hard to find good tasting GLUTEN FREE breads and I was so worried that the kids would be disappointed.  The challenge has been met, I have found Sandwich Petals.  The taste is outstanding and you would not know they are GLUTEN FREE, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, etc.


Take a look at the list of Allergy free ingredients this Sandwich Petal Meets:  Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, Non GMO, and diabetic smart! They are not CORN free.


Sandwich Petals are flat breads that are nutritious, 10 grain gluten free and almost completely allergen-free.  There are 21 grams of low glycemic carbs in it and they are only 100 calories.  These are high in Omega 3′s from flaxseed.  There are 3 flavors of these:  Agave Grain, Chimayo Chile(the spicy ones), Spinach Garlic.  Finally, the word shelf stable has a new meaning.  I can purchase them and leave them on my counter without worry of molding or retarding for a great length of time.  The ones I currently have were shipped in July and are shelf stable for at least 30 days!  6 Petals come to a bag.

I heat mine in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds, and then I let it sit on the counter for about 30 seconds more.  As this Flat bread sits after being heated it seems to transform a bit and it is even MORE FLEXIBLE.  We  load my veggies in and the kids load taco meat or steak strips, chicken pieces and beans, practically anything.    I have found that these pair up well with heavy items like taco meat as well as light items such as lettuce and veggies.  The Gluten Free Flat Bread is wonderfully versatile. We love the Chimayo Red Chile Baked with a touch of sea salt, it has a bit of spice and is really tasty.


You know you fold a normal tortilla and it is generally too big for you baggie or (reusable bag)? Not the case with the Sandwich Petal, it will absolutely fit into a sandwich bag, reusable or plastic. They look like a little football as they are oval in size.

My favorite thing to do with these for my kids is to make Quesadillas.  I simply melt cheese on the Petals and roll, and cut.  That’s it. The kids love them.

If you are looking for a Tortilla Alternative because you have allergies, check out Sandwich Petals.  You will find a nutritious way to eat and a very delicious flat bread.

I would love for you to try what we have tried. Enter below:

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TORTILLAS ~ MexAmerica




In a house that consists of 3 growing children, offering up foods that are fun and interesting is a constant must.  I have one child that has so many food allergies that I have to be careful what I serve to him so I am forever seeking fresh food alternatives with healthy, non-allergen ingredients.  I love offering my family foods that consist of premium ingredients, and foods that are fresh.

Often, I find myself preparing snacks made with flour and corn tortillas.  My kids love quesadillas, tacos, taco salads and wraps so I find that tortillas are super versatile and applicable in so many snacking foods as well as meals that they have become a staple in my household.

When approached with the opportunity to review tortillas from MexAmerica I said, “YES”

MexAmerica is a  National Award Winning and Kosher Certified Tortilla Company.  They offer recipes and traditions that have been passed down through their family.  Their “secret formula” uses only  the finest ingredients and process, which offers food with superior quality.

We sampled three types of Tortillas:  10 oz Corn Tortillas, 15 oz Flour Tortillas, 16 oz 100% Whole Wheat with Honey.  (due to allergy restrictions my children had to alternate who could taste test what as one child is allergic all corn and the other all bee products and bi-products)


Some brands offer tortillas that are made, then frozen then shipped to the grocers, not the case with MexAmerica.  These tortillas are made fresh and then shipped daily.  Each tortillas was hand-shaped and perfect in its own way.  The tortillas did not crumble(we have had those that do) and the tortillas each rolled wonderfully when filled with melted cheese.


The Corn Tortillas are made from quality stone ground corn, and are with  zero trans-fat and gluten free. These are also made fresh and shipped fresh daily.  If you love fresh lunch meat and cheese, try some lunch meat shredded on these with melted cheese, the whole process takes about 15-30 seconds depending on your microwave and you will have an instant snack that satisfies.  My favorite cheese on the corn tortillas is Colby-Jack not only does it taste great on them it seems to taste very Mexican-like!


We ate the Whole Wheat with Honey Tortillas and the Flour Tortillas on our Taco Night.  The kids love taco night and they really enjoyed these tortillas.  I ate my tortillas stuffed full of lettuce, fresh salsa, peppers and onions with a dash of shredded cheese, while the children dined on taco meat, cheese and lettuce.  The tortillas were wonderfully fresh, not chewy, not stale, just really good.  There are no nuts in the ingredients and they were wonderful.

Want to know where you can find these great tortillas?  Check here.


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