Make Your Own Tortilla Chips

homemade nachos

It's frugal and snack savvy and you won't believe how easy it is to make your own Tortilla Chips.  My kids love these snacking sensations and I love how easy they are to prepare.  I also have found that .99 a package is a really frugal deal and makes enough chips to satisfy my crew.  An added … [Read more...]



     The challenge is on, finding foods that my allergy-laden children can eat.  This time I am working on items that can build sandwiches or make Quesadillas.  I have been searching High and Low for good tasting Gluten Free Flat Breads or Gluten Free Wraps, with good ingredients.  It is so hard to … [Read more...]

TORTILLAS ~ MexAmerica

 MexAmerica    Source: via Pittsburgh Frugal Mom on Pinterest   In a house that consists of 3 growing children, offering up foods that are fun and interesting is a constant must.  I have one child that has so many food allergies that I have to be careful … [Read more...]