Hard Rock Roxtars

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Halloween is a fun time of year, and it s when kids start dressing up with stars, people and characters they love.  Has anyone ever told you that you kids looks like a little rock star?  Kids tell my son he could be Jimi Hendrix with his curly, loopie hair, and when we dined at the Hard Rock in … [Read more...]

Fall Into Crocs

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Kids, feet, shoes, it all happens at once, as the seasons change, the kids feet grow and it is time for fresh new shoes.  With 3 kids and constantly being on the go, I was searching for shoes that I could shove on with ease and that would work with jeans as well as sports clothing.  My kids are … [Read more...]

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates For The Holidays

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What happens in a household during the holidays when you start placing all the goodies out and your children or family members that are peanut and nut free can't join in on the fun on nibbling snacks? In  our house it means I search harder to accommodate all members of the house and as for chocolate … [Read more...]

XMAS Baking w/ Organic Gummy Bears

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Wouldn't these gummies be great in Xmas baking? They are after all organic, natural and quite tasty and kids love them. I believe these would be amazing in stained-glass windows, atop a gingerbread man or on top of 1/2 and 1/2 cup cakes all made for the holidays. The colors are vibrant and the … [Read more...]

Parental Pressuring In Ice Hockey

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Years on the ice, seated through so many tourneys and with so many different people I still can't get the names all straight, but one thing is certain, there are no other families as strong as hockey families. The bond between hockey team players and other families runs deep, in many cases.  A while … [Read more...]