Carmex Loves Lips

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Lavishly living my beauty life out loud I am often smacking my lips as I am yapping about a product.  Very few products are items that I consider staples in my drawer of beauty, but one that has been with me for the last 20+ years is Carmex.  Now, if you are not familiar with the product you are not … [Read more...]

I’m A Kitchen Ninja

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Everyday I am Dana Ninja Kitchen Queen, who blasts, blends and smooths life over with the touch of a button and the mix of a bit of ice.  You  might say I am icy, or a little fruity but one thing is certain my creations are silky smooth and made form whole fruits, veggies and will beat the pants off … [Read more...]

Open Your Piehole

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My family has an sweet tooth hankering that is often quite challenging because I don't do sweets.  I am consistently coming up with recipes that I think will offer them something delicious and I have to top out what I have done before.  One of our favorite ways to lavishly live life out loud is a … [Read more...]

My Wrist Is Sprouting

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Tic-Tock time moves quickly so how better to keep up with it than with a great looking, trending timepiece.  My wrist is sprouting with this find! This just so happens to lavishly let me live out loud with an environmentally friendly timepiece! The watch that has my wrist sprouting  is a Sprout … [Read more...]