Label Those New Clothes

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It's funny how the kids get new things they love and then suddenly, somewhere in the aftermath of getting them back to school and back into activities, they start 'losing' pieces that belong to them.  When you have multiple kids that wear the same sizes, close sizes or kids in sports or even those … [Read more...]


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Kids definitely love their names and love seeing their names. Think of all the vacation spots you have been to, and all of the souvenir shops, each one offers multiple spins on your names with everything from key-chains to hairbands.  My kids don't have the usual run-of-the-mill names and because of … [Read more...]

Residence Inn For Families

Residence Inn For Families, the residence inn, families, travel, moms, kids, rest, kitchens, eating, dana vento, travel

We travel so much as a family, and one thing is for certain, rest is a must.  Sometimes when we travel, we have stayed in places that make it a bit hard to actually sleep and rest and before you know it, everyone is cranky, miserable and no one can really get along as well as they should.  When you … [Read more...]

K’NEX Building Set For The Holidays

K'NEX Building Set For The Holidays , raptors revenge, building set, kids, at home, playtime, dana vento,

Build it, make it, create it, and do it again, are you looking for fun, educational toys, that you can actually spend time with your kids and help them build? I assure you that the best of builders will be a bit challenged by these great sets! Get ready for twists, turns, connectors and a fun … [Read more...]

Pillow Talk With The Residence Inn

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One of the most important parts of a trip, is of course REST and relaxation, because no matter how much you take on during the day, you simply need to refuel. I love tons of pillows, clean beds, clean crisp sheets that offer a soft touch and clean sink tops and toilets.  Remember, I am a little … [Read more...]