Minnie Mouse Inspired & My Hospital Adventure

Minnie Mouse & My Hospital Adventure , minnie mouse, box, gift, build a bear, Minnie Mouse inspired bear

What happens when you have a 17 year old daughter who has been sick so long she can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and then suddenly a possible diagnosis is made and surgery is on the horizon?  You give her a Build-A-Bear that she can love, hug and hold onto! Build-A-Bear is for every age … [Read more...]

Are You Parents Of Teens?

teens, parenting, a survival guide to parenting teens, talking to your kids about sexting, drinking, driving, drugs, alcohol and other things that freak you out, book, kindle, dana vento, parenting

As a parent of a few teens, I know all the drama associated with teens.  It is always amazing how I think I am one ahead and I end up one step behind them.  Some days pulling my hair out I just think back to when I was a teen, hoping for an answer from that magical time, but things are so different … [Read more...]

Noodles & Company Washington, PA

noodles & Company, Washington, PA, food, foodie, noodles, bowls, mac n cheese, desserts, wine, no tipping, simple meals, fast food, old mill plaza, washington, pa. dana vento, kids, family, fast, delicious

Do you often run out with your kids in tow and then suddenly realize that they are all really hungry after a large shopping day?  This happens to moms everywhere, but the fact is, fast food is not always the healthiest alternative.  Three kids and a mom is what summer brings me each year and the … [Read more...]

Toy Story Of Terror

Toy Story OF TERROR, dvd, dana vento, movies, kids, family, disney, fun, terror, funny, family, kids, teens, tweens

I love when I can pop a movie in and not worry about the end result or the content.  Quality movies that can be viewed by the family are priceless.  The seasons are changing and you can begin thinking fall, and terror.  Movie nights will become more abundant as the coolness sets in, are you armed … [Read more...]