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In case you don't know who Jake is, you can find him and his Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior and if you have little ones, this is the show for them.  Adventure leads the way in this interactive-television series that kids all over love.  This animated movie will provide you 141 minutes of run … [Read more...]

The Hockey Hug

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This is not a sponsored post You know I am a very involved hockey mom.  I know my kid is not going to play in the NHL, and I love when he scores, but I also love when he and his team celebrate each other's goals, and great plays.  Celebrating is part of playing sports it is the reward for a job … [Read more...]

Top 20 Most Wanted Gift Cards

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Gifting is great, because you never know what is going to be in a box. One year my parents really were funny and gave us a motorized tie rack box gift wrapped. We were happy with that because of course my husband had all his ties to place on there and the closet was getting all renovated so what a … [Read more...]