Top 20 Most Wanted Gift Cards

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Gifting is great, because you never know what is going to be in a box. One year my parents really were funny and gave us a motorized tie rack box gift wrapped. We were happy with that because of course my husband had all his ties to place on there and the closet was getting all renovated so what a … [Read more...]

Gifts For Your U11 Crowd

Gifts For Your U11 Crowd

I think we are inundated with choices for our kids each year when trying to buy the perfect gift. I have tended to shy away from buying it all to buying what the kids really need and will use.  I remember when my first child came a long, I wanted everything and that was insane because not only was … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids Books

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The gift of reading is a gift that takes you beyond the room, beyond the television and into the land of both imagination as well as reality.  Every time you read to your child, you open a book a new adventure begins, vocabulary develops and a while new world is presented to them.  Reading is the … [Read more...]