Hunting: See and Stay Powered

Hunting: See and Stay Powered , external battery, power, smartphones, monocles, eye, sight, vision, reading, hunting, outdoors, astro E4, External Battery pack, dana vento, tech, fashion, hunting stuff

Hunting season is here and my family has packed up their hunting gear, tightened up their boots, and scouted their areas thoroughly for the best spot to hunt.  It's not all about the hunt, but also about the preparation and the things you have with you that can make all the difference in the true … [Read more...]

Hi-Tec Hunting Must Haves

Hi-Tec Hunting Must Haves , outdoors, fashion, hunting, outdoor gear, fashion, boots, shoes, outdoor warmth, dana vento

It's hunting season and the guys are ready have their boots and are ready for the great outdoors.  There is really no other season that is so demanding for the appropriate wear because the season is going on rain, snow or shine.  As varied as the temperatures and conditions are clothing must meet … [Read more...]

Fashion: Darn Tough Socks for Men & Women

Fashion: Darn Tough Socks for Men & Women , socks, vermont, darn tough, merino wool, wicking, moisture, no sagging, ribbed, fitting, no blisters, dana vento, fashion

The weather has changed and there are no more warm mornings, they are all cold and blustery.  Gone are those sun-filled mornings that used to greet us and when we stepped outside the sun would kiss our cheeks with warmth.  Now, when you step outside, the air hits your skin and creates a frosted … [Read more...]

LifeStraw & The Great Outdoors

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It's a new week, the kids are out and I am back into the swing of things on an all out MomME Fitness program working out and exercising, but on the weekends we head out to the parks to hike and move it to enjoy the great fall air.  We exercise rigorously because we want to be healthy and part of … [Read more...]

Hunting: The Grizzly Side of Kenetrek

The Grizzly Side of Kenetrek, hunting, boots, fashion, warmth, durability, cold, comfort, support, highest tech components, , deer, doe, grizzly, rain, snow, hiking, working, stacking wood, kenetrek boots, dana vento, hunting

Laugh as you may, my thoughts of hunting immediately turn to cooking the catch as well as the food I prepare for my hunting crew to take with them.  However, hunting is a lot more involved than just the food that my guys take with them, it really gets down to the necessities of warmth, waterproof … [Read more...]