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Things might be quiet out in the woods, but the reality is, if you are hunting it has to dead silent to pick up on the sounds around you in order to get your trophy.

Hunting time means getting in touch with the great outdoors, sending the guys out to hunt and getting ready to plan a great GNO while the guys are out doing their FHT(fake hunting thing). As my son got ready to crouch in the bushes, scale trees like Spiderman, hike miles, and spend plenty of time alone with teh birds, bees and anything else out there, his Mossy Oak Break Up Stereo Eapones were a must. In order to weather the day, music, environmental noises and fun that only he could hear are a requirement.

These earphones keep the sound in the ears and not outside so that nothing gets scared off. The Mossy Oak Break Up Stereo Earphones are in Camo Colors, and they blend rather than show. The quality of sound is an incredible value and they are made for the rugged outdoorsman which means strong wear and tear, and that is what we expect from Mossy Oak products.

Smart Phones, Little Boys & Camo Cases ~ Fuse Plus You

I love that my son has a phone because when he is not home, I can still get a hold of him or when he is out and I need him to get home it sure beats the old hollering out the back door, ringing a bell, or the Lights On System.   What I have not enjoyed about providing him a phone is how tough he can be on it.  While I realize there is a level of responsibility that comes with handing a child a phone, I also realize that life happens and no matter how he tries to take care of it, a phone without a case is just a phone asking for an accident. The cost of a phone alone makes you want to protect it because replacing it is just ridiculous topped with a cherry! The good folks at Fuse Plus know how to protect your technology, and they offer high-quality, affordable, stylish accessories to help you live with technology and rock it!

Mossy Oak

Belted On with the swivel-riffic belt clip

I spoke with Fuse Plus You, they are all about You, Life and Technology and they ‘get’ that I needed a phone case that was priced reasonably, and can take a bit of punishment, remain resilient and keep the product inside alive! My biggest fear was that a case would not work with my son’s style, so I had to match his likes, and persona to a case.  Fuse Plus You has so much to choose from for men, women and kids that there was no way I was leaving the website without a case!  Fuse Brand has a huge line of accessories that are well-priced to offer both protection and style.  Fuse provides great accessories that can help keep your technology running and protected while not breaking the bank! Remember, frugality boasts taking care of what you have and being able to use what you have for long periods of time, and a protective case let’s you keep technology by your side and use it when you need it.  The Fuse site offered so many cases from hard shell plastic to brushed aluminum I actually just had to decipher what our needs were and what level of protection we needed for his phone and then I chose!

phone and mossy oak

Phone before it is tucked into case


My son is all about nature, camo clothing, sports(ice hockey), hunting and the great outdoors which is what made the decision a bit easier.  The case I chose for him was manufactured to be heavy duty with a swivel-riffic belt clip.  The case is both protective and convenient.  The shell is durable, and the closure is a magnetic-type catch.  This is the perfect case for those who love the outdoors as it is in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camouflage fabric.  The belt clip is made of reinforced steel and the lining on the inside is soft and prevents the phone face and back from getting scratched.  It is padded for protection My son love sit because he just puts it on his waistband and goes.  The phone fits snug inside but the case opens, quickly and effortlessly when he needs to access it.  This case is perfect for those active boys that have a phone that you can’t find a case for! We were not finding cases to fit his phone but this fits without a problem.  The case will fit a multitude of different phones check the Fuse Plus You  site for more details.

The phone we fit in here is an LG, it is 4 3/4″ x 2 3/4″.


Phones are already hard enough to use, and figure out, why get a case that needs snapping, fitting, and a whole guidebook to use.  This is a simple, put your phone in, take your phone out case. A no frills case at a great price.





I get on cleaning tangents, some days more so than others and when I do I am like a hurricane taking on landfall!  I am very productive during these bursts and I find it counterproductive to stop what I am doing in order to go out and grab some more materials to help get the job done.  Sometimes before I start a project I take a look around, summarize what needs done(in my head) and what items I might need in order to conquer the project.  If I know what I need ahead, I will run out and grab the items I need to accomplish the task at hand.  I also find it counterproductive to run out before the chore begins because I tend to get side-tracked while I am out at the store, which slows me down and then perhaps my momentum is lessened.  When this happens, I know NOTHING is getting done!

I began cleaning up the garage the other day, which seems like a never-ending chore.  Everyone seems to put what they are finished with in the garage and it leaves  the garage looking less than delightful.  If there is one item you consistently need in your home it is storage crates of some form, but keeping empty storage crates wastes space! Wait till you see what I Have found for you! Packaways!



My decision in the garage the other day was to actually pack away items that were in stacks, like towels, sheets(throw sheets for painting, etc), but I did not have what I needed to complete this task. I hate stink bugs and they are everywhere so I really wanted to clean up those items rather than finding a bug in one of them!  I recently had been sent a small supply of Reusable Corrugated Plastic Containers(NOT CARDBOARD) that stack flat until needed!  I dashed up to my bedroom, from beneath the bed and grabbed them.  What was about to happen was simply amazing.

A piece of flat, corrugated plastic was about to turn into a full fledged storage crate.  It was not cardboard,  and it was amazingly simple to use!  I took the board from Flat to a Container in 20 seconds or less, simply by opening the box at the top and placing my hand at the place that said, Push here.  That was it! A container. I did not stop working, I did not leave my house, I did not have to quit my chore!  I took the container, loaded it, stacked it and continued cleaning the garage, without missing a beat! I also love that they are reusable! Simply Frugal!


flat waiting to be opened

my 3 sizes




I had one other use for the containers that day and I feel like it was ingenious.  We have an attic in our garage, and I have to climb up a steep set of steps and then back down with Holiday Decor in hand, and it really gets annoying to have to go back up to put my storage bin back away after the decorations from the tote are used!  Here is the application I came up with!  Use a Packaway to store the holiday decor.  Make ONE trip up the steep stairwell and Close the attic door!  Once the box is emptied and everything is decorated, collapse the Packaway, place it behind the shelving and then when the season is complete, push the inside flaps down with my hands and BOOOOOM a instant container that I will now take back up to the attic, full, not empty! I LOVE IT! I am saving time, space and trips to that attic.

sizes and ease of use

sizes and ease of use


Plastic, unlike cardboard will protect the products inside of it from water and humidity

The containers are absolutely reusable.  When I am done storing these towels, rags, sheets, etc., I can simply collapse the container back to its flat position and shove in behind the coach, under a bed, etc. !

There is not tape, glue gun, or stapling required in order to seal this package up! It just closes with the use of slats and a folding lid!

You can be in the middle of a project and just run and grab the container and have it readily set up to use in seconds!

The Packaways I received came in some great COLORS: I have white, Pink and Blue

The sizes I tried out 16, 21, and 12.


I can think of a bunch of creative ways you might use these durable, plastic, collapsible containers, here are just a few:

College Dorms


Sports equipment

Holiday Decor



Storage of kitchen items & and so much more!

The Holidays are coming, think about how many LESS trips you can make, up, down, or anywhere in the house by simply using these totes and storing them behind a coach, sofa, or under a bed! Think about preserving your items in a great container that can take on water and humidity! Think about not having to run out for extra containers all the time because they are so thin you can get a bunch and keep them in the house and use WHEN NEEDED on DEMAND! Have a great holiday and enjoy this great new find!






I was provided with a sample of the aforementioned product and I conducted my own usage test on it to see how I would like it.  The opinions in this review are mine and are true and honest.  You may have different opinions and findings!  PFM is not affiliated with Packaways.


My husband is all about hunting season. It actually is something that I look forward to because I know when they(he and the guys) go hunting, I have time to go Shopping. Get your hunters this digital subscription.