Mossy Oak Break Up Stereo Earphones

mossy oak

  Things might be quiet out in the woods, but the reality is, if you are hunting it has to dead silent to pick up on the sounds around you in order to get your trophy. Hunting time means getting in touch with the great outdoors, sending the guys out to hunt and getting ready to plan a … [Read more...]

Smart Phones, Little Boys & Camo Cases ~ Fuse Plus You


I love that my son has a phone because when he is not home, I can still get a hold of him or when he is out and I need him to get home it sure beats the old hollering out the back door, ringing a bell, or the Lights On System.   What I have not enjoyed about providing him a phone is how tough he can … [Read more...]


my 3 sizes

I get on cleaning tangents, some days more so than others and when I do I am like a hurricane taking on landfall!  I am very productive during these bursts and I find it counterproductive to stop what I am doing in order to go out and grab some more materials to help get the job done.  Sometimes … [Read more...]