Sale OR No Sale? The Grocery Store Reality

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As you know I love shopping, but shopping also creates more questions for me.  Often I just shake my heads at what others might say is a sale, because in fact it is not a sale, it is just a yellow tag, calling attention to something you might have previously overlooked.  If you truly love to shop, … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Pizza ~ How To & What Brand

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Months of trying to perfect Gluten Free Pizza dough has left me feeling the dings of failed results or crusts that really don't make the pizza cut(lol).  I have decided that by the time I purchase the ingredients needed for the dough, and the time I vest in creation of the pizza dough I could have … [Read more...]

Swizzle Me This With Sugar Cane

Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle me this and swizzle me that, all drinks are better with a sugar cane swizzle stick.  Tea and swizzle sticks are the perfect combination for this holiday season.  Swizzle sticks are natural cane sugar stalks that were peeled and sliced into these thin strips and then you use them to stir and … [Read more...]