Sale OR No Sale? The Grocery Store Reality

*This is my opinion, it is obviously not a sponsored article and you will understand that ONCE you read the article.

This tag line should read: Buyer Beware you are about to spend money you don’t need to if you shop here.  Here we go again with Giant Eagle.  My love/hate relationship for one of our local grocery store chains runs deep. Sometimes I am their largest advocate and other times I dislike the ‘catches’ they offer with deals, or the pricing that is not a REAL offer.  As I was in the store again yesterday, I thought I might show you a bit of what I mean and let you see the pricing differences that sales often DON’T offer.  Let’s take a look at chicken on sale, and see what the real deal on the chicken really was? Look at I found at Giant Eagle yesterday, making me a not-so-happy Pittsburgh Frugal  Mom, based on Advertised pricing. Remember advertised pricing is just that, Advertised and someone has to pay for it!

I was just after boneless breast of chicken, I did not want the frozen packs, because I had an immediate need to use the meat and I did not have time to wait for the thaw out. I quickly headed to this sign, because the special was great, boneless chicken at $3.99, I’m In!

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This was their ‘advertised special’, it should be the best price they are offering right? Not so fast and in truest tradition of advertised specials, it is NOT the best price! Look at this price, only $2.39 a pound, and it is still BONELESS Breast of Chicken.

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Let’s Do the Math and see if the STORE ADVERTISED Special was really a deal?
not a deal,

Like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with this store, because while they offer so many different items, they also offer pricing that often does not make sense. While the average consumer may just swoop up the package with no concern for the pricing, Pittsburgh Frugal Mom actually looks at what she is paying for and compares the items. Yes, there is a 15% CHICKEN Broth, but that is not going to change my chicken, it is just broth. What is going to make an impact is the price per pound that I am saving. I can buy MORE chicken at less per pound and I can save money if I just buy the intended amount and spend less. Either way, not buying their ‘advertised price’ save me money.  Really it is apples to apples because it is just boneless chicken breast.

Moral of the story: advertised prices are just that, ADVERTISED, and someone has to pay for that advertising.  Don’t get caught in the advertised special pricing, read all the other, compare and save. There is always a way to save money when you are shopping and in this case, I saved $1.60 per pound.  I don’t need to pay more to save towards gas rewards, because even though I earn them while I shop, if I am paying more for food, that I could pay less for, I can out that money towards gas! BE smart when you shop and read pricing.

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Gluten Free Grocery Shopping ~ Where To?

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My Meyer Lemon Scallops With Capers –

Meyer Lemons and Scallops

Don’t pucker up because this lemon is not sour and tart, it is a light, great tasting lemon that can be the game changer in your cooking.  When you are preparing seafood, often a lighter lemon is necessary, and Meyer Lemons are the perfect choose.

Meyer Lemons are sweet, less-acidic than the basic lemon and they have a thinner rind that is golden yellow.  The lemon flavor is more herbal and they are absolutely perfect on veggies and on plates that you don’t want over-powered by the zest of a lemon.

Scallops are one of those dishes you either get really right or you really get it wrong, so in order to get it really right I summoned the help of one Meyer Lemon and the results were delicious! My lemons arrived from Frieda’s and I got set to cook and whipped up Scallops.

Olive Oil 1 TBSP

Scallops – serving size dependent on you

Lemon- Meyer Lemons from Frieda’s

Mediterranean Sea Salt

Parsley 1 tbsp

2 Tbsp of Capers (make sure to drain and rinse)

Pan sear the scallops in olive oil, paying careful attention to not burn or over-cook.  Sprinkle each with a light dash of parsley and sea salt and add in capers. Remove from Heat and Spritz with lemon juice(fork twanged) – Serve over rice, alone or with pasta.

The Meyer Lemon will add a bit of taste to the scallop without over-powering them. In addition, the caper will taste even more divine once spritzed with the lemon offsetting its bitter properties.

This meal can be served on a bed of pasta, alone, with rice or even with a baked potato.  It does not take long to prepare and the cost is also minimal.  You can find Frieda’s Meyer Lemons at your local grocery store and for us in PA, you can find them at Giant Eagle in the produce department!

Swizzle Me This With Sugar Cane

Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle me this and swizzle me that, all drinks are better with a sugar cane swizzle stick.  Tea and swizzle sticks are the perfect combination for this holiday season.  Swizzle sticks are natural cane sugar stalks that were peeled and sliced into these thin strips and then you use them to stir and garnish your drinks! Frieda’s Specialty produce has them and you can find them in Giant Eagle too!

Chew on these, or stir with them, either way you are sure to get a little sweeter and let’s face it with the holidays you need be nice and not naughty so swizzle away and suck up some merriment!  Do not eat the sticks as they are not edible.  Did you know that cane juice is a natural form of sugar?

You can whip up the greatest glass of Celestial Tea, with a simple swizzle stick, tea and a nice big glass! My beverages were made with this great tea, the wonderful sugar cane swizzle sticks and loads of love.  The stick itself has not taste, but when you chew on it, you get a sweet taste. The tea was sweetened as it steeped.  It is very different to use these, and they are not sticky.

My Recipe For This Refreshing Tea

One Cup of Boiling Water (8 oz)

1 Jammin’ Lemon Ginger Tea Bag

1 Sugar Cane Swizzle Stick

Add tea bag to water and then add sugar cane. Sweet and simple!

You can find these in your local produce department, and I found my at my local Giant Eagle.  Fresh beverages, hand-crafted make let your guests know how much you care.