Super Bowl Recipe: Pasta Salad

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Every time the phone rings during the NFL season  I get a bit more nervous as to how many people are actually inbound for a meal.  I love having company over and cooking, but the games elevate the hype and depending on the teams playing, depends on the number gathering in our home!  As the big game … [Read more...]

The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

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We packed up the kids and we headed out the door, with plans to visit the D.C. Area, Virginia and then do just a bit more.  As fate would have it, we got to try out a really amazing dining venue, with our kids.  My oldest son is a turtle fanatic, so when he heard the word  TURTLE in the name, he … [Read more...]

Potato Balls : Super Bowl Recipe

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Did you ever notice how the most elaborate recipes often just end up mediocre when you are rushing to get other things done and paying half the attention to something that needed your full attention.  Sometimes, the more lavish the more outlandish and often the solution is to just simplify! My … [Read more...]

Bruegger’s Bagels – Authentic New York Bagels

Dedicated to my family's LOVE of Bagels.... Lavishly living life out loud I shop for brands because there is never anything better than the original.  You know what they say, " often imitated, but never replicated!"  For me shopping for anything means finding the original brand and enjoying the … [Read more...]

The ALDI Christmas Cheesecake

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I'd like to thank ALDI for today's discussion about Christmas Baking.  The holidays are the perfect time to bake up a storm, but they also take the life out of you.  I am all about lavishly living life out loud, and I live to spend time with my family, so a ton of the time in the kitchen is a … [Read more...]