How To Not Gobble Up Your Holiday

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With a houseful of people about to envelope your cooking skills, are you ready to embrace the challenge? Have you considered the undertaking of having multiple sets of families in your home and the time that it will take to prepare everything including the house?  I often get so into one part of the … [Read more...]

HoneyBaked Holiday

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You know how it is, you are work each day, the kids need toted from place to place and the dates on the calendars are just numbers that increase with each passing day, however, the numbers that are getting away are actually your official countdown to Thanksgiving.  As busy parents, we all want clean … [Read more...]

Brewery District In Columbus, Ohio

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Staying at the Residence Inn afforded us an ample opportunity to really get around the great city of Columbus as it was a hop, skip and jump  away from the German Village as well as the Brewery District, so we frequented this area over the last few days.  I had heard so much about The Columbus … [Read more...]

German Village With Max & Erma’s

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When traveling, one of the hardest decisions I have to make is often dining out.  One of my favorite meals out is a crisp salad, and pizzas, my daughter loves soup and seafood dishes,  and of course we indulge in great appetizers.  Seeking this type of food out is easy if you know where to look and … [Read more...]

Pass The Pepper Please

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Our society is so salt jaded, that it is always, "pass the salt", but its counterpart is more necessary than the salt when it comes to getting flavoring just right. The essence of a good salad or soup can be accentuated when the craftiness of a freshly ground pepper kernel graces its exterior. … [Read more...]