Portabella, Potato, Asparagus

Portabella, Potato, Asparagus , cooking, foodie, easy, one pan easy, vegetarian, food, kitchen, dana vento

There is nothing like a quick one-pan easy meal that is vegetarian to bring a smile to my face.  Some days just are too intense to invest in a lavish meal, but this little creation of mine is a luxury vegetarian meal that brings the bold taste of a Portabella to the sweet and nutty taste of … [Read more...]

Grilled Radicchio

grilled radicchio, grilling, balsamic, garlic, oil, cooking, foodie, food, dana vento, frieda's produce

It is almost the end of grilling season for us in Pittsburgh, but that does not mean that I am not still trying out new recipes.  When we were on a cruise we had some of the best grilled radicchio ever and I have been experimenting with many different versions of what I think makes a great grilled … [Read more...]

Taco Pasta Dinner

pasta, taco, taco bake pasta, pasta taco bake, noodles, pastas, meat, cheese, cooking, easy to prepare, weeknight meals, dana vento, cooking, kitchen, recipes, food, foodie

After work is a funky time of day, sometimes I am fresh as a daisy and other nights I want to collapse.  You know Cosette, she brings us some pretty darn delicious and EASY recipes to prepare for weeknights, so as I was telling her the other night I was a bit worn of creating fun, fabu meals for the … [Read more...]

Apple Cinnamon Cake

apple cinnamon cake, bake a cake, easy, recipe, cooking, baking , fall recipes, apples, cinnamon, dana vento, cooking, food, foodie

My friend Cosette and I were just talking about the best of Fall Recipes and she whipped one of these up for me and I asked her for the recipe.  Of course you know Cosette writes for me from time to time and today, she has provided us with a great new recipe for Apple Cinnamon Cake, that is … [Read more...]