Salt & Pepper Mills With The Peugeot Tahiti Set

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Vegetables are on the menu when the summer is at its peak in July.  The heat is on, the meals need to be light and cold and vegetable-driven entrees that are chilled and served with basic bread are best for those days when the heat has you wilting like a lettuce leaf. … [Read more...]


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If you like surprises to your door without HUGE price tags then you might want to look into the following products/companies.  I have tried these, and I like each of them.  Not one has the same product or same variety, so you are sure to find something new and unique with each different subscription … [Read more...]

OrangeGlad July 2014

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Summer is not the time for me to get overly creative in the kitchen.  Cool fruit salads, no bake pies, and loads of ice-cream piled high with summer's best fresh fruits is what I am dreaming of.  It's hot and steamy outside and I am not trying to be too adventurous in the kitchen as it just kicks up … [Read more...]

Onions 101

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Cooking can be a real tear-jerker if you are not careful and onions will do it every-time! I love cooking and one of the most delicious, versatile veggies that enhance flavor of so many different foods are onions.  I have purchased the most tear-producing onions to the sweetest Vidalias that would … [Read more...]