Trick Or Treat With A Grocery Stop

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This is your last chance to really get out to the store and save for Halloween. Many communities have Halloween scheduled for the weekend instead of the day, so are you ready for the trick-or-treaters?  Have you treated  yourself to a great bag of treats? This is the hardest time of year to resist … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup With Gnocchi – Culinary Daring

Chicken Soup With Gnocchi - Culinary Daring, cooking, chicken, chicken soup, holidays, food, foodie, how to, dana vento, in the kitchen with dana

The holidays bring on the need to cook, cook, and cook some more. Whether we are outbound to family or having family and friends in, I find myself wanting to make the best of the best and not slave over the stove day long. The recipe I am about to share with you is easy to prepare, cost effective … [Read more...]

XMAS Baking w/ Organic Gummy Bears

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Wouldn't these gummies be great in Xmas baking? They are after all organic, natural and quite tasty and kids love them. I believe these would be amazing in stained-glass windows, atop a gingerbread man or on top of 1/2 and 1/2 cup cakes all made for the holidays. The colors are vibrant and the … [Read more...]

Culinary Daring With Calphalon

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Passion and forte are found in my kitchen as I find inspiration to produce, create and prepare some of the most crazy dishes and some of the most easy.  Behind every good mom and dad is a really good set of cookware that allows you to be Culinary Daring.  There are days when all normalcy gets tossed … [Read more...]

Dump Cakes

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I love baking and really guess that in all of my possible creations I have made a Dump Cake at one time or another, yet never termed it a 'dump cake'.  Exactly what is a DUMP CAKE?  I tend to shy away from things that sound 'odd' or off the wall, and DUMP CAKE makes me a little nervous.  In reality, … [Read more...]