Apple Cinnamon Cake

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My friend Cosette and I were just talking about the best of Fall Recipes and she whipped one of these up for me and I asked her for the recipe.  Of course you know Cosette writes for me from time to time and today, she has provided us with a great new recipe for Apple Cinnamon Cake, that is … [Read more...]

Weight Management With Our CalPal

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The holidays perpetuate the need to feed, snack, drink and party on endlessly, but did you know that if you have a smart scale in your home it can tell you how much to not eat and drink? The scale to many seems to be the sanity part of our brain, informing us that our many insane feasting habits may … [Read more...]

Cat Food, Treats & Litter Help

bella, cat, kitten, toys, litter, playing, food, treats, blue, yummy,, dana vento, bella the cat,Cat Food, Treats & Litter Help

After not having a pet for over a decade, introducing a new little family member into our house was a real 'task' beyond anything we thought it might be. She is super loving, super cute, and really smart. … [Read more...]

Movies & Pirates Booty For Halloween

pirate's booty, snacking, halloween, fun, spooktacular, baked, all natural, treats, tricks, season, dana vento, Movies & Pirates Booty For Halloween

Halloween is the perfect season for snacking and watching movies, or is it just that great month of October when the season's are changing and cooler fall nights create fun times for the family.  We generally elect one night a weekend to become family night and everyone is home. We eat dinner … [Read more...]