Movies & Pirates Booty For Halloween

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Halloween is the perfect season for snacking and watching movies, or is it just that great month of October when the season's are changing and cooler fall nights create fun times for the family.  We generally elect one night a weekend to become family night and everyone is home. We eat dinner … [Read more...]

Labor Day Party Planning

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Labor Day is sneaking up on us this weekend and the weather forecast looks like it is going to agree, is that possible?  I think each year we have more rain than sun, but I am hoping we get a nice sunny day.  My family rolls Labor Day and birthdays into one great big celebration and celebrations … [Read more...]


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Lavishly living life out loud creates the need to feed and go out often. We love eating out and we do as a family to give us down time from food prep and just actually enjoy one another.  I love when someone else prepares the food for me so I don't have to do the dishes, clean up or planning, it is … [Read more...]

Lunch Fun With Babybel

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For as long as I can remember, I have personally been enjoying a bite size snack that was a kick-start to good eating habits.  I lavishly celebrate cheese each time I unwrap the red wax on my Mini Babybel and I enjoy some calcium and protein without breaking the calorie budget! Now as school is up … [Read more...]

Sweet Lunch & Dinner with King’s Hawaiian

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This is my king of bread! He is a bread connoisseur and he goes crazy for King's Hawaiian Sweet bread.  His diet is pretty limited as he is allergic to so many foods, but he feels like he struck gold when he discovered this bread that is sweet, soft and totally delicious. … [Read more...]