New Years Resolution: Getting Bright About Lifting The Financial Future

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A new year, a new you and you want financial preparedness for the future, but somehow this item seems to slip to the bottom of the agenda even with the best intentions.  The perils of reality set in mid year when you realize you should have been ready for the ‘rainy day’ that is about to hit you!  Your rainy day might be a car snafu or an air conditioning malfunction in your home, but this small hole in your monetary safety net is just the beginning:  remember small holes lead to big rips!  While these are easier holes to prepare for, the more challenging preparedness seems to come when reviewing options for affordable term life and disability insurance.  Don’t scurry from this article Pittsburgh, read on, because what I have found for you is as easy as buying a box of cereal!  As you might expect there is a ‘catch’ to this insurance and it is missing something that will help you make a decision as to WHY to buy this! (I assure you when you read this you will do the insurance happy dance!)
Of Course There’s A Catch And The Plan Is Not Giving You Everything
Brightpeak may not be a household name in your home, but allow me to introduce you to them!  Brightpeak focuses on reaching a new generation of young adults, couples and families with financial products and information designed to help young adults worry less about money and start living lives of purpose. While it is a new name with a new mission, it is a division of Thrivent Financial, a hundred year old not-for-profit membership organization of Christians and the best part for all of us in Pittsburgh, Brightpeak has just come to Pittsburgh with a new product: Rise Insurance To Lift Your Life.
There is of course a catch(not a bad one), you can only purchase this at Family Christian stores in the Pittsburgh area.  I don’t know about you, but I love that fast-talking, out of the side of his/her mouth sales person that insurance sends to my home to seal the deal…said no one ever! —- this insurance does not come complete with annoying insurance agents that never knows when to stop pushing which means no stress! LOL!   I told you there was a catch and you were not getting everything(LOL)! This is the perfect plan for middle-income earners that do not have a large amount of  extra cash flow at the end of each month, but want basic financial security to help manage those unexpected life events, tragedy or illness.  The goal of this insurance plan is to build confidence so that you can live your life without worry!  Brightpeak financial is a faith-based, not-for-profit membership organization that helps young Christian families plan out the future with confidence.  There is no sales pressure because buying insurance is enough of a pressure-cooker, you don’t need more hands in the pot: your decision, your money, your future!
Brightpeak Financial actually offers insurance packages that are in three different sizes: single, married or caring for a family:  $19, $29 and $39 starter kits provide basic life and disability insurance coverage that all young families  that have tight budgets should have. The kits reflect the monthly premium for each insurance product that a person would typically pay.  A $39 starter kit offers both $200,000 of term life insurance coverage over a 20 year term and a $2k a month disability income payable for up to 2 years up to the age of 67!
Where can you find these uniquely packaged Rise insurance packages? There are specially designed kiosks in Family Christian Pittsburgh retail locations:  Pittsburgh, Monroeville, West Mifflin, Natrona Heights and Cranberry Township.  If you have a young family on your holiday list, a couple or a single family member this would make an amazing holiday gift!
Will you be on the Rise or will you fall when unexpected events hit?  Solidify your future, keep out those fast-talking sales people and become part of the brightpeak financial Rise insurance program! You can set your future bright and shining with a simple stop in the Family Christian Store.


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