In practicing a ‘frugal’ lifestyle it often mandates a bit of DIY in order to get the job done.  What this generally means is taking the time out to Do the Project yourself and as you are doing the project yourself making sure you have the right tools along the way to make the job easier, yet still affordable.  We just painted our bathroom and while we were painting the bathroom we were lucky enough to test out a  HomeRight® PaintStick.  My time is limited, my patience is even shorter so learning how to use new-fangled devices is not always on the top of my ‘want to’ list.  Painting is along my top five of least likely to do, because I dislike the incredible amount of time it takes to get prepared and then to clean up.  This review of Painting with this tool has changed my tainted painting views.  Our one bathroom had been ripped apart for over a month, electrical plates off, ceiling fan cover off, doorknobs off and so on, so putting this project off was no longer possible and the room was beckoning us to begin.  The  HomeRight® PaintStick arrived and I will forever be grateful!

If you hate bending and stretching for the paint tray and then the dripping(which I am infamous for) this is your new best friend.  Think of  a giant syringe being filled and coming out of a soft paint roller, and you have the basic  premises of the PaintStick EZ-Twist.

ez twist

E-Z Twist

The PaintStick E-Z Twist made this job simple!

The box was big, the idea bigger and the process to use it, very very small.  I love when DIY is easy. I opened the box and I was happy to see that the parts were not many. My part of DIY is getting set up, taping, cleaning and making sure that everything is in working order, and using anything other than a basic paintbrush is a general challenge for me, so the  HomeRight® PaintStick was with so few pieces I knew I could test run it, and not have any problems.  I have found a system that allows me to paint faster, and easier than any basic paint roller offers! The PaintStick has everything in it you need to begin painting minus the paint.  There is no messy paint tray(Yeah!) and paint that is unused is so easily placed back into the painting can, that you won’t believe that painting was ever a ‘task’. This device will allow you to paint approximately an 8×8 area before needing to refill the handle.  The refill is easy to do.  My only regret is that I did not have this tool weeks earlier when we were painting a laundry room we would have been done in minutes.

What is amazing? Take a look at this video, it is amazing!

ez twist how it looks

A few notes for you:  this tool makes it possible to actually paint quickly and have paint delivery to the actual tool very quickly because the paint is delivered the the EZ-Twist Handle.   The fill tube as you can see in the pictured above takes the paint right from the paint can.  To make the PaintStick work you just turn the handle clockwise which allows the paint to feed into the roller cover.  Just so you know, we did not have paint leaking out of the end cap because we made sure that the ends were set flush with the roller cover.  Initially when we started the paint was not flowing, and of course I did my panic thing, but when you use this tool for the first time please know that the first fill will be used to really get the roller saturated  and then it will move fast from this point, no need to panic.

I am so thankful for the tool.  Here is how our bathroom walls turned out,  and I could not be more pleased! Easy DIY painting.