Olive Garden Celebrates Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Olive Garden Celebrates Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. food, foodies, lunch, kids, work day, kids and food, free kid's meal with adult entree, beverages, italian food, dining out , dana vento, restaurant, nationwide, olive garden

There is nothing more fun than having your child go to work with you and spend a little quality time enjoying them while they enjoy you. You have the chance to mentor, share and lead while your children get to see exactly what it is you do on a daily basis! This is exactly what happens On "Take Our … [Read more...]

Universal CityWalk Hollywood FOOD

camachos cantina, food, dining, travel, universal hollywood, restaurants, dana vento

Reading my blogs, you know I am a vegetarian, however, I do not omit any foods from cooking for my family, I just don't eat the meats.  I did not choose this lifestyle, rather health handed it me and I abide to it without question.  Dining out is usually not a big deal, if I can find nothing else on … [Read more...]

Noodles & Company Washington, PA

noodles & Company, Washington, PA, food, foodie, noodles, bowls, mac n cheese, desserts, wine, no tipping, simple meals, fast food, old mill plaza, washington, pa. dana vento, kids, family, fast, delicious

Do you often run out with your kids in tow and then suddenly realize that they are all really hungry after a large shopping day?  This happens to moms everywhere, but the fact is, fast food is not always the healthiest alternative.  Three kids and a mom is what summer brings me each year and the … [Read more...]



I can't believe that this year we were celebrating our twenty year anniversary.  I actually talked to a  few different Pittsburgh restaurants, and no one really seemed to care, until I spoke to Lidia's Pittsburgh.  It is a big deal in my world to be married 20 years, and definitely worth a … [Read more...]