Stuff Those Stockings With Monsters University

Monster University

Don’t frantically run around and spend money unnecessarily on stocking stuffers the kids don’t want and won’t use, grab the good stuff, “Monsters University” from Disney Pixar!  Sulley and Mike Wazowski want to be part of your holidays and they are super fun house guests to have!  Your kids will be so excited to find “Monsters University” in their stocking so they can be scared silly with the movie that was a box office smash!  The lessons learned in this movie are not scary but helpful, heartwarming and monstrous in proportion! Once all the unwrapping is done, and all the cookies are eaten, slide this DVD in, prop your feet up, rest and let the kids watch this movie, you earned it!

The story-line: Little Mike Wazowski has dreamed of becoming a Scarer and attending Monster University.  Sulley was already an natural-born scarer so he always knew he would be at Monster University but would he graduate?  The two meet up at Monster University and little Mike gets a bit derailed as he mixes things up with Sulley or Sulley mixes up with him.  Spirited competitiveness can lead to a real scary situation of the unknown as they get bounced out of the Monster University SCARE Program. Can they work together successfully to make things right or will they forever be ‘scareless’?

Disney Pixar celebrates the season with “Monsters University” on Digital HD and Digital HD 3D  and there is even a 4-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, 3-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack, 3-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack. You will truly love the  bonus features, and the ability to go behind the scenes on Pixar’s real life campus with multiple featurettes, view “Deleted Scenes” and featured is the animated short “The Blue Umbrella”.

The DVD’s offer monstrous bonus extras and my kids love the deleted scenes.

Forehead Thermometer By Braun


It’s back-to-school time and this time of year is synonymous with cold and flu season. I actually think this season should be called back-to-germ time as the kids sneeze, cough, pick boogies and more all in one enclosed classroom and then touch everything which transmits germs and suddenly you have a child home sick with a fever? Sometimes it is hard to tell but if you have a Forehead Thermometer from Braun in your home, you will know how high that temperature is and if you really need to call the Dr.

I can remember panicking each time I thought my kids had a fever as each one has passed through kindergarten. Every time they got a cold I would call the Dr., and each time the same questions,: “are they throwing up?”, and “is there a fever?” Even now, as they are each a little bit older than kindergarten I struggle with is it a fever or not?

The Braun Forehead Thermometer offers a high quality thermometer that provides a stable, heat-inference-free reading. Every time you turn this on, it performs a self-test to guarantee the accuracy of measurements. You will need 2 AAA batteries to power this instrument.

We actually just had the occasion to test it out as after returning from a few events, my daughter was not feeling well, nor did she look well. I pressed the On button, the thermometer powered on, and the back-light displayed which lets me know that it is going into warm up sequence(which takes seconds). As soon as the thermometer displayed the steady “00″ on the screen, I simply pressed the Temperature Button and swiped from her forehead, above her eyebrow, diagonally down to the left(or right) very slowly and then back. I knew I was doing this right because there was a light beeping and as soon as I heard the long 2 second confirmation beep I then removed the thermometer from her forehead and saw the reading.

A really cool feature for a hot fever is how the screen illuminates the appropriate color for the temperature reading. Green is for normal temps, yellow for slightly elevated temps and the red indicates that fever may be present.  Get a read on your fever or your children’s fever with a great, reliable thermometer.

Key Features:  Suitable for infants, children and adults, on-product guide for ease of use, safe and hygienic, color coded fever guidance system, large and easy-to-read screen, backlight for reading in dim lighting, readings in seconds, gentle and non-invasive, ergonomic design and a 3 year limited warranty.


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