On Stage With Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Snacks

It’s been an exciting two months for my household as my daughter has earned one of the 9 leads in the musical production, THE WIZ at her local high school.  She sang her little heart out and she received a very coveted spot for her performance. [Read more...]


As a mom to a child with severe food allergies, I have a hard time finding foods that he can actually eat.  It is so discouraging, disheartening and upsetting to not be able to include your child on most of what we eat because so many foods are on his CAN NOT EAT LIST  that the CAN EAT list is relatively short.  Since I have written about this so much, I won’t bore you with the details, I will tell you when I find a company that has a great product that is nut free, latex free, and all around healthy I want to brag about it to the world, and this is the case with Brother’s All Natural Fruit Crisps!

brother's all natural

When I spoke to the company, I was so happy to hear the many varieties of Fruit Pouches they had, but I really did not get ‘it’.  I think that I had decided that these would be like those chewy fruit snacks we had and there would be a great taste, but what I was about to learn has really impacted the taste-testing and the smile on my little child’s face each time he ate a pack of these was worth a million bucks!  However, the story is not all about what an allergy-plagued child could eat, it is about a mom, who has gone through significant lifestyle changes, which directly impacted her eating habits who has now  found something that costs no calories to eat and allows a snack of unparalleled proportions.


In general, my son can eat 4 fruits and he eats them as often as possible.  It is actually pretty boring but his choice of swelling up and having to stop breathing, using an Epi Pen and visiting the local emergency room leaves us practicing very stringent eating menus!  With that in mind, I made certain that there were no other products in ANY of the products he was about to try, and in fact there is NOTHING but the fruit in each and every product! Wait, I should say that there are 2 fruits in each bag, meaning that there are 2 apples in every bag, 2 oranges in each bag(serving) etc.

EACH SINGLE SERVE BAG IS: PEANUT FREE, GLUTEN FREE, TREE NUT FREE, SOY FREE, DAIRY FREE, NON GMO, VEGAN AND KOSHER!  Each single serve bag has 2 fruit servings in each.  Each bag contains a freeze-dried fruits. There is no sugar added, there is only 100% Real Fruit with no preservatives!  Each box contains 12 single serve bags.


Here is what the texture is like: think of a cheese puff that you can crunch and it is like air, now think about that same cheese puff and how it reacts differently and is ‘activated’ to dissolve differently when you actually suck on it, and allow the saliva in your mouth to penetrate it, it tastes and feels different in your mouth!  This is EXACTLY what you will notice and feel when you try this fruit!  While the mandarin tastes nothing like a cheese puff, the explanation I just offered is how it appears and changes.  My kids were actually so intrigued, they sat and saw, 1) who could suck on it the longest 2) who’s looked most like an orange with saliva on it, and 3) which person’s disintegrated first! IF you suck on this in your mouth long enough, the light crispness actually changes back into the segmented pulp pieces and you can feel the transition in your mouth!

I guess here is a great time to segue  into dieting and this snack.  I eat diet based on vegetables, whole wheat products, some carbs and more vegetarian than vegan, but it is a good mesh!  I lost a great amount of weight when I started this transitional phase a few years back and as my loyal fans you have followed this story, and I continue to look for ways to defeat a few more stubborn pounds! This product boasts only 38 calories a bag, no cholesterol, no sodium, very few sugars, and no fat!  Add in the fact that it provides me a few servings of fruit and something delicious and amusing to swish in my mouth and you have a very happy, converted snacking Mom! .

The taste of a Mandarin Orange is tart, and sweet all within one mouthful and very satisfying as it is providing a sweet taste to that pang that happens, while providing the tart side of things which generally shuts my hunger down!  My son really loved the flavor and the fact that there was not a mess on his hands after eating this fruit as there generally is when it is fresh!

One downside to the packs:  because these are freeze dried, they do not transport well in a purse.  The packs can not take anything crushing them a wallet, or books because it causes the food to actually just turn into powder, these are after all freeze dried products.  Think of a cheese curl, they kind of just turn to powder when smashed. Do consider how you will be transporting these.

We taste tested Cinnamon Apple Slices, Peaches, Apple and Mandarin and one was just better than the next.  The apples are most interesting as well.  As you hold the freeze-dried apple in your mouth, and allow it to mesh with the saliva, the apple re-instates to its once natural form, it becomes an apple in your mouth again,  My kids were so intrigued that it was not a pound as much down as you can snack but a savor it and enjoy how it changes.  It was like a science experiment in their mouths.  Leave it to kids to turn a food into science!

I think the science that you need to know here is that the food is grown in the best growing regions in the country and then sent directly to a state-of-the-art Freeze Drying facility.  Each piece is crisp, and natural with nothing artificial and so very healthy!  No matter what fruit you purchase you will simply Love the tastes and the Not Calories.

You can purchase these on the Brother’s All Natural site but I have an insider’s coupon for you to use!  This is good for a ONE TIME USE Per customer and it is a 10% SAVINGS! FRUGALMOM10  is your code for savings!






I  don’t indulge in high calorie snacks, I drink a lot of water and I really watch what I eat because after three kids, a chaotic schedule and a rigorous work out daily I don’t want to put pounds back on that I have worked hard to keep off!  I loved what I tested out and I have to share this product with you and before I do, I want you to know you can find it at local Walgreen’s and Amazon.

Skinnypop Popcorn Popcorn is nothing short of amazing.  I had trouble putting the bag down once I began eating it, because it is absolutely addicting! My kids voted this in as one of their new favorite snacks and I am fine with this.  The kids were packing it in their faces like it was air and in fact with the low caloric count it quite possibly is like eating air.  The Skinny Pop Popcorn is: all natural, has NO GMO’s, Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Tree Nut Free, contains no Peanuts, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free! How about the calorie content on this snack, it is only 39 Calories a Cup, I told you it is like eating air.  The little bit of salt you can taste makes it even better.  This snack won kudos round the house in my home and that is a hard fit! Each kernel is popped, fluffy with a perfect crunch.  It is hard to believe that it is only a few calories.

I honestly could eat this all the time, everyday and never miss eating chips! This is an incredible bagged popcorn and I am actually surprised because I have sampled so many foods and not many gain my attention as this one has.  Look out Walgreen’s because you are not going to have any left on your shelves! In all honesty if you are looking for a healthy snacking alternative, that won’t cost you calories, this is the key!  Snack without guilt and indulge into some great handfuls of popcorn!



I have a household with children that seem to run the gammet on every possible type of allergy from food to environmental and the food side of it makes food preparation very difficult.  I have been looking for Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, etc. type foods to try and meet everyone’s different needs and along the way I have found some really great foods for the kids!  The food that we sampled this week was by DAIYA FOODS.  The Daiya products are free of  Dairy Free(casein, lactose and whey), eggs, rice, peanuts and tree nuts(except coconut oil), soy, and gluten.  The production facility eliminates the chance of cross-contamination with other pesky allergens, making our products 100% vegan which works well for MY diet.  It is a win all the way around in our home.


My kids wanted a cheese that bubbles, melts, and tastes good, and so many ‘non-dairy’ cheeses have just absolutely disappointed them as well as turned them away from wanting to eat ‘non-dairy’ cheese even though their diets demanded this.  A cheese that is not dairy that bubbles almost seemed unheard of and one that actually tastes good as too seemed an impossible thought in their little heads.  We tried DAIYA Style  Shreds and it was a SMASHING success with thumbs up around the house.

Our first go at the cheese was right out of the bag.  I actually cut the bag open and we all grabbed a few shreds and sampled.  We were amazed because it was firm, not squishy in texture and the pieces were not squashed together in the bag and the consistency when eaten did not taste mooshy.  The Daiya Style Shreds were every bit the ‘cheese’ that a non-dairy cheese could be and then some.

Our next test was on Beanfield Chips.  We wanted a plate of nachos and a plate is what we got! We took our Beanfield Rice Chips and added the DAIYA Style Shreds to it and melted it and within 30 seconds Heaven was on the counter and then in our bellies.  The Cheddar Style Shreds make the chips even better.  We felt like we were in a ball park enjoying our Nachos.

We used the mozzarella style shreds for a great homemade pizza on our Sandwich Petals. Simply done we added one Sandwich Petal with the Daiya Shred and then topped it with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil(which I grow).  Again, a dairy free win as the cheese melted and stretched.

We also tried the Daiya Cheese Cheddar Style Wedge.  These wedges are so perfect as you do not have to melt, or cook this to enjoy it, you siimply open it and if you want to make a grilled cheese, chunk it and go.  We did choose to melt this on Grilled Cheese.  We lightly toasted our bread and then we put it in our Orgreenic Skillet and cooked the sandwich on each side.  Just for fun we added fresh basil and tomato.  It was absolutely divine! I can assure you that this is the first of many ‘wedges’ from Daiya we will be consuming.

If you would like even more recipes check HERE right on the Daiya website.


I am sure you want to know where to purchase this item? I found my DAIYA products in my Giant Eagle.  Here are other places you can purchase these great products.  Something a bit unusual about the Daiya brand is that the packaging is light and whimsical.  It is actually a ‘pretty’ looking package, bright and colorful.

If you are looking for a ‘cheese’ alternative that is Vegan check no further than DAIYA!

















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AD READS:  One mom seeking out foods that her daughter can eat even with CORN allergies.  = Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops, no Corn or Corn Syrup. 

How about the Real Background on HOW these Organic Lollipops are made.  yummy earth lollipops


My daughter at age 14 has been very ill, and I keep writing to all of you about it.  She has been hospitalized with STOMACH MIGRAINES.  I feel so bad when she has been ill and there is so little I could do.  We had run every possible test, except the obvious, ALLERGY Testing.  At age 14 my daughter Kallie has been diagnosed with CORN ALLERGIES, which seems to explain the Migraines, the STOMACH Migraines, the lip swelling etc.  She had been on very strong medication to help migraines but we have since taken her off.  The challenge, to provide a CORN-FREE diet to a child who has loved Nachos, Tacos, Chicken, Beef, Candy, etc..  Try breaking this news to a 14 year old—- Life altering and difficult.  Hence my quest to find her foods that taste great and meet HER diet criteria.

The questions I get once in a while: Why are you writing about this? I am writing about it because initially we felt like our whole world had changed, but CONSUMER EDUCATION led us down another path and anything I can find can help OTHERS with the same challenges.  We have found so many good companies with so many PERFECT products that we like to help decipher what things actually taste good and can add to your menus if you have some of the same challenges.  Education is key.


My daughter has been craving sweets and this is one of the hardest areas to cover because so many things are made with CORN SYRUP that are sweet.  Not YUMMY EARTH ORGANIC LOLLIPOPS, they are created with Planet Friendly Organics including evaporated cane juice and Organic Rice.

The Tag line used by Yummy Earth.  “Good for us.  Good for Mother Earth”

The Lolli’s are

Gluten Free, Certfified Organic,  No artificial Colors, 100% Natural Flavors, No CORN, No CORN SYRUP, Casein-Free, 100% Vegan, Tree-Nut Free, GMO-Free, Peanut-Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free, Dairy-Free and contain no MSG!

Yummy Earth’s collection are certified organic, all natural and have award winning tastes.  There are no CHEMICAL COLORS.

You can feel good about feeding your child this ‘Sweet Treat’.

The smile that has encased my daughter’s face because of this find gets TWO THUMBS up from me and I am sure your children with allergies or your family that eat healthy and organic will LOVE this find.

The flavors in the bag are:

Wet-face watermelon, to berry blueberry, sour apple tart, pomegranate pucker(OUR FAV), mango tango, googly grape, strawberry smash, and very very cherry.There are 50+ in each Family Size Bag. You can purchase these on AMAZON or at your local stores.

The lollipops are absolutely YUMMY!  If you have a child that you feed organically, these are your PERFECT Match.  In addition they sell many other GREAT products, so you have to check out this line to see what they have.  I can tell you we will be fans of this forever as it seems to be the PERFECT LOLLIPOP


Now while my son can not eat all the flavors, he is enjoying the ones that he can! Nut-Free, Tree-Nut Free makes it possible for him to eat them as well! A BIG WIN in his world!  Thanks Yummy Earth.










I received a bag of Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops in exchange for my honest and true opinion.