HP Connected Saving Me HUGE on Instant Ink

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of HP but ALL opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for more information.

My Kids:  “Mom, did you get ink for the printer?”

Me: “I’m on it!” Grab car keys and dash out the door, while you toss a load of laundry in, round up the cat, answer 3 phone calls, start dinner and hope and pray that the large retail store near your home has your ink cartridges or you will be trudging 15 miles away.

Do you have days that go like this? May those days of ink and hassles be gone, meet the new era of printing that will save you time, and money beyond anything you can believe.

It’s a new day, and as the day progresses, time ticks away and soon the kids are back home from school, which lends to a new night filled with homework and endless creations on the computer.  Each child has at least one paper they need to print, or create and the busiest hub in our home is not the gaming center, rather the office.  Everyone schedules their office time, closes the door, and works on the computer.  Rewrite, compose, revise, and then redo again, and before you know it, that call that no mom wants to hear:  “MOM the printer is low on ink” or worse yet, “Mom did you pick up ink because the printer is out of ink!” With all the things that life throws at me, how is it possible to remember yet one more thing? The errand list is now bigger, homework is at a standstill, dinner is on the stove and then of course there is the bigger glitch; the price of ink.  Ink cartridges are expensive, there is not even a question about that, but I have found a more frugal way to save at least 70% off the normal ink cartridge prices and I want to share this secret with you.  After all, things that are this inexpensive can’t really be  a well-known fact or the price would be double, right? WRONG!

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As I have been busy printing out weekly menus and coupons on my HP ENVY 5530 series  and writing to you about it, I know you have to be wondering how in the world I could figure that coupon printing was savvy just because ink itself is so cost prohibitive? The printer itself is a great home office tool for both work and family, but HP too is so amazing with all that it offers from content filled printables to an ink replacement program that will make ink pens shake in their retractable cases.  HP gets how busy families are and they are making our lives easier.  Here is how this Pittsburgh Frugal Mom has been saving money on ink for her printer: The HP Instant Ink Replacement Service.

Let me start with what you are NOT going to get, I mean after all with prices starting at $2.99 a month for ink replacement you are not going to get that much.  WRONG! You’ll NOT run out of ink ever and the printing cost is so much less than the traditional ink cartridges you purchase.  HP Instant Ink will provide you with NOT needing to run out the door to buy ink and NOT having to worry about recycling because HP will handle all of those details!

HP Instant Ink, HP, Printers, Ink, Ink savings, Ink Cartridges, save money printing, printing on computer, coupons, menus, printables, content, savvy printing, frugal printing, cartridges, office supplies, free shipping, pittsburghfrugalmom, dana

Are your eyes popping out of your head because these prices are so inexpensive and is your credit card sweating because it might not be used as much? What can you expect from the HP Instant Ink Replacement Service?

  • Ink, shipping, and cartridge recycling are included.
  • Monthly plans are based on pages printed, not cartridges used.
  • No annual fee—Change or cancel plans anytime.(exceptions apply- see site for exact details)

SO let’s talk dollars and cents and find out where you have been and why you have been missing out on this awesome sauce program? What do you need in order to join in on this great program that will have you revising, re-doing and printing without worrying about the dollars and cents you typically would just toss out the door.

Purchase an eligible HP Printer. They are all really reasonable and depending on the features your printer may run a low as $99.  These printers scan, print, copy and more.

HP Instant Ink, HP, Printers, Ink, Ink savings, Ink Cartridges, save money printing, printing on computer, coupons, menus, printables, content, savvy printing, frugal printing, cartridges, office supplies, free shipping, pittsburghfrugalmom, dana

-No more stress and no more REMEMBERING to purchase INK for the printer because the Printer does that for you. Smarty Pants, actually, Smarty Printer.

-Your internet connection is the way the HP Printer will communicate with the HP Instant Ink ‘Secret’ service, at least that is how I like to think of it, after all they communicate secretly and all I know is that INK shows up on my doorstep before the kids declare their need for more! Beat that.

-My printing needs can change from month-to-month(think summer break and less printing), but any unused pages are rolled over for you.  You can change your plan up or down anytime you have need.  Again, the site has all the details, but I can tell you that the service is real, inexpensive and awesome.

What I have found over this last month is that I can sanely maintain a home with a few new options made available to me at a minimal cost from HP. My investment: a new HP Printer that is compatible with the services being offered.  My gain?  Printables from HP are free and offer me content filled options like menus, Disney printables and coupons that save me money.  Menus save me the hassle of thinking about what to make for dinner, and the option of printing out a shopping list as well as money saving coupons leaves me stress free and able to shop, quickly and efficiently, saving me MONEY.  The printer itself is feature rich and so easy to use. My newest ink obsession, has me happily printing, revising, re-doing and not running out the door when ink is low, as the HP Instant Ink program saves me $100′s of dollars a year and time making it a true Pittsburgh Frugal Mom consumer’s best buy!

Now, I would love for you to be able to win your own and HP is going to provide ONE HP Envy 3330 Series Printer to ONE lucky reader. Will it be you? This is an amazing win for one of you!
Now is your chance to win this great printer. Please follow all directions and remember, every entry is another point for you, so make sure to complete all the tasks, and good luck.
Giveaway Ends 4.8 at 11:59pm. RV of item is $99.99 and will be shipped directly to winner. Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond, failure to respond will result in a new winner being chosen. Giveaway valid for US Entrants Only of ages 18+. No P.O. Boxes accepted as mailing addresses.
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Let’s Save Money & Time With FREE Printables

I wrote this review while participating in a program on behalf of HP and received an HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One printer and an HP Instant Ink package as part of my participation, the opinions below however are mine.  I share items with you that I believe you will find helpful in your lives as they have been helpful in mine.

Menus to my printer, hp printable, hp, printers, web based printers

 As a busy mom of three saving money is saving time. I am constantly challenged by a daunting work schedule, 3 kids in lots of activities and time never being on my side.  Planning great meals week to week gets difficult and often I just run out of ideas to change things up a bit. When my new HP ENVY 5530 e-All-In-One printer entered my life, I suddenly gained time because it offered me the ability to print out a weekly menu(already planned) and then that menu provides the necessary ingredients.  My meeting with HP Printables and the printer were long overdue.  

All I have to do is simply program my printer ONE time and it will print it a menu each week.  To further increase my savings on the money side of things, there are coupons available and these are FREE to print and download, all it requires is paper from my printer.  I don’t have to worry about a Sunday Paper being delivered to my curb on Sundays or scaling over the coupon section to find one to match my cooking, it is all done for me! Is it possible that saving time and money can be so effortless? Apparently so because HP Printables provide usable content to my printer weekly and as the commander-in-chief of my home, I am also now commander and chief to wonderful printer telling it exactly what I want from fun coloring printables to recipes, menus and coupons, with some simply on-printer screen programming.  

hp printer, 7 day menu planner, printables, paper, wireless,

Why do I think that the printables are so wonderful? First and foremost the printable are all free, no catches, just free. If you have a child that loves DISNEY and craves artwork, there are plenty of printables for them to color and enjoy, but if you have someone that might enjoy a weekly crossword puzzle these are available as well.  The beauty of these FREE printables is the fact that you will not search the whole web looking for Free + Crosswords or Free + Disney only to find out that once in a site you need to provide you name, address, email, first born child, etc. in order to get a printable.  The printer makes it so easy: you choose the printable you want, and it prints, no searching for ‘free’ it is just waiting to be found by you!

The catch, there is always  a catch right?  Well, in reality, you need to have a web connected printer, but you DON’T need a computer, so is that a catch? I think not.  This is perfect for the person with an iPhone or iPad that does not have a computer but does have a printer.  The other thing you might want to know is that not every printable section is available for weekly delivery but there are new printables available weekly.  IN reality, there are no catches, more to the point of the Free, fabulous, and amazing, unless you think that a printer coming to your meal planning, money saving, kids  needing printables rescue is a bad thing!

I do find it easiest to work on my computer to program my wants and needs from the printable as the actual website gives me more detailed control of my options, whereas the printer screen panel offers me a quickie for setup.  This is just my personal preference.

To save time and money you will need a printer, and a free membership to the HP Connected.  Program the printer to let it know what you want(menus, coupons printables*), when you want it and you are on your way to organizational bliss! All you need is a zest for savings or a want for printables of any sort from Disney printables, to crossword puzzles, there is just something for everyone. 

Control from life’s daily chaos is a few finger steps away with the HP Printables and the HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One printer.  Content in your life needs to help and be useful and the items that the printables are about to provide will let you prepare a meal with ease and shop for your groceries without effort because all the work is done for you, just get to the store.













Buca di BEPPO ~ Bring It Home

We were provided with a meal, however ALL opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy.
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Traveling with kids and family, and visiting theme parks by day, creates the need to collapse by night.  We were super busy as you all are when we were traveling and hanging out in Disney, Universal, and Legoland.  Often by the end of the day, I did not care if we ate, slept, or just sat down where we were done, but the kids really wanted to get home and swim, which meant dinner at home, but who felt like cooking?    [Read more...]

Fabulous Friday Tips

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This time of the year can serve as a financially stressing time as taxes are up and coming, holiday bills just got paid off and it seems like everyone is asking for their final payments whether in sports or in organizations.  Don’t let financial pressures beat you down, fight back with savvy shopping.  Honestly this month is a shoppers paradise if you know where to find the deals.
So, where does the savvy shopper shop at to gain great deals, at prices that are so low you won’t believe it on items you really want? It’s something called End Caps.  No, end caps are not a store, it is where you should focus your prime attention to in most of your favorite shopping stores.  Bargains are waiting for you beyond anything you can believe and generally the items on an end cap start at about 30% OFF AND go up to 90% off.  Why are the items there? Sometimes these are discontinued items, other times the items are holiday items and the holiday has gone good-bye already.
What types of items will you find? I have found cups and plates(plastic) for as low as .10 in many holiday colors at Target, Walmart, etc.  Health and Beauty products at Walgreen’s and I even apply coupons as long as they are not trial size and the price given on a coupon does not exceed the item.  For instance, I have found bar soap for .80 and I had a .25 coupon, so I paid only .55 for a triple pack- amazing and true.  Other times you will find baby supplies, powders, towels, and so forth.  This is the season of inventory, so check the end caps as almost every store out there has them.  Also open your eyes in stores like Giant Eagle because they generally nest seasonal clearance in one big aisle and often by the registers in shopping carts with yellow tags and you can get grocery and household items at outrageously cheap prices.  We have found Matzo for .25  a box, tomato sauce at .10 a can and there is nothing wrong with it.  We have bought it by the case to just donate because the price is perfect.
This month can be celebrated in grand galore with all deals you will find, just make sure to try and use those coupons.  Remember most coupons don’t apply to trial size but they do apply to many of the items  you will find on the ends caps.  Also make sure to use those loyalty cards to earn incentives for the rest of the year.  Here’s to a Fabulous Friday in the shopping world.


RetailMeNot – Shop Savvy, Shop Big, Spend Less

Snow Me The Money

We have entered the Black Friday Countdown and I have made a steadfast decision to shop as much online as possible rather than driving from store to store!  In the end, I do go to the stores, but I keep a handy APP with me that saves me money because if you read about me in Real Simple you know I am an over-saver and I have to save to feel good!


I know how to get the best savings online and if you think it has something to do with great coupons and great deals you are right, but it also has to do with making holiday shopping easy!  My One SuperWord for you:  RetailMeNot! Where value meets discounts and brands meet customers!


Hello Black Friday Shoppers! My black Friday starts before the day itself.  As I am standing in the kitchen, slaving over a roasting turkey I have my tablet with me and I am seeking all the deals I want to pin down and grab!  In all honesty, I can tell you that a lot of what I do is driven through the RetailMeNot site because they have done all the hard work, and now I just need to remember to not go overboard on frugality! Shopping for brand name items or in great stores is not complete unless you are receiving   Deal Alerts so you can stay on top of savings all season long. Remember, deals are not just one time a year, deals happen year round, so make sure to get all the deals sent to your phone and never miss the chance to save, that is how shopping makes you dollars and ‘cents’!

Let me share with you how RetailMeNot can make you a Frugalista, who shops, saves and yet manages to get the best brands at the best prices!    RetailMeNot has the tools to make your holiday great and this number will make any coupon-savvy shopper weak in the knees as they offer between 500,000 coupons at over 60,000 stores. (ahh, I think I just fainted with that number!)

For those of you who are  Gift Idea challenged, no problem, RetailMeNot can think for you as well! Your requirement is to know who you are shopping for so don’t drink too much eggnog!  No matter if you are shopping for him, her, tech gifts, toys, decor, the possibility of recommendations are endless!

Shopping in the stores require a bit of different armory, and I am not a coupon-toting queen, my purse needs food and drink in it to refuel and those pesky coupons just get in my way.  I am thankful for the access to the he best deals anytime, anywhere with the RetailMeNot Mobile Coupons App! This is so perfect for shopping day as I don’t have to waste paper, or ink and I know that I will never forget a coupon if there is one available because I always have my phone! The best part of this APP is that it lets me bookmark my favorite stores so I am sure to never miss a deal and maybe the fact that the APP notifies me that there is a HOT DEAL nearby when I am in proximity of the store(you can easily out gift, under-spend and enjoy the holidays)! I think you will be pumped to know that the APP also lets you know when a coupon is about to expire, no ‘cents’ letting it go to waste!

My advice is to stop reading this article, grab your smart phone, and download the APP. Once you’ve downloaded the RetailMeNot app be sure to check out their Snow Me The Money sweepstakes. Shake the snow globe for a chance to win a $25 eGift Card OR a $10,000 grand prize! Now that you are as addicted to RetailMeNot as I am, make sure to sign up to receive the Best of RetailMeNot  newsletters with only the best deals across RetailMeNot every week.  You can even earn get $10  with the Save More. Earn More. You could get $10 just for using RetailMeNot to save. You login to RetailMeNot, Shop, and you earn $5 and $10 eGift Cards*!  While I would like to say I am the Real Deal giver, sites like this make my job a dream!  RetailMeNot as it offers gift guides, holiday shopping advice and the best sales of the week, so make sure to check it out!











Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot but all opinions are my own”.

*purchases have to be made before 12/31/13