Red, White & Blue, SHOP ‘n SAVE Has It All For You

It’s time to think Red, White & Blue, let’s see what SHOP ‘n SAVE has for you! Each aisle holds a great way to celebrate one of the summer’s biggest holidays with specialty foods,  and decor in Red, White in Blue to make the perfect party! paper products and rock bottom prices! Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue,SHOP ‘n SAVE has meats, chips, snacks and appetizers to make your 4th of July ‘sparkly’ for you!   SHOP ‘n SAVE lets you shop and earn those valuable Pump PERKS which gets you fueled up for less!  Less money on fuel purchases and more traveling around during a holiday, a perfect time to shop and save.  Firecracker Hot specials will help you fill up that cart for less and sparkle with a smile when you see the savings you reap on your receipt! While I am busy celebrating the 4th of July I am also celebrating my savings~boom, boom!My family is busy planning for this holiday and I thought I might share with you the great finds that I have begun purchasing ahead of the holiday to make our patriotic holiday perfect!



During my most recent shopping trip I actually put together a table, dressed it  up with Red, White and Blue sass and then found all the patriotic party snacks.  Shopping was easy and the savings were in the cart!  I found great table dressings(disposable) and floral displays that will dress picnic tables up.  If you are not having a party and you are off and going to a party, these centerpieces are great.



When it is holiday time, I generally think about the most popular colors and then plan a menu around that.  If I am visiting someone for a party I also make certain that I follow the color theme of the holiday it just keeps it that much more festive, so when I enter SHOP ‘n SAVE I think of it as my palette and my cart as the drawing paper which I am loading up with great colors of the season to make an artistic creation! You don’t have to make things elaborate or hard to create the Red, White and Blue theme that sensationalizes this holiday, it’s actually real simple to do!

PRODUCE:  There are a few hues of Red and Blue in the Sunny Field’s Produce department: red peppers, red onions, red leaf lettuce, red-ripe watermelon, red grapes, blueberries, strawberries and red potatoes! My favorite combos come from the Red Strawberries and the Blue berries because dessert creations possibilities are endless and these are the fruits of summer! Check out my Pinterest Board with unending ideas for Strawberries and Blueberries, Red Potatoes and Red Peppers and let the festivities begin!

**Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Melon Picking Tip** if you are picking a watermelon, you want it ripe and ready, here are a few things to look for and do to have our taste buds light up:


1) Make sure the shape is even(perfectly round, oval, etc)

2) Choose a melon that seems Heavy (‘water’ melon)

3) Make sure the belly of the melon has a whitish, yellowish belly

4) Thump It, with a knock, if it sounds ‘hollow’ you gotta good one!

5) Make sure your melon does not have knicks or blemishes on it.



When you have a lot of people or even a few over the cost can get out of control quickly but the Essential Everyday products at SHOP ‘n SAVE offer prices that won’t sparkle you pocketbook!  Remember the Essential Everyday line for everything from paper products to condiments and everything in between!  I just saw this in the store and we grabbed a few bottles because Hot Dogs and Ketchup are a must and the price was perfect!

essential everday

Grilling up savings with the Butcher Shop is easy, and red meats are in abundance at your local store. Steaks, burgers, and hot dogs are all waiting for you to pick them up and attend your party! If you are not grilling and you want simple snacks, I found these in the aisles and deli and you have to do nothing more than open a bag and it is instant party! I have to share these last 2 snacking items with you because they make it possible to literally do nothing more than purchase and place out and you have an instant patriotic party!

sns meast

shop n save shop n save

Get those PERKS cards out, shop Essential Everydays and tote something with you that is Red, White or Blue, SHOP ‘n SAVE has a store full of supplies for you! Happy 4th of July! ~pfm





Pink and sitting on a shower ledge, that is where you can find my daughter’s Professional Skin Care System by ToiletTree Products.  She will be 16 soon and she is all about her complexion, and looks, a true girly-girl all the way down to the nail polish! She enjoys the rejuvenating spa experience with this great tool and the best part it is skin care at home so the cost is a fraction of what we would pay for trips to the dermatologist and spas!

This system is a professional system that helps stimulate skin renewal, and improve the overall skin clarity and appearance.  My daughter likes it because it has the added benefit of removing dead skin cells and exposing healthier, more radiant looking skin.  She is also happy to use it when the make-up remover cloths fail to remove all make up because this little machine removes it all but it is not rough on the skin it is just tough on stubborn make up!  What you will find is a skin care system that is a fraction of what many charge and it works better than those with the ‘pricier’ tags.  Color choice is great for teens and the fact that it can be taken into the shower is a real plus so that the constant reminder to clean is always a ledge away!  The cost is only $39.95 with free shipping! Bargain!


Professional Skin Care System (Pink) What is in the box?
2 face exfoliators (1 soft for sensitive skin and 1 medium for normal skin)

1 body exfoliator

1 pumice sphere

This little system really moves, not too hard, and the button does not wear down and affect the movement of the brush heads.  What you will find is that you may go through more batteries than you might have planned on since it will be used a lot! My daughter, as many teens are is all about grooming and she makes certain to use this each day without fail.  The cost on this is so much less than other skin care systems which is what makes it so frugal to buy and the system costs less but functions the same!  I love that it comes in 3 color choices: grey, blue or pink! Great for guys or girls!


The size is perfect for those smaller hands, and the buttons function with ease.  The ideal feature for a teen girl is that it removes makeup as well as exfoliating the dead skin cells.  The color choice is a bonus and the fact that it is able to stay housed in the shower means it is always in reach to clean up that complexion and serves as a reminder to be used! (waterproof)




Red White & Blue POKED Cake by ALDI

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

IT’S EASY to make and delicious to eat. The best part is making it with ALL ALDI ingredients makes it incredibly affordable.
Go to my pinterest page for the whole recipe. Here’s the skinny version

1 box Baker’s Corner Patriotic Confetti Cake Mix* OR 2 L’Oven Fresh Pound Cakes*
1 1/4 cups water
4 Goldhen Egg Whites
1/3 cup Carlini Vegetable Oil
1 box Baker’s Corner Strawberry Gelatin Mix
1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup cold water
1 box Baker’s Corner Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
1/3 cup Friendly Farms 2% Milk
1 container Friendly Farms Whipped Topping, thawed
1 cup strawberries, sliced
1 cup blueberries


Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Total time: 5 min.
Servings: 4 8-oz. glasses

Show your Patriotism with this layered drink!  Grab a blender I am sure you can serve these with or without alcohol.  Get creative.


8 oz. Nature’s Nectar Variety Fruit Juices Fruit Punch
8 oz. Nature’s Nectar All Natural Lemonade
8 oz. bottle Nature’s Nectar Variety Fruit Juices Blue Raspberry
3 cups of ice
4 cups
4 straws


Blend fruit punch and 1 cup ice in blender and pour evenly into 4 cups.
Rinse blender.
Blend lemonade and 1 cup of ice in blender and layer over fruit punch in each of the 4 cups.
Rinse blender.
Blend blue raspberry juice and 1 cup ice in blender and layer over lemonade in each of the 4 cups.
Insert straw and enjoy!

Recipe Courtesy of Chef Alyssa,
ALDI Test Kitchen






















   want the recipe? Click HERE

Source: via Dana on Pinterest