GUESS The Time

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The season of sparkle is here and I prefer to sparkle year round. I GUESS you could say I am a girl with a zest for the diamond light. I love diamonds and gold and when they collaborate on a piece of jewelry they are suddenly iconic.  Some things are just made to go together and I GUESS, some brands … [Read more...]

Cat Food, Treats & Litter Help

bella, cat, kitten, toys, litter, playing, food, treats, blue, yummy,, dana vento, bella the cat,Cat Food, Treats & Litter Help

After not having a pet for over a decade, introducing a new little family member into our house was a real 'task' beyond anything we thought it might be. She is super loving, super cute, and really smart. … [Read more...]

Blue with ScotchBlue

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Lavishly living life out loud, I decided to DIY and paint a hallway in a my home.  I placed a roll of painter's tape down, walked away and when I returned the tape was gone or was it? A bit perplexed with the tape missing, I began recanting where I just went and thought perhaps it was just me, … [Read more...]


  PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE SYSTEM BY TOILETREE PRODUCTS PRETTY IN PINK Pink and sitting on a shower ledge, that is where you can find my daughter's Professional Skin Care System by ToiletTree Products.  She will be 16 soon and she is all about her complexion, and looks, a true girly-girl all … [Read more...]