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Label Those New Clothes. Epson, labelworks, iron-on kit, clothing. lost clothing, kids, gym, locker rooms, iron on easy, dana vento

Label Those New Clothes

It's funny how the kids get new things they love and then suddenly, somewhere in the aftermath of getting them back to school and back into activities, they start 'losing' pieces that belong to them.  When you have multiple kids that wear the same … [Read More...]

Residence Inn For Families, the residence inn, families, travel, moms, kids, rest, kitchens, eating, dana vento, travel

Residence Inn For Families

We travel so much as a family, and one thing is for certain, rest is a must.  Sometimes when we travel, we have stayed in places that make it a bit hard to actually sleep and rest and before you know it, everyone is cranky, miserable and no one can … [Read More...]

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