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 The weekend is here and I can hardly believe how fast the weeks fly by.  Sometimes I just need a little down time and I get that on the weekend when I dedicate one night to movie watching.  I have been watching loads of DVD’s and this week I would love to offer you a few  for your consideration. These are now available in your favorite mass retailers.  Each movie I am about to present has strong-willed characters that will keep you embodied in the moment and reaching for that bowl of popcorn! LET GOD, West, Gold Rush, AMelia, Levi, Survival, strength, Oregon Trail, DVD, Movie, Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

 Let GOD.  This movie will touch all your emotions and your want for Amelia to survive and will bring you through the movie breathless! Don’t think that this movie is going to be your typical movie, as the losing everything truly will inspire Amelia to find hope.

Amelia and her husband Levi decide to head west because rumors of gold in California are beyond intriguing.  What is in store for them is beyond horrifying! An attack claims Levi’s life and Amelia is left in the wide open Oregon Trail to survive the elements and the secrets that will create her to LET GO and add in GOD:)

WHEN CALLS THE HEART: LOST AND FOUND, ERIN KRAKOW, LORI LOUGHLIN, , michael landon jr., series, hallmark chanel, pittsburgh frugal mom, dana

And. Have you been watching When Calls The Heart? I am definitely into this series and now on DVD is When Calls The Heart: Lost and Found.  When I was a young girl, I endlessly watched Little House On The Prairie.  I could not get enough of the show. Laura was my hero for all the fun stuff she got away with against Nellie and Mary had strength beyond her time.  Albert was inspiring and funny.  I wondered as a child who could write such a wonderful show. The fields with flowers, the homes so realistic, the shops, the farms, Almanzo the heartthrob of the series.  I wanted to live in that time, and visit the homes and learn from them.  In the same great spirit, with a completely different show, Michael Landon Jr. has now created a show that not only has the heart and soul captured in every minute of the show, but the characters will capture your attention with their emotions, lines, and their passion.  I would love nothing more than to watch this show being filmed and to meet Michael Landon Jr.  His gift for creating a show that is timeless even though set in time makes him extraordinaire and I thank him for the endless entertainment and brilliant show he has provided.  It is a way to relax, enjoy and envision life as it has passed by! Get ready to meet characters with strong, willful personas, such as the beautiful, soulful, Lori Laughlin who embodies and possesses such a zeal for role.  Erin Krakow offers stability, strength and a no-nonsense approach to life, learning that it is not served on a gold platter.  Rich content, divine episodes and a true way to relax and unwind, enjoy When Calls the Heart! 

Here is the official background information on the show itself. I love it and find myself waiting to watch more and more! Nashville , Tennessee- When Calls the Heart, Produced and directed by Michael Landon Jr. and inspired by the best-selling books by Janette Oke, tells the story of Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow), a young high society teacher receiving her first classroom post in a prairie town in the Western Frontier.  Also stars Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton, a widow and mother whose husband, along with a dozen other miners, was killed in an explosion at the local mine.  When Calls the Heart- “Lost and Found” is a feature length film from the first two episodes of the When Calls the Heart television series.  The When Calls the Heart television series debuted on the Hallmark Channel to more than 3 million viewers, making it the No. 2 for the night on all of cable for the primary telecast at 9 p.m and No. 3 overall in households.   Distributed by Word Entertainment, The DVD will be available to purchase in Christian Retail February 25th, 2014.

The West has never looked so good! Grace and dignity may be leaving Elizabeth Thatcher, the new teacher in Coal Valley.  She is of high society and she is about to embark on a new adventure in a small coal mining town.  Lori Loughlin is Abigail Stanton is newly widowed and making sure that her children are being educated.  The town had requested an experienced teacher, not a ‘princess’.  Mother’s are paying the salary, and they want a fearless teacher, as well as a teacher that will fight for their future.  Elizabeth feels that knowledge is power and battles her way into the school to teach.  They are able to give her a one week trial and offer her a place to stay.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves with Elizabeth Thatcher and see if she can handle one week in Coal Valley! Coyotes, outhouses and fires will lead the way of her new adventure. Can she survive and adjust to her new life? Can Coal Valley survive her arrival?





RIO 2 Opens Today

The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I received product in exchange for this review and post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” FTC Endorsement Guide Please see our Disclosure Policy.

From the depths of the AMAZON rain forest comes a singing, entertaining, fun-flighted adventure that will keep kids and adults alike entertained: RIO 2.  I based my judgement on the quiet lull in our viewing audience that was comprised of over 1/2 children in a theater screening room with every seat filled and my personal viewing.  

RIO 2 is the sequel obviously as the ’2′ designates but do you even really remember RIO?  I have to tell you that my kids remembered it more than I did, because I think that there was nothing really snappy or sparkling about the first, other than the great color and animation.  If you can not remember the cast, there are 2 blue macaws (Blu and Jewel) thought to the be last of the macaws in the world, housed with Linda and Tulio  their humans.   The 2 macaws have 3 ‘children’ and they live quite domesticated from pancake flipping to the typical teen texting and listening to her iPod for music.  Jewel is a free spirit, but Blu is completely neurotic, and domesticated.

Their humanss(Linda and Tulio) have left them home alone as they travel to the Amazon rain forest to let another little bird go free as it is healed. They want to bird to rejoin its family and it does. As they bid adieu they end up over the waterfall and stuck in the rain forest. While they are working on leaving the rain forest they spot what they think is a blue macaw and they decide to stay and make a public announcement about it on television.  Blu and Jewel decide to join them in the rain forest and they pack up the family for travel.  The adventure takes flight from here with their crew who are coming along to find talent to create an amazing show that they want to bring back to their city.

There are jokes, great characters, impressive animation, great entertainment, and many great characters with personality and brilliance: Nigel, Gabi,  Jewel, Blu and more.

As Jewel reunites with her father in the Amazon rain forest, Blu wants nothing more than to fit in, but he is so domesticated he won’t even fly without reliance on a GPS and even funnier he carries a fanny pack.  Andy Garcia(Eduardo, Jewel’s Dad) is not too easy on Blu and does not particularly cut him slack.  

As we sat watching the beginning of the movie, it was a big opening number, with great music and brilliant color and animation and at the end of this my one son wanted to applaud as it was pretty incredible. The decision for Blu and Jewel to stay in the forest or leave may be a deal breaker for Blu with Jewel? Blu is not a rain forest bird and has no real skills that suit him, but Jewel is so free-spirited and the love of his life that his devotion to her and his family may tower any decision he could make? His father-in-law is a bit much to take and as any good father-in-law does Eduardo(Garcia) pushes hard on Blu to prove himself, only making things so much worse!

Sometimes there is a bit of a lull in the humor and Nigel’s character can get boring(so I am told by the kids), overall this is a good movie with plenty of humor, singing and dancing in it to keep every age satisfied.  I actually believe the sequel is a bit stronger than the original and may stay with you longer than its predecessor.  Good entertainment for the whole family!

YumEarth ~ Easter Basket Perfect ~Giveaway

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Tall, Sleek and Loaded

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“Eeeek” I screamed as I opened the closet in my room, it had totally taken a life of its own on.  I don’t quite know where I went wrong, but somehow more of what I own was on the floor than hangers, shoes were mismatched and nothing was sorted color by color or piece by piece. Perhaps it was the 13 weeks of traveling I just returned from, or the in and out, the pack, repack and go again? Whatever the case, I want my closet back and there has to be a way to organize my clothing better. My decision to clean up, clean out and gain a few new pieces for spring is now affirmed as I have an easy, instant organization solution for my closet. A 5 tier shelf with large, spacious drawers from BrylaneHome. Get ready to get Spring Cleaning crazy and really organized and sorted!

brylanehome, storage, organization, lingerie, wardrobe, spring organized, get organized, closet organization, 5 drawers, 6 drawers, durable, easy set up, pittsburgh frugal mom,

I had personal items all around my closet, like ties, pantyhose, belts, cosmetic bags and  more all in need of a home. This little cardboard drawer set had been servicing these items for years, but over the years I had accumulated items that were way beyond the capacity of these cardboard drawers. I won’t lie, they served their purpose but I need space.  As you can see a few drawers are wide and deep and a few are more shallow allowing me variance for what I might store from lingerie, belts, ties, to those most treasured empty cosmetic bags.  Why do I like these drawers? They are durable, and they were so easy to put together, in fact it took me only about 15 minutes from start to finish. The finger loops make opening these effortless.  18″L x 11½ “W x 48″H

My biggest concern was replacing an old plastic 3 tier drawer I had with a new 6 drawer storage wardrobe.  I had a bunch of bathing suits and cover-ups, tops, bottoms, but nothing was organized it was all in one drawer.  The other drawers had shoes in them that I don’t think I have seen in about 2 years.    Time to clean up, clean out and organize and this piece makes it possible. One drawer each for: swim tops, swim bottoms, cover ups, and then anything else I had sitting around! The top makes a great area to put additional storage containers that hold holiday socks, and pretty bows.  Organized I am! The dimensions on this product are 29″H x 14″D x 31½”L.  What is perfect about this piece is the width is not too much so it does store perfectly below cardigans and shirts and it does not stick out on beyond the closet wall.  There are 6 pull out drawers and the fabric is non-woven fabric. Durable, and stylish, while able to contain the mess, that’s the 6 drawer storage wardrobe from BrylaneHome.

Now that I have tackled that organizational feat I am moving on to the next project.  These drawers are durable, easy to set up and really can make a space and impact wherever you put them.  I love the clean look and knowing where my stuff is, so organization is key and BrylaneHome delivers organization with a zest!




Headlight Restoration Kit

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sylvania headlight restoration, cleanlight, headlights, haze, oxidation, car care, spring cleaning, headlight bright, pittsburgh frugal mom

The winter was pretty harsh this year and after driving in the snow, dealing with salt, cinder and anything else that the roads were cleared with, it has become apparent that the headlights have gone dim.  I wondered if there really was a way to make a difference in the less than bright appearance of headlights and was it possible to get the lights to offer up about 3x more light on the road? I am sure it was time to find a product and test it out.

Headlight Restoration Kit By Sylvania

We’ve all watched those commercials that tell us that products will help us out, but does this really and is it easy to use? The 3 key benefits to the Sylvania Restoration Kit are:

1) Increased visibility for safety

2) Restoration of clarity and the appearance of the light.

3) UV Block coating that protects against the future hazing of the lights.

I believe the benefits of this restoration kit go beyond that, as it offers a Lifetime Warranty good for as long as you own your car and that you don’t need ANY tools  in order to use this product.

What happens with this product? Make sure you have at least 45 minutes to do this project, and an additional few hours for it to set without contact with water, because you can not rush, and you will be working in small areas.  You will want to make sure that once you are done the product is not exposed to rain for at least 6 hours for a full cure and at least ONE hour before touching the headlight.  This all takes time but the result is so worth it!

Gather some paper towels, a water spray bottle or the hose for rinsing and cotton cloths that have not been rinsed in fabric softener. Do not work in the direct sunlight and the lens on the headlight must be dry.  I also think it is good to know that the tape provided in this kit WILL NOT HARM your vehicle’s paint or finish.

I was easily able to accomplish these tasks without help and just by following the directions on the package, but because I was the only one working on this, I could not photo and work, so I have just supplied you with the pictures of the product. You will wear gloves to protect your fingers from all of the items, at least I did, the whole time.

You have to wash the light lenses off and masking tape off the painted surface(this is already in the kit).  You apply what is known as a Surface Activator  which actually is a proprietary corrosion softener.  The corrosion(haze) on the light needs to be removed and you do this using a premium waterproof paper(400, 1000,2000 grit) also in the box. This means that when you wet the headlight the sandpaper can take it and it will work with its grit against the haze, oxidation and failed UV Coating. Each piece of sandpaper will need folded in half. Reserve 1/2 for each headlight(that is why you folded it in half). When you sand, make sure to work in a circular motion and don’t press too hard on the lens. The sanding with the 400 will go on for a while as you need to have no yellow spots, no clear spots and only a light, white haze.  You may have to stop in between to get this.

sylvania headlight restoration, cleanlight, headlights, haze, oxidation, car care, spring cleaning, headlight bright, pittsburgh frugal mom

You will then begin using the 1000 grit and then the 2000 grit.  After which you will work with the clarifying compound.  Now that that is done, you will restore the look and finish of the lens with an exclusive Sylvania UV Blocking Clear coat which offers a specially formulated polymer coating with active and passive UV Blockers. This will need to be applied slowly using the glove, and the blue towel, both found in the kit.  The thicker the coating the better and start in a corner and work your way into the middle using again, a circular motion.  Keep that towel moist, but do not re-apply to any treated area.

What happens in the end, after you follow the simple instructions and use this kit? In fact you will have long lasting UV Protection on your lens of your lights and the haze and corrosion will be fully removed.  The light output that might not have been very bright will now shine on and the beam pattern will be restored! A kit that is very well worth the money. I love when you can invest in something and it helps you right back and this kit will have car enthusiasts happy with the purchase and results! Do not rush, plan to spend your time, but your lights will be brighter as a result.