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What is a Bronchospasm?

Over the last 20 years of my life, I was diagnosed with Asthma as I would have coughing spells that would just not let me get air in.  Several trips to the hospital later and days of recovery, I finally sought out a Dr. that was competent in … [Read More...]

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Food and Recipes



The grills are summer's best friend and when I smell a BBQ I also wonder what veggies they have on the grill? One of my favorite foods on a grill is a … [Read More...]

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Kiss My LED Gel Nails

My hands are a general focal point for people, and while that may not be the norm, I talk with my hands.  My Italian blood forces my hands to talk and interact for me which is kind of funny.  I have … [Read More...]

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CastCoverZ & A SMILE

This is a story of how my daughter lavishly lived out loud in trending colorful crutches and Cast Coverz for months while she recuperated from a not so lavish knee injury which led to way more. My … [Read More...]

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Just because I love to shop does not mean I always agree with the prices that items sell for. I had spent a great deal of time seeking out the perfect organizational board that would offer my family a … [Read More...]

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Carmex Loves Lips

Lavishly living my beauty life out loud I am often smacking my lips as I am yapping about a product.  Very few products are items that I consider staples in my drawer of beauty, but one that has been … [Read More...]