The Hockey Hug

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This is not a sponsored post You know I am a very involved hockey mom.  I know my kid is not going to play in the NHL, and I love when he scores, but I also love when he and his team celebrate each other's goals, and great plays.  Celebrating is part of playing sports it is the reward for a job … [Read more...]

The Octane Elliptical

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It's been a while since my new hunk has arrived, I mean my new hunk of steel has arrived.  Hopefully my arms will be made of steel shortly with all the exercising I have been doing.  Initially at the store, I was so awkard, clumsy and overpowered by the elliptical itself.  I had no idea how it … [Read more...]


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Dressing up a great bottle of wine is easy, just give it a sox.  Do you take bottles of wine to parties and do you put them in fancy bags? Stop taking a bag when you can give a great reusable item that far outdoes the traditional wrapping paper.  Chances are, the hostess will love the wrap you are … [Read more...]

Tailgating Treats – Gameday Great

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You know in Pittsburgh the season of Football signifies heavy tailgating and for those of us who are not at the games we are in the kitchen and at home throwing Steelers parties just to celebrate their greatness! We are Steeler Nation.  So how do we keep things sweet and delicious while maintaining … [Read more...]