Scraping and Sweeping Before The Holidays

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Things get messy and uglier as the holidays sweep on in. NO matter how organized you are, no matter how much you clean it would seem as though the holidays take over the house and everywhere else. I personally just got the center island cleaned and suddenly it is back to a mess. What happens when … [Read more...]

Travel: Point Vicente Lighthouse

travel, traveling, vacation, day trip, los angeles, point vicente lighthouse, dana vento,Ranchos Palos Verdes, California

Are you ready for a little bit of beautiful, and travel all wrapped up in one?  There is something very alluring about traveling to and visiting a lighthouse.  If you happen to be in California, in Ranchos Palos Verdes, north of Los Angeles Harbor, California, you will be treated to Point Vicente … [Read more...]

Holiday Episodes “MELISSA & JOEY” “Baby Daddy”

"Melissa & Joey" , "Baby Daddy" , 25 Days of Christmas, ABC Family Event, #ABCFamilyEvent, #25DaysofChristmas, dana vento, programming, holiday, disney

If I were singing a Christmas tune it would be the Twelve Days of Christmas and my song would start like this(and we all know I can't sing!) On the 10th Day of Christmas my ABC Family gave to me, "MELISSA & JOEY" and "Baby Daddy" all new holiday episodes on the tee-vee(come on now it has to … [Read more...]

Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip Baking Pan

Mrs Fields Fill N Flip Round Pan, baking, desserts, foodie, filled cake, no slip, pocket, dana vento, kitchen, gadget, tool of the trade

I test out so many kitchen gadgets, appliances and so forth and not much makes it onto my  blog as I believe that only the best items out there should be represented and let's face it not all things were made equal!  This kitchen bakeware is a must have in every kitchen out there that bakes. Cooking … [Read more...]

Shave With Shave Mob

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Beauty comes at a price, but the price you pay does not have to be retail.  Trend with freshly shaved legs, faces or underarm areas, but never pay retail again. We all do it, we consistently question where to buy the best-priced razors for both men and women and today, as I lavishly live life out … [Read more...]