FOCUS Featuring Will Smith

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In a world, where scripts rule the actor, you pretty much can guess plot, pre-determine lines and kind of out-think what you are about to see, because you already know.... but when you enter a movie that Will Smith is in, the playing field is suddenly tilted off because he is bringing it and what … [Read more...]

Seeking A Cat From A Shelter

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Once upon a time, about one 18 months ago, if you had asked me, "Dana do you have a pet?" I would have said, "nope."  Life changes, circumstances present themselves and when given an opportunity, I plunge full speed ahead.  It has been 20 years of marriage, 3 kids a few houses and many life-altering … [Read more...]

The 2015 Outlander Mitsubishi

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Once the vehicle was dropped off, it probably wanted to run away, as we have been on the go, go, go! You probably read my overview of the car before I drove it, but after driving it for a week, I have much better insight.  With the Outlander 2015 navigating the way, we took off to Columbus, Ohio, … [Read more...]

Family Dining Country Style

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We set out as a family for a few day vacation and headed out to Virginia.  My largest obstacle when traveling as a family is feeding my son with allergies, so the opportunity to dine at different restaurants is often not often an option. Tonight however, we changed things up just a bit and tried out … [Read more...]

Cruising Carnival Pop Alcohol and Wine

Cruising Carnival Bubbles and Alcohol, juice, apple juice, orange juice, pop, soda, beer, wine, frozen drinks, water, beverages, cruising, dana vento, travel

The big moment is about to happen, the horn is about to sound, the passengers are about to relax and settle in for a well-earned vacation and the volume of fun is just about ready to get cranked all the way up, are you ready? Carnival Sunshine is about to set sail to the Western Caribbean and the … [Read more...]