The Case Of The Zippered Garment Bag

The Case Of The Zippered Garment Bag , fashion, bags, zippered, brylanehome, fashion, clothing, dana vento. organization

Once upon a time, in a closet not to far from your own, across a rack of hangers, were 13 Zippered Garment Bags, perfectly hung and defeating all the dust that dared to fall upon those blackest jackets, darkest shirts, and beautiful cardigans.  The day did not begin like any other day because today, … [Read more...]

Hunting: See and Stay Powered

Hunting: See and Stay Powered , external battery, power, smartphones, monocles, eye, sight, vision, reading, hunting, outdoors, astro E4, External Battery pack, dana vento, tech, fashion, hunting stuff

Hunting season is here and my family has packed up their hunting gear, tightened up their boots, and scouted their areas thoroughly for the best spot to hunt.  It's not all about the hunt, but also about the preparation and the things you have with you that can make all the difference in the true … [Read more...]

New Year At-A-Glance

at-a-glance, calendars, wall calendars, organized, new year, new you, 2015, dana vento

Can you believe we are almost at the end of another year? Is it me getting older that is making time travel faster or is it really that we are all just so busy with jam-packed days that there is no time to notice how fast the days are actually passing? Moms and Dads have some of the most intense … [Read more...]

Mop Up After Guests Like A Hurricane

Hurrican Spin Mop, Clean, Cleaning, DIY, Floor, the Hurrican 360 Spin Mop, Dana Vento, microfiber, home, house

While it is great to see Aunt Bess and Uncle Henry, their 6 kids, your Aunt, Uncles and be known as the party home during the holidays, holiday clean up is not so much fun.  I am not quite sure what is harder the prep work before guests that are coming or the work that happens once everyone leaves. … [Read more...]

Hard Rock Roxtars

Hard Rock Roxtars , hotels, travel, dining, entertainment, kids, family, hard rock hotel, hard rock roxtars, dana vento

Halloween is a fun time of year, and it s when kids start dressing up with stars, people and characters they love.  Has anyone ever told you that you kids looks like a little rock star?  Kids tell my son he could be Jimi Hendrix with his curly, loopie hair, and when we dined at the Hard Rock in … [Read more...]