Travel to Washington DC and Tourism

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We were fortunate enough to have a 3 day weekend this weekend, so we packed up the kids and traveled  to Washington, D.C.  We have driven through the area more times than I can count but we have never stopped until this trip. Here's  my quick pick's for traveling to Washington, D.C. and getting a … [Read more...]

rove into a New Year

With all the possible products out there to choose from for toting beverages and carrying your salads, how do you know which one to choose? I spend so much time investigating products, but often am left disappointed.  Today, I have discovered three products that I actually like for cool, infused … [Read more...]

How A Tight End Gave Me A Tight Ass

How a Tight End Gave me a Tight Ass, Dana Vento, AT Home Fitness, working out, elliptical, fitness, mommetimefitness

Rolling into several weeks of  MomMeTime Fitness, I am working out, and really working towards making my body much more physically fit and healthy.  I have been working under the direct guidance of former NFL Tightend Great Dan Gronkowski.  My newest best friend has become the Octane Elliptical … [Read more...]

Swipe That Tech Clean

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Germs are spread so easily and it is a never ending battle we all wage in our homes and at our offices.  Back in the day when I was a corporate girl, once-a-month it was a mandated desk clean off and wipe down for our personal work-spaces as our CEO was a total Germaphobe.  I actually looked forward … [Read more...]