Mazda 2015 CX9 Journey in Pittsburgh

I never really know how my days are going to turn out, but one thing I love are surprises! My latest great test out with no commitments, no asks to write a review, just pure enjoyment is behind the steering wheel of a Mazda CX-9 2015.  The weather is changing the sunroof is ready to go, the music … [Read more...]

ALDI Cookies Versus Girl Scout Cookies

Aldi Cookies, Benton's, samoa, Girl Scout Cookies, food, foodie, aldi usa, how to, dana vento

There is one thing I will never settle for, just one company having  a monopoly on the market. There are shops of all sorts out there and if you seek a product, you shall find it.  My question is to you, how much do you really want to pay to lavishly live food out loud? What is a cookie worth to … [Read more...]

Run All Night

Run All Night, Liam Neeson, Ed Harris

Here's a call to the adrenaline seekers, and those that love movies that surge high in action, crime and violence, RUN ALL NIGHT will have you running for cover as you dodge bullets, duck in the chair from punches thrown and continue to cheer on the guy that we all have come to love in these action … [Read more...]


2015 Wald Disney Movie Schedule, entertainment, 2015. dana vento, lily james, richard madden, helena bonham carter, godmother, fairytales, stepmother, pumpkins, lizards, glass slipper, dana vento

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a family where happiness prevailed and the joy of being together, singing, reading and dancing all contributed to the life of the family.  Happiness was all abundant, the courtyard was frolicking with blooming roses, the trees were green and lush, the … [Read more...]

FOCUS Featuring Will Smith

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In a world, where scripts rule the actor, you pretty much can guess plot, pre-determine lines and kind of out-think what you are about to see, because you already know.... but when you enter a movie that Will Smith is in, the playing field is suddenly tilted off because he is bringing it and what … [Read more...]