A Weekend With Slim Lizzy’s

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The weekend is here, hard to believe it and this is the big weekend, a holiday weekend.  So many of us have taken advantage of this and taken off for 4 full days, and we probably won't be off much from now until Thanksgiving so get ready to have a fun time.  You might be flipping burgers, … [Read more...]

The Iced Tea Maker

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During the hot summer months and often during the warmer fall months there is nothing I enjoy more with my daughter than a great glass of iced tea.  It is remarkable the journey to creating a  gret glasss of iced tea as the way you brew, the ingredients you choose and the attention you pay to detail … [Read more...]

What’s In A Loot Crate?

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a36e4a505e7c7e9dc39e2eb94a941dba10807fde24b4f41b87 Boxes that come to the doorstep are great surprises but when you open the boxes and receive themed items of your favorite swag that makes it even better.  Geeks and Gamers alike will celebrate this fun box. My oldest son is super into gaming, and … [Read more...]

Hockey Travel to Buffalo, New York

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Are you off and traveling to Buffalo, New York for hockey this year? If you see this turn up in your itinerary, we found a great place to stay.  The Residence Inn(Cheektowaga) did not ask me to write this, it is just what we found out after lodging at there for a hockey weekend.  Pack those bags and … [Read more...]

Exquisite Comfort with Novosbed

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Call me crazy, call me wild, but after a full day of work, 3 kids, busy schedules and a full day ahead of me again the next day, I want my sleep.  Often the plight of getting to sleep almost surpasses the tasks and work I have done in a day as it would seem that I toss, turn, and do anything I can … [Read more...]