DVD Weekend Flicks To Catch

DVD Weekend Flicks To Catch, dvd, flicks, thunder at the house of magic, my little pony, dana vento, entertainment

There is nothing like the weekend to catch up on all the DVD's that are out and available for purchase. Those weekend nights are great for just kicking back,with a bucket of popcorn and munching, sleeping and let the kids watch a movie. ONCE you get the right dvd's you are set and I have a few to … [Read more...]

Comfort Revolution For Sleeping

comfort revoluation, cool, cool pillow, cooling ped pillow, memory foam, latex free, sleep, rest, beauty, comfortable, diy, dana vento, bed, bedroom, beds,

It's your initial countdown to plopping your head on the pillow and you are exhausted but will you get comfortable? Are you a pillow flipper or a pillow flopper? A flipper looks for the cool spot non-stop and a flopper just lands and lays no matter the comfort level.  Personally I am a crazed, cool, … [Read more...]

Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite, thin, best reading experience, small, compact, bright, technology, holiday gift, e reader, amazon, amazon kindle, amazon kindle paperwhite, dana vento

I love reading, and I am not referring to reading my own blog, I actually read loads of books. As a child my mom made sure I belonged to the book club and that I purchased books from our school club that was offered weekly. … [Read more...]