Foolproof First Aid On The Go

I was provided these items free of charge to review and describe.  As always I only review items that I feel are beneficial in some way to my readers and I present only my opinions.  See more on my disclosure policy.

We were off and running as it was another fun Spring weekend and the weather was beautiful.  Soccer fields, hockey arenas, and birthday parties were on the agenda and this weekend running momma won’t be stopped! The car was packed with kids, friends, gifts, hockey bags, soccer equipment and some snacks so we could just get to where we had to be un-interrupted.  Would the day go smoothly and would I get through it with my sanity? Well that remains to be seen, but I made sure my day was foolproof, as I would suggest you do today as it is April Fool’s Day! I left nothing to chance as I packed my medi-buddy and our ‘cool it buddy’ all to help soothe OWIES, bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes and scratches that that day might have had  in store for us and they are LATEX Free.  me4kidz is a one stop shop for all your first aid on-the-go solutions.

First up, medi buddy and what a buddy he is! This hard-shelled container can plop in your purse, be tossed in hockey bags, or be dropped and it still remains, hard, and unscathed which is more than I can say for the kids in need of boo-boo help! The contents in this first aid kit to go are all LATEX FREE which is a mandatory requirement for me as my son is latex allergic and we don’t need something as simple as a cut ending us up in the hospital for a latex reaction. This mom planned ahead for all the possible accidents and I am so glad I did, as we used, the antiseptic wipes to clean a scraped knee from soccer and then added a bandage.  Next crisis please!

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What is in the medi buddy? Would it have helped you? Cuts, scrapes, bruises, and anything else the kids can throw at you are pretty much covered.

latex free, bandages, wipes, ointments, first aid on the go, hard shell case, purse, sports bags, car, pittsburgh frugal mom, dana

Onto the Birthday Party. We went to a jumping place, and since my boys never tell me until after something has happened, long after, I generally am left in the dark that they got injured(hurt). I guess my oldest son knocked his knee on something a little less than comfortable and on the way home, he told me that his knee was really hurting. I took a look at it, and handed him the ‘cool it buddy’ from the little cooler that had been traveling with us. He was incredibly amazed that I had this with us. He kept that on until we got home and were able to put a larger ice bag on and I told him, “cool it buddy”, LOL!

latex free, bandages, wipes, ointments, first aid on the go, hard shell case, purse, sports bags, car, pittsburgh frugal mom, dana

These kids are not April Foolin’ me, as I am Dr. Mom, prepared for those little accidents on the go.  Medi buddy and cool it buddy help me out and let our days move on without stopping for those little bumps, bruises and scrapes.  Have a great April Fools Day but make sure you are prepared with foolproof first aid on the go and check out these great on the go first aid kits from me4kidz.

Super Foods For Celebrating My Birthday

It’s Happy Birthday to me and we are throwing a birthday party for me.  While birthdays are like a double-edged sword, I love to celebrate them.  A few years back I committed to a much healthier lifestyle and eliminated meat and much junk out of my diet.  Since those years are gone, I can happily say, so are about 75 pounds I never want to see again.  We are having a party for my birthday and I am putting out all the great snacks that I enjoy so that when I snack(after all the day is about me) I can enjoy the crunch without the guilt.  For a few snacks and drinks this year, I actually tried something new:  Rhythm Superfoods and Taste Nirvana’s Coconut Water, after all a girl needs her chips and drinks.

rhythm superfoods

Rhythym Superfoods are chips that come in 4 different flavors:  Jalapeno Lime, Nacho, Barbeque, and Sea Salt.  I nibbled on Sea Salt and Barbeque.  These pack quite the crunch and almost are like a thin cracker.  The chips are baked and not fried and they are Gluten Free.  The consistency is grainy.  What makes these up? Pea protein, sweet potatoes, carrots, and broccoli.  Each of these flavors boast 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.  Rhythm Superfood Sea Salt Chips pack plenty of protein and fiber into a non-GMO snack. All the chip flavors deliver great taste with 50 percent less fat per serving than leading potato and tortilla chip brands.  The chip is a perfect salty without being overdone and great with a Margarita(birthday girl).

Taste Nirvana’s Coconut Water will send you vying for a Pina Colada and using this as a mix in is the answer.  The Coconut Water is all-natural, Thailand originated and preservative free.  The water offers the most authentic taste you can get without actually drinking from the coconut and they are extremely refreshing and naturally sweet.  Each container is 9.5 fl oz.

I made a Pina Colada Smoothie:

1 bottle of 9.5 oz Real Coconut Water From Taste Nirvana

1/2 Cup of chunked pineapple (frozen for the coolness)

4 ice cubes

Optional Party —>>> Add Rum 1 shot

That’s it. Smoothee it up

This water is the perfect compliment to this drink.



Gluten Free Grocery Shopping ~ Where To?

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A few months ago, I believe I was tossed into food hyperspace as my daughter’s illness took a step into the wrong direction and she became even more ill.   [Read more...]

Please Pass The Air Without Germs

True HEPA Compact Tower Allergen Remover (Air Purifier) Model HPA060


Achoo no more as the allergens are not going to fly once you plug this True HEPA Compact Tower Allergen Remover into a room.  It’s true, winter is here you are locked up in your home with kids and germs, somebody help!  With everyone inside how do you clean up that air that is circulating around your house and how do you keep the germs at bay?  What about all those horrible dust particles and mold spores that are just lurking waiting to attack? Germs, mold spores, dust, pollen and dander you have met your match, meet the Honeywell HPA060 Series Air Purifier which will help to lessen and combat each of you!  Did you know that Honeywell is the #1 recommended air purifier brand of Allergists and some of the Honeywell air purifiers feature odor reducing pre-filters which also help with household odors. Stop worrying about who is going to sneeze next and start relaxing as you can inhale clean air with this great appliance.

There is not much to this set up, so don’t plan on spending the day in your pajamas and claiming, ‘hard set-up’ because this is really just a pull it out of the box and plug in kind of thing!  Find another excuse to stay in those pj’s(lol).  The air purifier begins working immediately to clean up the air in that room.  Simpley, plug in the purifier, choose the desired leaning level by simply turning the knob to Germ, General Cleaning or Allergen setting. Germs are to help with airborne germs, while the General is best for everyday, and odors. Filters will need replaced periodically depending on how frequently you run your Honeywell HPA060 Series Air Purifier will create the frequency for filter changing.  An electronic filter replacement reminder & The dial control is super easy to use and provides 3 air cleaning levels: General Clean, Germs & Allergens.

I love the fact that I can run this day round and still be energy efficient as the product is  ENERGY STAR® qualified and it is perfect for smaller rooms (75 sq. ft.).  The price is super frugal $89.99 and it offers a 5-year warranty. The kid’s playroom is the perfect spot for this purifier because it catches all those nasty little germs!

The frugality of the Honeywell Air Purifier may be less trips to the pharmacy for colds and it you will not notice an increase in your energy bill as it is Energy Star qualified!  The biggest bonus might be having less particles passing through the air could create less germs passing and less sickness.  Get ready to stay inside and stay warm, while keeping germ-free!

A New Year With New Rules

What life has had in store for my daughter has just begun to unravel, and we had no way of knowing what life was about to dish out!  An abrupt change in diet lifestyle is on the front page of the menu and we are quickly abiding by its ways.  Our daughter has been ill for 3 years and we have been visiting a plethora of doctors all of whom very much over-looked the obvious and the easiest thing to try, ridding gluten from her diet!  I could not take all the guesses anymore and I could take my daughter’s stomach pains never being resolved so I set out to find a Dr. who could make a difference and with an angel on my shoulder we found a wonderful doctor who made changes as soon as he met with my daughter and fast forward a few weeks, she is doing so much better!

gobites iberia

Guava Paste, GoBites, USANA

For the first time in 3 years she is not buckled over in pain, she is moving around, singing and back to her happy self.  She has cut gluten out of her diet and she is having amazing results. The stomach pains are gone and she feels so much better! Now for the hard part, finding food that can help sustain her new diet.  Meet GoBites, snacks that pack up and travel with ease and they are delivered right to your doorstep!

GoBites is a subscription service that provides perfectly portioned wholesome snack packs made from 100% all natural ingredients delivered right to your door. There are no added preservatives such as sugar or oil or artificial substances.  With over 25 different packs to choose from, each snack is filled with nutrient-dense ingredients to avoid eating empty calories.

GoBites packs can be tailored into unique combinations to fit a busy lifestyle or dietary needs. This includes diets such as Mediterranean, Glycemic Index, High Fiber and Gluten Free. Whether at the office, at the gym or just at home, GoBites can be eaten anywhere and anytime. Instead of worrying about eating too much of the wrong thing, GoBites does the work for you so you can snack stress-free. Subscriptions start at $27.86. Deliveries can be custom designed for every week, every two weeks or every four weeks.

Snacking and eating for those with Gluten allergies has never been easier and they are super easy to throw into your purse, bag, etc and tote around.  There is no packaging nightmares, you are not using baggies, or buying tons of ingredients that you will never use again, these are simply prepared!

Another great snacking alternative for my daughter came in a different package, looking cookie-like and packing a great taste.  These are great treats from USANA Health Sciences.  This is a new line of gluten-free, low glycemic, protein snacks that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your diet. The deliciously tempting line includes two extra grams of protein .  The new protein snacks are non-GMO, contain no trans fats, and come in three delicious flavors including Choco ChipPeanutty Bliss, and Fudge Delite. My daughter is proud to report back to me that these are amazingly satisfying and they hit the sweet tooth with perfection.  I like them because they are individually packed, making them portion controlled as well as easy to tote and pack.

We of course have sought out some other interesting items to help that Gluten-Free diet along and Guava Paste from Iberia is one of those items.  We did not get too creative with the Guava Paste, but my daughter did slice it and eat it as well as place it on Gluten Free Crackers with cheese and she said it is the most amazing taste she has had in a long while!  The appearance is thick like jelly, but it is a solid brick and you can slice it with a sharp knife.  We also recommend making sure that the knife blade is warm(we ran it under tap water) in order to not stick as you slice.  Do refrigerate this after you open it.

organic mill flax seeds

Finally, it  is important to have a good breakfast each day and we have been using Carrington Farms Organic Milled Flax Seed to create some heavenly French Toast.   It is super easy and the results are the same each time– simply fab! We use our normal gluten free bread, 1-2 slices each.  We whip an egg, and we then add 1/3 c of skim milk and 2 teaspons of vanilla and we mix in 2 tbsp of Carrington Farms Organic Milled Flax.  We make sure each side of the bread is well coated and then we fry it up in a skillet until it is golden and crispy and we add cinnamon or powdered sugar and plenty of fresh fruits!

Gluten free living demands strict adherence to march towards a better quality of life and these products help out the on-going fight to feel good, and support the gluten free lifestyle. This year it is a new year with new eating rules and these foods help us out!