Vermont Nut Free Chocolates For The Holidays

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What happens in a household during the holidays when you start placing all the goodies out and your children or family members that are peanut and nut free can't join in on the fun on nibbling snacks? In  our house it means I search harder to accommodate all members of the house and as for chocolate … [Read more...]

XMAS Baking w/ Organic Gummy Bears

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Wouldn't these gummies be great in Xmas baking? They are after all organic, natural and quite tasty and kids love them. I believe these would be amazing in stained-glass windows, atop a gingerbread man or on top of 1/2 and 1/2 cup cakes all made for the holidays. The colors are vibrant and the … [Read more...]

Kids Wear Allergy Info On Their Wrist

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Over the last few years we have learned so much about out kids, their allergies and unfortunately what can happen if everyone is not aware your child needs special medicines or has allergies to foods, and the environment.  Making our son the taskmaster of alerting people to his conditions is just … [Read more...]

Allergies & Epi Pen & BTS


My days are never dull as my kids keep me moving, stepping, jumping and worrying.  About 8 years back, we met this little girl who wore a fanny pack and toted an epi pen everywhere.  This little girl was afraid to go anywhere, touch anything and she was mortified of bees. … [Read more...]

Food Should Taste Good

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I often write to you about my daughter's sudden, life-altering food changes just about 8 months back.  If you recall she had been hospitalized on many different occassions with stomach pains, and headaches that were never diagnosed by often managed through stays at the hospital.   … [Read more...]