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If you like surprises to your door without HUGE price tags then you might want to look into the following products/companies.  I have tried these, and I like each of them.  Not one has the same product or same variety, so you are sure to find something new and unique with each different subscription … [Read more...]


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Summer is well underway and the parties have all begun.  Planning a party needs to be an event that is not only fun, but offer you some sort of  mental check that things will turn out fine no matter what pops up from boo-boo's to tummy aches and everything in between.  Keep ahead of the party by … [Read more...]

Popsicle 2013

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This was just the beginning of fun I had with POPSICLE last summer as I was their local spokesperson. Last summer was a true whirlwind for my brand, as I worked with so many different brands representing them on radio, television, in person and when I saw this photo it reminded me of the fun I had … [Read more...]


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Consumerism is just a lavish word for purchasing what we needs as consumers on a daily basis.  Everyday people are buying what they think they need, and things that they must have in order to survive.  Something that we never seem to discuss are funerals, the cost of burial and things that can go … [Read more...]

Disney Guests Free Fun

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Do you love venturing hotel to hotel, and establishment to establishment when you are on vacation?  When we stayed at our Disney Resort, we made certain to visit the others, as I think one of the most endearing parts of vacations are those adventures that we take on while we are our adventure.   … [Read more...]