Noodles & Company Washington, PA

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Do you often run out with your kids in tow and then suddenly realize that they are all really hungry after a large shopping day?  This happens to moms everywhere, but the fact is, fast food is not always the healthiest alternative.  Three kids and a mom is what summer brings me each year and the … [Read more...]

Penn State & Hockey Tourneys

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A new hockey season has begun and as a mom that is never home because of travel hockey, lodging at clean hotels when you are on the road with your hockey crew is really important.  When our team does not book a hotel as a team, I take that opportunity to deviate from the basic hotels that are often … [Read more...]

Allergies & Epi Pen & BTS


My days are never dull as my kids keep me moving, stepping, jumping and worrying.  About 8 years back, we met this little girl who wore a fanny pack and toted an epi pen everywhere.  This little girl was afraid to go anywhere, touch anything and she was mortified of bees. … [Read more...]