Are You Parents Of Teens?

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As a parent of a few teens, I know all the drama associated with teens.  It is always amazing how I think I am one ahead and I end up one step behind them.  Some days pulling my hair out I just think back to when I was a teen, hoping for an answer from that magical time, but things are so different … [Read more...]

Ice Is Nice

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With the holidays upon us, and a bunch of children that LOVE ice hockey, have you thought of the perfect holiday gift? I might suggest an ice that is nice year round.  I have talked to so many people about synthetic ice, and I can not tell you how wonderful the ice really is.  I have also taken time … [Read more...]

Cat Must-Haves

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Life in our house has been kicked up a notch when we decided to add Bella the Cat to our home last year.  I am not quite sure who the kids chased around, hung out with, shared those special secrets with or gave all those extra hugs to but I know one thing, we love our Bella. Bella is our … [Read more...]