Fashion: Darn Tough Socks for Men & Women

Fashion: Darn Tough Socks for Men & Women , socks, vermont, darn tough, merino wool, wicking, moisture, no sagging, ribbed, fitting, no blisters, dana vento, fashion

The weather has changed and there are no more warm mornings, they are all cold and blustery.  Gone are those sun-filled mornings that used to greet us and when we stepped outside the sun would kiss our cheeks with warmth.  Now, when you step outside, the air hits your skin and creates a frosted … [Read more...]

The Asthmatic Croup Cough That Won’t Go Away

The Asthmatic Croup Cough That Won't Go Away , asthma, cough, persistent cough, croup cough, acv, apple cider vinegar, fighting croup, kids, family, dana vento, allergies,

There's this deep, dark barking seal in my home, and for the last 2 weeks rather than nesting on the shorelines it has been barking in my house all hours of the day and not stopping until about 12 midnight. The seal is my son, and the intensity and magnitude of the asthmatic cough has just gone … [Read more...]

Cooking On A 2X Induction Set ~Carne Picado

carne picado tacos, 2x induction cooker, pan, pot, induction, fagor, dana vento, foodie, recipe, easy to make,

As the kitchen is where I spend a lot of time, and you have come to know that I love cooking, it is probably no surprise that I look for the quickest and most efficient ways to cook.  Life does not dish out a lot of time to prepare some of our favorite dishes, so if I can find a way to prepare some … [Read more...]

The Lavishly Outspoken Hockey Momma

lavishly loud hockey momma, ice, ice hockey, ice rink, fighting in ice rink, hockey parents, dana vento

Hockey season is coming here and year after year, it does seem worse as parents are getting more and more competitive even though none of our kids in these tiers are headed for the NHL.  Over the last 7 years, I have witnessed knock-down drag out fights between people who you would never imagine … [Read more...]