2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport Test Drive

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There is nothing like finding a new car, ready and waiting for you to test out in your driveway.  Some of the cars I have tested out are so tripped out with 'extras' that I can hardly wrap my head around it and it is gone.  There are the other vehicles that are just bare bones, stripped down and … [Read more...]

Tours Plaza in Cozumel

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If you have embarked on a cruise chances are  you have gotten off the ship and trounced around in those beautiful ports of call.  My bet would be, that you have paid out big to go see some of the great sites that each of the countries or Islands offer.  Large bills don't always make a better … [Read more...]

How To Make Fresh Orange Juice

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Starting off a luxurious morning often includes more than just a cup of my favorite, dark, bold and freshly ground coffee beans that translates into that first cup of coffee.  I like A cup of coffee but beyond that I am all wire and jitters and really don't require more than a few sips to liven up … [Read more...]