California Delicious Gifts

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I have just looked at my holiday list, and often it is a bit overwhelming.  Having family spread across the nation during the holidays often means we have to get crafty, smart, and creative with gift giving.  No one wants to send towels, or home appliances year after year, that is just not a fun … [Read more...]

Floating All Terrain Radio

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We meet up with my parents at their home and have a really great time, but it is not just the sun that shines and all the family memories we have when we are together that makes it fun, it is the non-stop water fun we are involved in with them.  The kids are so excited to go out on the boat while we … [Read more...]

Holidays With Boxed Wine Dispenser

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I have to tell you wine glasses and counter-tops have feelings too.  Go ahead and laugh at that because I am laughing as I am writing.  You know, truth of the matter is, we dress things up so much in our kitchens to make everything look a certain way, that when you introduce something as simple as a … [Read more...]

Double Dip on Savings With Gift Cards

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Thanks to Tatu Digital Media for sponsoring today's discussion about Doubling your savings when you buy gift cards. As a once advocate of the 'frugal' life I have to tell you I spoke many times on the prophecy of double-dipping. I still love savings, I just love that everything I save actually … [Read more...]

How To Choose A Ceiling Fan

The seasons are quickly changing, but the air is still moving on through the house and it is that time of year that we crank the windows open and enjoy the fresh scent of fall, like the cut grass, and the smell of wet leaves.  There is nothing like hearing the birds chirp, the bees buzzing and … [Read more...]