Hello. I am Dana Vento, blogger for PittsburghFrugalMom.Com!  My philosophy is that  an educated consumer is the best consumer… and PFM is your one-stop shop!  While I am based in Pittsburgh, my blog is actually national!    As a busy mom of 3, being a savvy consumer is my number one priority. My reviews which consist of everything from products, events, travel, and family attractions are available to you 24/7. Knowledge is consumer power and I educate consumers everyday on the ‘best of’ available to each of you.  Frugality is in saving time and money and my site saves each of these as I do all the footwork before you have to travel or buy anything.  Working with companies as a blog ambassador, spokesperson, and partnerships allow me to ‘consumer educate’ you as I get the inside scoop and share! Join me in living the good life, with a frugal tilt!

Redbook August 2013

Redbook’s Photo & Mine from Kristin

My blogs illustrate the best places, events, establishments, etc. to visit.  Sometimes frugal is just knowing where to go without going to the wrong places, and spending money at those places when the RIGHT place was so much better. I provide the GREAT places through all of my trials and errors as I work with the companies, establishments, corporations that provide these excellent family values.  Some days you will find me writing reviews about products, describing how we used them  and other times I am off to locations, events and attractions that I evaluate from a  mom of 3’s perspective.  PFM is “frugal-fun”: keeping the enjoyment up and the final bill down.


Being a savvy consumer is something I pride myself in.  I educate you on how to maximize every purchase you make to its fullest potential, whether its earning discounts towards gasoline purchases or literally money back for shopping, there are hundreds of ways to streamline your costs as a consumer.


Most consumers don’t realize how functional most items they buy are.  Many times you purchase a new item and it has more than one application.  Frugality boasts getting the most out of every purchase so often I decipher  the many things you can use ONE purchased product for rather than buying many different products, saving you time and money. My reviews also highlight great products from great companies you might now have sought out, but will shortly come to love as I do!


If you have traveled anywhere with a family you know there are costs involved.  Keeping a trip fun, and affordable are a must and as I travel to different places I scout out the fun, the free, the entertainment and the pricing.  Is it affordable family fun? Is there a way to get there and have it be affordable? If it is affordable what are the accommodations like?  I dish all the details and leave no covers un-turned! Family fun is important and it is possible to build a trip that you can afford as I work with vendors everyday in my travel reviews that offer great opportunities at fabulous prices.


Why not?  If a sponsor has some great news to share, I want to tell you about it, only if I agree with it  and feel it will help my readers along in some manner!


These are fun ways to reward my great, loyal readers.  Often companies want my fans and readers to test out what I got to try.  I personally think you get the better end of the deal because you just get a gift, I have to actually write to you about mine!(LOL)


You bet.  If you are press, media or marketing, email me directly for my Media Kit and Rates.  Are you my readers and want to chat? Fill in this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Please know, I get a lot of inbox mail and I do my best to respond within 48 hours.  

My goal is to educate each of you as consumers on the best places to frequent as families, or individuals and to get the most out of every purchase.   My site is geared to Consumer news and information that is designed to help make your life better.  PFM is dedicated to helping you discover deals, discounts and websites for every aspect of your life, as a Consumer. I’m all about getting the most for your family—from your hard earned money.  PFM is “frugal-fun”: keeping the enjoyment up and the final bill down.