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crown reef resort, myrtlebeach, my myrtle beach, resort, newly renovated,

A family vacation awaits you at The Crown Reef Resort, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Are you off and traveling this summer? Don’t miss this great resort for your family! It is in the process of being renovated a 7 Million dollar renovation and it includes a fresh new look for all its rooms, a massive waterpark, and so much more. The lazy river is the longest on Myrtle Beach properties, and it is not just a single little loop, it is a work of art and it will have you slipping into relaxation. The staff is warm, welcoming and can offer you insider details of the local attractions far beyond any travel log and of course your bed will be comfy, cool and welcoming after a warm day of fun in the sun. Welcome to the Crown Reef Resort.

Truth be told, I had no idea what to expect when I got here. I had friends telling me the Crown Reef Resort was run down, not a good place to stay with family and really not convenient, but I have to tell you, this is all so far removed from the truth. We have stayed in Tower 2, with working elevators, freshly painted rooms, new mattresses, fresh granite countertops in the kitchen, new couch in the room, with a new dining table, flat screen television and a new bathroom countertop. The shower is newly refaced and there are plenty of towels. If you don’t have enough, guest services is eager to help you, and they will either hand you more towels or send them to your room, it is that simple.

Family Friendly
The rooms are geared for families. When you walk into your suites, there are beds in one room, a bathroom, kitchen hallway, and then yet another room with more beds a dining table and a balcony! That’s right every room in this resort is Oceanfront and no one else on the beach can claim that! Don’t believe me? Take a look below.

crown reef resort, myrtlebeach, my myrtle beach, resort, newly renovated,

It is June and there are families everywhere. Some people are here with newborns and toddlers, others with teens and everything in between. We have all come to converge and indulge in the sunshine that is forever shining at the resort.

This is check-in, it is not where you lodge, it is directly across the street with plenty of parking. Check-in is after 4P and you should know that you check in separate from where you lodge, but it is literally right across the street, so that is why you can see my photo looks like I was on a ladder, because I was photo’ing from my room entrance to show you!

crown reef resort, myrtlebeach, my myrtle beach, resort, newly renovated,

Is there enough parking and big spaces? I parked a HUGE SUV(refuse to comment on brand, lol) right in their parking lot, and I backed it in, if that gives you an idea of space– plentiful. If you rather keep your vehicle in site, just plant it on the top of the parking garage and you will be able to keep your ‘eye’ on it.


crown reef resort, myrtlebeach, my myrtle beach, resort, newly renovated,

There are so many activities you can take part in with your kids, or the kids alone, there is a huge activity sheet.  Right next door there is parasailing, wave-runners, banana boat rides, and so much more.  You don’t have to go further than your own resort to enjoy everything that is fun under the sun.


crown reef resort, myrtlebeach, my myrtle beach, resort, newly renovated,

At night there is a whole other life that the resort takes on and it is called Night Time Fun.  With the kids I strolled down the beach, while everyone that was out, including us, dawned our smartphone flashlight apps trolled for shells.

One of my personal favorite items that makes the Crown Reef Resort family perfect The Loco Gecko Beach Shak Restaurant is right on the premises and has everything kids and adults will love.  There is a DJ (Thursday-weekend)with great music and it overlooks the pool area and beach so you are sure to have fun.  This is the resort specialty drink and I am enjoying them so, you have to try this: The Crown Reef Breeze

crown reef resort, myrtlebeach, my myrtle beach, resort, newly renovated,

This was our first find as we ran to the beach upon arrival and check-in – That’s right a fossil shark’s tooth in black.  South Carolina offers more than 700 species of shells in the waters.  The most common to be found: whelks, angel wings, cockles, hingles and olive shells, and many more.  The most common fossils on the beach are shark’s teeth and we scored one! These are in black and borwn.  The teeth are millions of years old. Woot Woot, thanks Crown Reef Resort.

crown reef resort, myrtlebeach, my myrtle beach, resort, newly renovated,

I will share more with you travelers later, but you have to start clicking on the Crown Reef Resort website to make reservations, because everyone is going to read this and beat you to it! This is a perfect family travel destination.  Check out the Crown Reef Resort.



The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I received product in exchange for this review and post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” FTC Endorsement Guide Please see our Disclosure Policy. *property of Dana Vento*This is based on MY experiences, during MY stay, yours may differ.


  1. Chino says

    Knowing you got comp’d for the review, it was still helpful. I’m booked at Crown Reef for next week, going with my wife and two daughters. I have read mixed reviews, hoping our stay is one of the positive ones.

    • says

      Just because I was ‘comp’d’ does not take away from my reviews. These are based on my working knowledge of OUR stay. My opinions are based on what happens to us, while we are there, our surroundings, the service and in general how the stay is. There are tons of mixed reviews out there, and I read them all as well, this is how our stay was, and everyone we spoke with at the pool staying there was having as much fun– and more. It’s all in what you make a vacation.

  2. says

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know what to expect. Obviously we would not get this same type of first hand account from the website. I appreciate you sharing so much information about the place and giving me some insight from a parents point of view.

  3. Daisy says

    This looks like a trendy place to stay that would be perfect for our family. I always love finding reviews with personal experiences. This sounds like a fun vacation.

  4. Rachelle says

    It looks like y’all had a great time! I know you would be telling the truth regardless if you got comped or not ;)

  5. says

    I also am very honest about places I take my family to regardless of whether our stay was sponsored. My family is not for sale and I’m sure the author here was also honest about her family’s stay.

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