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One of the world’s largest chocolate companies Mars, you know the company that makes brands like M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, DOVE®, TWIX® offers you a specialty brand known as Ethel M.  In anticipation of Valentine’s day, here is another great excuse'(hint hint guys) for a yummy box of chocolate to enter the house!

Who love Milk Chocolate Satin Creme, Chewy Caramel Dark Chocolate, Pecan Toffee Crisp and many other great chocolates? That’s right your Valentine does, so make sure you enter this giveaway because the box of chocolate we are giving away will rule and make you the Master Chocolate Valentine giver! This deluxe box of chocolate offers the best selections that Ethel M® Chocolates creates which makes this the perfect gift.

Look what else is in the box: Nut lovers will be delighted with offerings such as Almond Butter Krisps®, Almond Crunch, the PB&J, and Pecan Toffee Crisp. There is also a generous selection of chewy and creamy caramels, covered in milk and dark chocolate that slowly melt in your mouth. The signature Satin Crèmes® are made with real butter and cream center. There are 24 pieces of heaven in this box.

Giveaway open to US Residents Only of ages 18 an above.  Giveaway ends Feb 15, 2014 at 11:59p

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  1. lissa crane says

    I would love to fill my box with a few raspberry satin cremes in dark and milk chocolate, a few satin cremes in milk chocolate, and the rest of the box would be filled with macadamia salutes! Yum!


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