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The year is when I offer up a few small changes in my routine, and this year it has been the addition of Yoga.  I find this to be calming and energizing at the same time.  As I want the comfort of my routine to transition into my day, I seek out clothing that will match my relaxed attitude.  I  absolutely love cotton pants with a little give and pockets, as well as shirts that have a pocket on them making it easy to transport my less than relaxed cell phone.  While you may not find a cell phone a critical part of your outfit, not having it with me makes me anxious so to have a shirt an pants that are comfortable and offer pockets is perfect! 

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Yogi Clothing offers active wear that won’t stick to your body and will allow you to stretch, and move with comfort while enjoying trendy looking yoga wear. I don’t like form fitting clothes as I am not a glove and I don’t need skin-tight against my body. These pants absolutely compliment the body. The front waist band offers a front tie and 2 pockets. These are in the color of navy which match with everything. These do not ride into your back-end and they move with you, but they are not stuck on you. Consider these Active Yoga Pants to be your weekend favs that are worn every day. Pants run true to size, so order what you would wear per the measurements. Trust me these pockets will be one of your favorite assets.

A nice top that rounds out the Yogi Clothing Activewear boast 2 pockets and a marble-like color. This top is so comfortable I really don’t like taking it off. This is an Over-sized Long Sleever with pockets and really after you wear it for 5 minutes you will truly get why I don’t want to take it off. It can be worn with jeans, tights, or your yoga pants, it is really versatile. I love the pockets on the shirt for my keys or to keep my hands warm when running in from the gym.

With a new year, and if you have taken up yoga, Yogi Clothing has the perfect active wear choices for your wardrobe. Take a look at their entire line if you are looking to grab a few pieces. Remember, to wash in cool and line dry. You can place on the gentle cycle in dryer but I prefer to lend life to my pieces and therefore I always recommend line-drying. Get fit, and invest in a few pairs of pants and jerseys for yoga from Yogi Clothing. These clothes are frugal because they go the long mile and are comfortable. Happy New Year.

Now win your own pair. Here is how. Giveaway ends February 7 at 11:59P EST. US Entrants only and must be 18 and above to enter. Winner will receive both top and bottom in size of their choice(based upon availability of stock) Shipment can take up to 8 weeks after winner is confirmed.

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  1. […] Get ready for some really comfortable clothing. If you enter to win this prize package you will have clothing that feels great, fits great and has pockets! Meet Yogi Clothing, and get ready for a new pair of active yoga pants that you can wear all day and an active, oversized long sleeve shirt with pockets. Both are available to you, if you enter this great giveaway. Did I mention the value on both pieces is $127. If you want to learn more about each piece you can read all about them on Pittsburgh Frugal Mom’s Review. […]

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