Build-A-Bear For Valentine’s Day

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My kids love Valentine’s Day because they never know what surprise they are getting but they sure love the treats.  The most red day of the year is sure to captivate you if you enjoy stuffed animals and this giveaway will give you some BUCK$ to spend at Build-A-Bear.  There is just something about Valentine’s Day that creates the need for a bit of stuffing and fluffing and I don’t mean with food!  Rose Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Kids Love Build-A-Bear and adults do too.  This Valentine’s Day you can find a great selection of Build-A-Bears that will make your heart happy and bring a smile to someone’s face.

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Big Hearts Bear and Bit Top Bearemy are both ready and waiting to come home with you.  Together or separate this pair  boasts fur, love and some cut looking clothing.  You can outfit the bears or not, that is all up to your Valentine’s Day budget, but clothed or not, one thing rings true, these bears are stuffed and waiting to be loved by you.

This stole my heart as the wonderful choice of the day, and I bet you would love her too.  The Tons of Love Elephant is soft, plush and cuddly, will she be your valentine?

Your children will love these little cuddly friends that they can adorn with clothes of their choice.  The pleasure you will have as a parent going into a Build A Bear Retail store is second to none.  Your child will smile, and be excited at all the great choices they have to make their friends dressed up.  I love that the animals at the workshop allow the children the opportunity to be creative and express themselves, through dressing, accessories as well as their choice in clothing.

Make sure to get a join in on the Stuff for $tuff club a very rewarding club that rewards you in points and rewards.





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