Having Tea With Frieda’s Produce

My afternoon would not be complete if I did not have a spot of tea. Honestly, each day I have a glass of tea and it makes my day. I wait until about 3p and then I go through my ritual of tea preparation which includes sneaking in a few gluten free cookies and just savoring the last moment I have until I get invaded with my little monsters again.  Frieda’s Produce rocks the ginger supply in my home and this is the secret ingredient in my tea that powers me up like a Power Rangers Super Mom to get through homework and dinner.  This frugalista has found that one piece of ginger goes very far!

Dazzle your guests with this amazing drink!

ginger tea frieda's

You can create this too here is how:

3 cups of water, brought to a rolling boil
a 3″ piece of ginger root

1) Peel and slice the ginger root
2) bring water to a boil
3) add the ginger root to the water
4) change heat to simmer for about 25 minutes on low
5) I add 3 tbsp of honey
6) I add the zest of lemon
7) Strain and serve

You will find the most refreshing cup of tea, and the most frugal cup of tea you could hope to serve. You can add an orange or lemon slice as a garnish to serve. I have also added a tinge of vanilla from time to time just for kicks. This is a great way to always have tea on hand without storing those pesky bags! 5 stars to Frieda’s Produce for amazing ginger root that is frugal to use and easy to store!


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