Pittsburgh Frugal Cat Gets Furminated!


Bella the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Kitty has been a blessing to our family from the day we rescued her from the shelter forward! What I never expected is that our soft, little furry friend would bring so much hair with her! I am crazy clean, and I have always kept a meticulous home and I have no intention of letting go just because Bella is hair(lol!)  The little bit of shedding that our short hair darling offers needs to stop or be at least controlled and the FURminator is perfect to help us deShed! Think TERMINATOR for hair balls!

What is the FURminator?

The FURminator tool helps to prevent hairballs while reducing shedding up to 90%. You can use it at home a few minutes each session about twice a week on dogs or cats in order to keep the shedding under control.  The FURminator will also help to relieve the mess of loose fur and hairball worries without the use of medications or gels. The holidays are here and do you really want all that pet hair on your couch?  FURminate it! 

I saw this tool at the local pet supply store and I could not figure out why it was about $40 but now I know!  The tool looks a lot like a barber tool, as the comb is very coarse stainless steel blade that absolutely rakes the fur and skin for that loose hair and when it clumps up into the comb you press the little button and release the hair ball into the garbage! It is basically rake the coat and go easy.  The handle is sleek and ergonomic which means you will be able to grip it with ease.

We gave Bella a few treats as we combed her hair with this tool and she did not even MEOW once.  It surprised my husband and myself that Bella kind of just snuggled up to us as we ran the FURminator through her hair which meant to us that it felt good! This is an awesome stocking stuffer for your little furry friends! Do know these come in different sizes for different fur lengths(short and long) as well as Small and Large pets!

4 paws up for this great FURminating tool!

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  1. I am so excited to try this! I am the mom of 8 cats. This sounds purrrrfect!


  1. Pittsburgh Frugal Cat Gets Furminated!

    Bella the Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Kitty has been a blessing to our family from the day we rescued her from

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