Homemade Holiday With Great Scents

airwick homemade holiday

The holidays usher in aromas and fragrances we wait to experience during this special time of year!  I also find that the holidays bring on high usage in the bathrooms, smaller rooms and inside the house because the outside air is too nippy to be in!  With everyone inside and less fresh air passing through you could say, “stalemate” becomes the ever-lingering essence!  Change the way things smell in your home, freshen up and plug in to aromas and fragrances from Air Wick that will put the Happy back into Happy Holidays! Air wick created a Homemade Holiday Collection which will help your olfactory celebrate the season with the scents of this time of year!

The smallest room in the house is the busiest room in the house and that would be the bathroom.  The Air Wick Scented Oils like Bake Pear & Cinnamon will certainly bring in a sweet and spicy delight smell rather than the typical water scent that lingers in the powder room!   Trimming The Tree is a scent of fresh cut pine that is reminiscent of a tree with freshly broken limbs offering a pungent yet pleasing fragrance! 

Any of the scents, Plug Ins, Color Changing Candles, are all perfect gifts as they are generally $5.99 and under and can be found in mass retailers across the United States.  This means that no matter where you are you can pretty much count on finding a reasonably priced, fragrant gift that will leave an aromatic delight behind! I personally will place an Air Wick candle head-to-head with other higher priced candles and what I can tell you is that you are just burning your money away if you are not buying this well-priced candle or Plug Ins.  These are tested, true and sell by the millions!

Here’s a little holiday tip:

Plug your scented oil warmer behind one of your decor items and no one will even see it but the smell will be deliciously, undeniably, holiday delicious!

The Homemade Holiday Collection offers candles, scented oils, Freshmatic spray fills and color changing candles all sure to please your sniffing senses!

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  1. Homemade Holiday With Great Scents

    The holidays usher in aromas and fragrances we wait to experience during this special time of year! I

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