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I am not a model, and I am not fake shopping or pretend wrapping on a television screen to get you to come into TJ Maxx, MARSHALLS, or The HOME STORE,! I am a real savvy fashionista shopper who has about 20 years of real-life experience in finding the best names at the lowest prices and I work at it daily!  I shop till I drop and I never over-spend but what I do is find great name brand items at the best possible prices! The season of perpetual bliss has brought on a commercial that I epitomize everyday in my writing; I am The Gifter and I shop with TJ Maxx,  and MARSHALLS.  I know the staff in the one location quite well to the point that the lady in the fitting room tells me how it looks, why it looks that way and what I would look better in- Boom!

TJ Maxx Shirt and Jacket. and doing a news segment  #iamthegifter

TJ Maxx Shirt and Jacket. and doing a news segment #iamthegifter

I don’t need a commercial to drive me into the store I have been shopping there since they opened back in late 80′s in my city! This fashion-forward frugalista can spell out the deals and I am about to serve up fashion which they can’t show you on television because it shows NAME BRANDS, but then again, I am not their television shopping gifter(lol) nor am I employed for TJ Maxx or Marshalls so I can show you what I find on a normal basis.   Bask in these savings and know that you can find some of this year’s hottest fashion, and brand names at really great prices! The holidays are all about finding the right gift at the right price, and I believe this little show of pricing will help all of you brand seekers out!


Dick’s in my world, pretty much serves no purpose other than using them as a sizing tool! Their prices are completely out of line and getting name brand items does not have to cost you an entire week’s paycheck to sport around a few words on your clothing! In fact,  a lot of what you can find at Dick’s from Under Armour to The North Face can be found at TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. The catch is the timing, but isn’t that true of any store you shop in? I know to shop there frequently and I do for birthdays, holidays, showers, weddings and work!
northface boys only $59.99

I hardly know any kids that don’t want The North Face jackets! I don’t get it, but again, it’s a trend. They do seem durable but they price is not consumer-friendly for most. Here are some great examples of what I found. The pink is only $69.99 and this one is on clearance, yes, I said clearance for $59.99 and I tried to beat that online and could not!

Need a little Under Armour anyone? How about $24 to $34 and no there was not just one piece, there were a few of every size on the rack! Mens, ladies, kids and more! I saw UA Mock Turtlenecks and some shirts as well!

under armour tjmaxx

Here is one more great buy I found, because buying it elsewhere for men would be DOUBLE the price! Talk about gifting with a sense of sass!

north face mens

Don’t over-spend. Grab Epic Savings, Epic Gifts and be Epic with your fashion frugal forward smart sense about where the best brands are with the best prices! I am the gifter and I just gifted you the knowledge of where to go! Run, scurry and grab up those great buys for all those you are buying for!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I like all the stores you mentioned and always get great deals there!

  3. Looks like you got yourself some great deals! I love that brand of winter clothing, but not very useful here in Florida!

  4. They seem to be really great products, thank you for talking about them!

  5. beautiful stuff – sounds like there could be a commercial in it somewhere… :D

  6. Those prices are great! I’ve never shopped at Marshalls or TJ Max believe it or not, but I’m definitely going to take a trip to both now. :)

  7. I love Marshall’s too, they’ve got such great stuff at really neat prices. I like the North Face jacket at TJ, it’s quit cute, good quality for a very low price.

    Have a wonderful day.


  1. Gifting 101 – #IAMTHEGIFTER

    I am not a model, and I am not fake shopping or pretend wrapping on a television screen to get you to

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