Cover Up Those Leftover Plates Frugally


Do you know that the holidays are the most expensive time of the year for grocery store bills? Entertaining is hardly a ‘cheap’ thing to do and the cost of food keeps rising.  You invest a lot of time in food preparation as well as entertaining so why throw out all that hard work just because you don’t have the right container to store your leftovers in?   I have found a frugal, fun and easy way to store your leftovers and it is reusable as well as microwavable! Get ready for a little kitchen frugality 101!

I have just tried out the latest sensation in food storage and let me tell you how frugal, fun and easy is it to clean up the leftovers and I never grab a plastic container!  The CoverMate covers are reusable, microwavable and dishwasher safe material allows food to easily go from table to fridge to microwave. What’s better is these  come in five different sizes, which pretty much means you will have a cover to cover all of your dishes no matter the size.  If you have a dish of food that you want to store grab a CoverMate and stretch it across the top and you are done! 1-2-3 easy.

CoverMate Food Covers seamlessly fit any shape or sized serving dish- from that open can of cranberry sauce to grandma’s sweet potato casserole. The re-usability of this product saves countless dollars that are literally thrown away each year on one-time use foil or plastic wrap alternatives. This makes the CoverMate a Pittsburgh Frugal Mom favorite find! Think of a shower cap with a really good closure on it and you will totally understand the CoverMate concept!  You can see into every dish because it is clear so you will eliminate waste!


Medium Fits 4″-9″

Large Fits 9″-14″

Extra Large Fits 14″-19″

Stop playing with plastic wrap that does not want to dispense from the container, or foil that is only a one time use.  Make clean up a snap as you place these on any container.  They are durable and can be used many times.  At some point  you will have to throw them away, but imagine being able to reuse something more than once as it wraps up those precious tidbits from the day before.  Leftovers never looked so good or hit the refrigerator so fast because these are one step easy!

Don’t forget to use the CoverMate on all those holiday cookies leaving your house as this beats any wrap out there for ease of  use and containment! Happy Frugally Easy Holidays!


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  1. Cover Up Those Leftover Plates Frugally

    Do you know that the holidays are the most expensive time of the year for grocery store bills? Entertaining

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