Win A Microdry Luxury Cushioned Pet Bed Value $60

 microdry luxury cushioned bed


Woof! Woof! Fido is going to love this great bed!  The Microdry Ultimate Luxury Cushioned Bed for pets will offer your dog or even your cats a warm, inviting bed to snuggle up on, enjoy and show you they truly do run the house.

I know that dogs don’t mind sleeping on the floor, but it does not always look so inviting. When we are hanging out on the floor playing with our pets, after a while I have to get up because it really is not doing much for my bones and body so I can only imagine that our pets feel the same way. The ultimate luxury cushioned bed from Microdry can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and my guess is, if you have kids, that love sitting next to the dog, or several cats while they rest, the cushioned bed will be offering comfort to all of them. The cushioned bed is like a mini mattress from a bed and it really provides a great base for rest.

The value of this Ultimate Luxury Cushioned Bed for pets is $60.  You can win one for your pet by entering here.  Winner will receive their prize within 4-6 weeks of winning confirmation.  My blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Giveaway Ends, at 11:59p on 9/25.  Good Luck.

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  1. Callie’s best trick (she’s a cat) is just sitting and letting me wait on her! She expects to be waited on hand & paw, and it gets done!

  2. my dog will ignore anything we tell her to leave alone, even if it is a piece of steak on the floor.

  3. Terri Herman says:

    3 of our 4 dogs will fetch! The 4′s trick is looking cute!

  4. Kayci Stanley says:

    Our little poodle mix knows some good tricks. She will stay very still and let us put little pieces of treats on her nose and paws and she wont move until we say she’s good and she can have the treats :)

  5. My dog can play soccer! Just like Air Bud!

  6. Chassity Daniels says:

    locking the door to lock me out of the house

  7. Paula Benvin says:

    giving paw

  8. plays with the hose.

  9. My puppy gives me her paw when she’s saying hi. :)

  10. Our springer has worn out his old bed and it is flat. His best trick is catching carrots and cheerios.

  11. My dogs best trick…dancing! Well at least she does it when you are walking with food!

  12. My dog gives me a high five!

  13. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says:

    Our dog Mercy only has one trick. We call it the Prairie Dog. She’s a Daschund mix, so she’s long. She gets up on her haunches and gives us a Look at Me! face.

  14. He likes to hide the kiddos shoes…..after he has chewed on them a while! Lol.

  15. He’s great at shaking hands!

  16. My Rotty is good at waving :)

  17. She can sit, that is about all :)

  18. Brooke Westmoreland says:

    my dogs shake your hand

  19. My dogs best trick is finding a way into our bed with us trying to keep them out of it. They always manage to sneak in without us noticing.

  20. Wendy McBride says:

    Puddin’ will smile when she gets in trouble. Bella will fetch a ball over and over about a million times.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  21. Woo hoo! I need this for my little spoiled baby, Bella!

  22. I likes to fetch, shake your hand and dig (the kids tell him to dig a treasure spot and he starts digging).

  23. Ginger will shake a paw and when she was younger she used to do a very silly roll over on command!

  24. michelle cavanaugh says:

    our 7 month old puppy just learned to shake and lay down

  25. My moms dog can dance

  26. eating

  27. Carl L Smith Jr says:

    My dog can magically appear out of nowhere when food is put out!

  28. Diana Walker says:

    My Hannah would love this bed, she LOVES to Smile

  29. jessica hager says:

    Walking on her back legs.

  30. our dog walks around on her hind legs

  31. My dog chases bubbles then jumps to bite them and then flips in the air

  32. my dog can give high fives ;)

  33. Shannon Miranda says:

    Our dog, Ariel, has an amazing trick! It is constantly digging in our trash can. Lol

  34. My dog’s best trick is chasing the cats on command when we make a certain sound- the cats usually deserve it though :)

  35. Shannon L. Barlow says:

    My dog’s best trick is getting people to fall in love with her. She’s such a love-bug. She would absolutely love this bed.

  36. Balerie Brown says:

    My dogs are still puppies so we haven’t done any tricks yet :)


  1. Win A Microdry Luxury Cushioned Pet Bed Value $60

      Woof! Woof! Fido is going to love this great bed! The Microdry Ultimate Luxury Cushioned Bed for

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