The Frugal AquaChef, Sous Vide Smart Cooker

 AquaChef Sous Vide Smart Cooker with Seal ‘N Fresh Vacuum Sealer

My old oven and I could make the most tender pot roast, and the juiciest chicken roasts, but trying to get my new oven to produce the same thing just does not seem to be happening! I’m quite sure it’s me but I get frustrated because my last few pot roasts have been like bouncing rubber and wasting is not in my vocabulary, not to mention how defeated I feel trying to make this simple meal! When I was offered the chance to try out the
AquaChef® Sous Vide Smart Cooker I jumped at the chance! I am all about the easy when it comes to food preparation because fancy is not better, it is just more steps to the final product! I prepare so much food because I have 3 growing kids that easier is always better and often buying meats that are less expensive becomes the rule more than an option.  This particular appliance has made it possible to purchase less expensive cuts of meat and achieve amazing, savory, tender results!

What is AquaChef® Sous Vide Smart Cooker?


AquaChef® Sous Vide guarantees to provide you with  very moist and mouth-watering foods.  This particular appliance is amazing.  Even if you are just a basic domestic goddess of the kitchen your meals will be transformed from everyday food into gourmet-quality meals.  As Pittsburgh Frugal Mom I like it because you can take the ‘cheaper’ cuts of meat which often are ‘tough’ to cook like  brisket, pot roast and flank steaks and turn them into buttery soft, super tender meat!  Yes it’s true because I have been using mine for a month just to make certain!  There is not way to undercook or overcook your food with this appliance and it is compact(fits in cupboards), quite and is energy efficient!  All of these reasons make this a FRUGAL purchase for any family looking to save money when preparing meats.

With this in mind I purchased a pot roast and set myself out to the challenge of cooking soft, tender, juicy meat , and I wondered if it would happen?

In order to get my meat prepped for cooking I had to do so much ______NOT!  All I did was add a bit of seasoning to my meat, placed the roast in the bag,  sealed bag, regulate to the temperature of choice and submerge the bag into the water. You can get other stuff done while this bagged up meal is cooking and the meal is on its way! I turn it on and don’t think about it again because it is a great, safe, energy efficient appliance that prepares food precisely with the maximum nutrient retention.  The bags seals the air out and this allows the sealed food to maintain 100% of the flavor, nutrients and moisture making the perfect meal every time! I love the fact that I add no oils, fats or butters to my foods which makes them healthier for my family to consume and clean up is a breeze! The foods you are cooking are all sealed in bags that are reusable.  Since the only thing you have is water, it is an easy clean!

In order to cook with this appliance it is just a few steps to preparation and food bliss!  Here is how easy it is:  Pick your food of choice, either meat or fish, and then make sure that the AquaChef  is filled with 3.5 liters of water.  Plug it in, turn it on and set the temperature to the appropriate setting and press start.  The water will begin to preheat and when the light turns from Red to Blue it’s time to cook! For the meat or fish, place your herbs, spices or lemon onto the meat and place the meat into the vacuum seal bag.  Seal the bag and vacuum out the air. Set your cook time on AquaChef, put the food into the cooking basket and place the basket into the water, place the lid on the AquaChef and that is it.  When it is cooked the AquaChef Timer Beeps.  The food in the bag is very hot so remove carefully.  Wait for the water to cool, and always empty the water and use fresh!

“Developed by KitchenAdvance, the innovative AquaChef makes it simple for home cooks of all skill levels to prepare mouthwatering meats, fish and other items.  Sous-vide (pronounced soo-veed) is French for “under vacuum.”  So, in a foolproof system that eliminates guesswork, ingredients are placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and submerged in the water-filled oven, which is preset to the final and most desirable consumption temperature. ”

HOW IS A $159 appliance FRUGAL?
Consider the meals you have thrown out because they were tough, lacking flavor and over cooked! Now consider how much oil and fat you cook with to make a fatty cut of meat taste better. Think about the tenderizers you have dumped into meats only to provide your body’s with unhealthy sodium levels and the cost of tenderizers is also a lot!

Now imagine cooking in one unit, that is compact, cooks with liquid, tenderizes meat without e need for tenderizers, fats or oils and will keep food at a healthy stable temperature until the food is ready to eat!imagine minimal clean up and how economical it is to buy cheaper cuts of meat and cook them successfully!!!! Frugal to the core !!!!!

The Seal ‘N Fresh Handheld Vacuum System is a real bonus!  This is how the food is always ready to go.  The bags prevent freezer burn and they help eliminate food being wasted.  The bags are usable in the microwave or boiled in a pot.  The bag will form an airtight seal around the food that it is packaging, making it preserved.  The bags are BPA Free, reusable, resealable and dishwasher safe, very frugal!


The AquaChef is currently being offered for 30-day, risk free trial for $39.95.  If a consumer is dissatisfied with the product for any reason, it can be returned for a 100 percent money back guarantee.  If satisfied, KitchenAdvance will bill for three additional $39.95 payments. The risk free trial includes not only the AquaChef Smart Cooker, but the Seal ‘N Fresh™ Handheld Vacuum System; a set of 20 Seal ‘N Fresh™ Vacuum Seal Bags; the AquaChef Instruction Manual; and, the AquaChef® Cookbook.



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