Ebates Challenge: Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Vs. Madame Deals

As you know, Madame Deals and I are going rounds, back and forth to find out who is the more savvy shopper.  Each armed with $150 and working to challenge the other’s true frugality of a deal.  Do you see a deal as a quality piece of clothing that is bought 1/2 off and is name brand or do you see deals that are super cheap as a frugal purchase? I believe Madame Deals (Amee) and I are both seeing things differently.  Who do you think is getting the better deal so far? I’m gonna need your help! Please leave me a comment and let me know how GREAT you think MY deal is! Whoever gets more comments on their blog is going to receive an additional $150 gift card to give away to their fans! Let’s Go Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Readers! Please Comment! Ebates is all about shopping and earning cash back, are you a frugal shopper? Are you headed out on to a party? Do you need a gift? Are you taking a gift? Are you choosing gifts that you want to give to people? June is a huge gifting season and Ebates can help you earn cash back while you spend.  Gifting is great with Ebates.  I helped to Gift myself with a few purchases today and here is what I think of making money back while you spend.


My thoughts? Ebates offers me the opportunity to earn cash while I spend.  I spent money, but I bought a quality, name brand product that I know will last because the product is known for it’s ruggedness and it’s good looks! The item was also purchased at 1/2 off the normal retail price.  Let’s recap, I purchased a name brand item, 1/2 off through a retail store on Ebates and earned 3% Cash Back! Oh yeah, I think I have this round won, Madame Deals!

I buy things that will last, frugality boasts: a great buy is name brand, at a great price and will be worth its weight in gold if it really holds up to the test of time! My most recent purchase on Ebates had me moving and grooving, shopping, eye popping and enjoying every last photo, image and description of COACH shoes.  I know you may say, “hey Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, Coach is not frugal!”  I have to say, “yes it is!”  I bought my shoes at Coach through  Ebates, I received 3% Cash Back at Ebates and my shoes were 50% off.

coach shoes

3% cash back! #Ebates

The shoes I chose will function with ALL My summer outfits, not just one, but ALL of my outfits as they can dress up a pair of shorts or just dress with a pair of jeans, capris, white pants and so on.  The soles are durable and the inside lined.  The shoes will travel well, pack well, wear well and I will more than get my money back out of the purchase because they are quality, name brand shoes and one pair that will last!

Why I loved this Ebates experience!  I know Madame Deals will try and outdo this one, but it’s a 1-2 Punch! Name Brand and Cash Back and…. a durable, tough, feminine looking shoe that offers multiple uses! My cost $59.99 and I won’t have to buy 5 pairs to replace this one because the soles of this shoe have longevity and are built to last! Beat that Ms. Madame Deals!

Oh, and I have to remind everyone, I got 3% cash back on this purchase, so I bought a little and got a little back! In reality it is $2 more I have to spend on something else I like and after all, spending some and getting some back is the truest form of frugality, is it not?   Have you tried Ebates for shopping? I have searched for so much that my head spins because  Ebates offers cash back on spending! What a frugal way to shop.

I wonder how Madame Deals Did?


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  1. Ebates Challenge: Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Vs. Madame Deals…

      As you know, Madame Deals and I are going rounds, back and forth to find out who is the more savvy…

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