Mother’s Day is up and coming, and it is one of the most celebrated holidays across the world! The question that we all end up with is, “What do we give MOM that will show her that we love her, appreciate her and care?”  This is answered a bit differently for everyone.  The most practical gifts for Mother’s Day are often those that are overlooked.  What do I mean by that? I like thinking practical and being a busy mom of three, I think convenience—which to me is one stop shopping to get the gift and anything else I might need for the week!  You don’t have to break the bank to give a nice gift to mom and you might even earn money towards gasoline if you take a few of my suggestions!  Here is my game plan: One stop shopping at SHOP ‘n SAVE to save time and money.

Each week I grocery shop, and SHOP ‘n SAVE is where my grocery list gets its groove on!  As I prepare for this upcoming and busy week, I glanced at the sales flyer and I am happy to see that there is an easy way for me to shop for my groceries, and purchase a gift for MOM!  If you live by your mom, then fresh cut floral arrangements, hanging baskets and mini roses bushes are a great idea and SHOP ‘n SAVE has a great selection of all the fresh blooms.  This is a rather practical idea because the vitality of a flower, the bloom of a flower, and arrangement of flowers brings life and color to any room and each time mom looks at blossom, bloom or plant, she will think of you!  As Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, I like buying my fresh florals, baskets, and blooms from SHOP ‘n SAVE because it is not just about the gift I am giving, but the fact that I am also earning 10 cents back on every $50 purchase.  The truest principal of frugality is making a purchase and getting a little bit back. I also love that I have to make one stop, not three, to get this gift of choice purchased, and with toting kids, one less stop anywhere is a blessing.


My mother spends a great deal of time, outdoors, she loves gardening and she loves fresh blooming plants, she finds solace and tranquility in gardening and she loves to watch the birds visit and plants evolve each summer.  She watches her flowers transition from flower to seed each year and she even gathers the seeds from the impatiens when they are done flowering!  I have learned from my own experience that is not about how much I spend, but the thought that I put into it. When I was little at the end of every summer, my mom would send me outside with a clean, up-cycled, margarine container and have me collect the seeds from the impatiens. I loved doing these because they were a ball of green and when you picked them, you got to pop them.  I remember my mom with fresh floral of some sort for every holiday and my floral selections come from SHOP ‘n SAVE!

Perhaps flowers are not your choice gift and are too cliché, or perhaps your mom does not live nearby?  I have a few suggestions that might help make purchasing a gift a bit easier as well.  SHOP ‘n SAVE offers gift cards that are accepted at restaurants all around the country, and the beauty of this deal is if you purchase restaurant gift cards from SHOP ‘n SAVE you get 20 cents off  per gallon of gas for every $50 you spend on them! What this means to you is a gift for mom and savings for you! That is the truest SHOP ‘n SAVER!

Many moms are very active and are all about exercise, and if that description meets your mother then you might want to consider the Cool Gear Cool Chillers collection. Cool Gear Cool Chillers are lidded, acrylic glasses that have straws and can be toted anywhere by mom.  Don’t forget to grab a Crystal Light To Go to make up a great gift package. Again, if mom is not nearby, this is light for shipping (thinking dollars and cents) and it wonderfully thoughtful while providing you reward incentives towards your fuel! Fabulous, frugal and a great way to help mom keep in shape!

gift cards

These are just a few simple suggestions that are easy, peasy and the prices are geared to help you SHOP ‘n SAVE!  Don’t get caught up in elaborate gift giving when the day is more about celebrating mom and all she has done for you—just enjoy mom!  One stop shopping, cents off per gallon of gas, retail gift cards that work nationwide and lots of other great grabs make your Mother’s Day Shopping easy and complete.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, and I hope your day is great because you deserve it!



  1. Savannah miller says

    I still need to shop for my mom!! I wont lie I didn’t realize mothers day was here already!!

  2. says

    I don’t have Stop & Save near me but the Winn-Dixie in my area has the same program! Also Target will give you 5% off when you use the Target Red Card Debit Card! Such great ideas!

  3. says

    I miss Shop n Save. The nearest one to me is about 45 minutes away. :( Love their prices and the gift card/gas points idea is awesome!

  4. says

    For Mother’s Day this year I’m surprising my mom by flying 1300 miles to see her! That’s a treat for her AND for me. Now let’s just hope that she doesn’t randomly find this comment on the internet, lol.


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