DIY Water Filtration System from Zuvo

I love all of the DIY projects we do in my home.  We DIY because we can, it is cost-effective and because we like to add to the value and appearance of our home.  Many DIY because it is inevitably the better cost approach to most projects that you do at your home.  We have done so many, and there are some that I could do without and hope to never do again, where there are others that I step back and say, “really, is that all there was to that project?”  Our latest want has been for a water filtration system  by Zuvo® Water Filtration System. The  Zuvo® Water Filtration System was designed to allow you to connect a separate dedicated Zuvo Beverage Faucet mounted on your sink top! It’s a sleek looking design and a welcome addition to any kitchen area! This has been one of my favorite upgrades to date because water is so pure for the body and Zuvo Water Filtration System is an easy DIY project that can be accomplished with few tools and just a little bit of time!


DIY Directions for Zuvo






zuvo hole

We drink so much water, we also use water to make our own soda in our soda maker, so water is the key to diet and everyone else in the house.  I love fresh tasting water, and I love drinking it right from the tap but we did not have  fresh, filtered water coming  from our  tap!   We drink a lot of water and I firmly believe that the more pure the water the better it is for all of us. I was super excited when I was offered the opportunity to install and review a Zuvo Water Filtration System into our kitchen sink!

instalation of zuvo


This system uses a UV light.

1) Ozonation in the Zuvo is a way of mixing the ozone with tap water.  Ozone is a powerful oxidizer but has not chemical residue, therefore no odor contaminant.

2) The ozone saturated water is flooded with high-intensity UV light.

3)” The Zuvo Water Filtration System combines the UV and Ozone into a patented process known as photo-oxidation which releases powerful oxidizers to further treat the water. ”

4) The system filters and has lead removal.  Zuvo Filtration System passes water through a Class 1 Particulate Reduction Filter,which reduces chlorine taste and odor as well as lead and other tiny particulates.

5) After filtering the water is exposed once again to the UV light before it leaves the Zuvo system and enter your glass, or bottle!

Here is a look at the installed system.  final look of zuvo installed


I don’t like undertaking projects that create too much havoc because my husband and I both work full time and if we start a project we need to go from start to finish that day or the project kind of ends in the bone pile of stuff not complete! With that mindset we began looking into water filtration systems that would allow us the DIY possibility but kept it easy to DIY!  We did not want to get real involved with our plumbing, so whatever we installed needed to be minimalist in plumbing add-ons, therefore, the easier the better!

Our first objective was to find a system that would provide a water-cleansing process that reduced contaminants  but kept the healthy minerals, not all systems offer this!  We wanted the ability to fill our refillable containers, and glasses and really make a difference by keeping our environment green and clean! We wanted the water to be cold, which meant that we needed a system that would re-route the cold tap water through the unit and out of the faucet!

Our second objective was to keep it easy, and affordable, which is another small hurdle when  you are doing projects yourself.  Did you ever notice that every time you start with a DIY it could cost you more than you ‘thought’ unless you carefully plan your final cost, materials and objectives?  We did plan this out, and ZUVO’s video on how to gave us a pretty good idea of how in depth this DIY would be.  We  prepared everything ahead of time.  We carefully researched what we were about to install into our kitchen sink and we discovered (or perhaps uncovered) a really great system that I have to share with you.  The The Zuvo® Water Filtration System.


We needed electricity run from our basement to under the sink, that was what took a bit of time, but we managed to get that installed and then our project moved very smoothly.  This was a mistake on my part, I really thought there was an electrical plug under the sink and honestly we could have mounted this differently but I wanted it out of mind out of sight!  We mounted the system under our kitchen sink and it is like it has been there forever.  This system will allow you to mount it under the kitchen sink or you can simply mount it on the counter top, which is different from many of the systems out there.  This means that even if you don’t want to have the filtration system mounted under your sink, the unit can sit on your sink top and still function, it will just be exposed rather than enclosed, a true personal decision.  ( I assumed we had electrical under the sink, but that was not a big deal because we had electrical installed within 2 hours because the line was really close to where we were working!(phewwwww)


The kitchen sink needed a hole cut in it so for that my husband taped off the hole, used a drill bit and masking tape and a hole bit, and simply cut into the sink frame.  We had success and immediately began the install.


When we did the install we needed an adjustable wrench(plumbing), a drill, tape, scissors for the plastic tubing, pliers, a step drill bit to get into the frame of the sink and a screwdriver.

zuvo hole


This took us the better part of a Sunday afternoon, but we had watched the video, and read the directions a few times to make sure we could  just roll through the installation.


We mounted this underneath the sinks and attached it to a the interior cabinet wall.


My kids love this system.  They turn the switch, fill their glasses and off they go!  It  bares mentioning that the unit does continue to flow for a few seconds even after you have turned it off, this is normal, however it does turn off after a few seconds, but that seems to be a common question.  We know that it will drop for a few seconds after we dispense so we leave our glasses there to scoop up the few drops but it is not a big deal.  Since the Zuvo Water Filtration System is installed  my kids drink even more water if that is possible than before.  My youngest fills up his water bottle a few times a night and at dinner time we offer the water option after they have consumed their proper amounts of milk.  The kids all love traveling from the table to the special faucet to get their ‘own’ glass of water.  I appreciate the fact that I am not replacing pitchers and pitcher filters as that is not cost effective and I also like that  we are not cluttering our waste areas with plastic bottles because we are using glasses or our own specialized water porting vessels each time we dispense water.  We are saving the earth and saving money, very frugal! I do have to share with you one cute thing: my kids love the Ultraviolet light underneath the sink and they open up the cabinet just to see if the ‘alien’ that fills their glass is still there!

Zuvo installed

installed Zuvo

As I review all the great benefits of the Zuvo Water Filtration I think the benefit is that the  The  Zuvo® Water Filtration System  has made it possible to actually have non-contaminated water and that the healthy mineral content is left in the the water!  If you are looking for a system that will be compact, contained in one area, easy to install, and provide you with cleansed, purified water, the   Zuvo® Water Filtration System is the system you are after.  Does the water taste delicious? Yes.  Was it an Easy installation? Other than cutting the hole into the sink it was very easy and the directions were supportive.  This is a great DIY project that won’t take hours, but it will change the way you taste your water, forever after!











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