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Grocery shopping is something that we all have to do, as food is a necessity.  How we shop is very individual and grocery shopping can make or break your budget! What if I could teach you the basics of grocery shopping that would put a little more ‘budge’ in your budget?

Grocery shopping savings  of up to 30% can be achieved without doing much more than making a few adjustments in your purchased brands.  If you really want to push the envelope of savings you can get food for free after purchase with the use of Rebates and you can purchase meats discounted.  All of these methods will help you be a very frugal shopper, save, and not really exert much effort!


I love to Shop for Food and I love finding new products and new brands. Products I choose when shopping have to meet some serious criteria such as: taste, workability(actually has to do what it claims) and taste.! I buy store brand when it is possible but only when I know that the products are actually COMPARABLE to their name brand counter parts. You know how you become accustomed to a certain taste and if the substitute product misses that taste you will never buy it again? That is also how I judge my products. Saving money should not mean SACRIFICING TASTE.  Shop ‘n Save has a this product line and it actually SAVES you money and does not sacrifice quality of taste, talk about a Store Brand going head to head with Name Brand!

I have been using a line consistently from  SHOP ‘N SAVE called ESSENTIAL EVERYDAY. The ESSENTIAL EVERYDAY line is a STORE BRAND product that offers its BRAND name Competitors a RUN for their money. The ESSENTIAL EVERYDAY products are priced LOWER than the name brand and are quite tasty! Essential Everyday guarantees their product 100% for your satisfaction. This means as a consumer, I can purchase it, and if it is NOT what I expected it is guaranteed!  I have a tough crowd to please I have 3 kids with diverse ages and everyone likes something different so I put the food to the test and I came up with POSITIVE FEEDBACK.  Your local grocer will also have their own brand, and I would suggest trying out different products to see what you think because this is a quick, easy way to save money without doing much else than switching brand.


Here is what I have found out shopping store brands:

If there is a bag that zips or seals on the name brand, the store brands matched the product and it worked just as well!

If the product is to pack a crunch, have a great flavor or boil to satisfaction, they do!

Store Brand Cereals are by far the superior buy as their price is so much less, and the flavors meet the brand name.

While my images show my local store’s brand, I have tried store brands everywhere and most have met with my taste bud’s with satisfaction.

Store Brand items versus National Brands cost on average 30% LESS and you do not even have to use a coupon to get that pricing.

Store Brands often come with a satisfaction guarantee, which means if you don’ t like it return it and get your money back!

Store brands often offer, their own bonus coupons towards their products as well, or other incentives to purchase them, such as extra points on your rewards card which translate to more savings either in store or at the gas pump!





If you are still looking for other ways to save money let’s talk Rebates. Rebates cost you initially out-of-pocket but with a receipt, a stamp and the product UPC you are well on your way to receiving your purchase price back! If you purchase an item that a rebate is being offered on, you are not getting the discount from the store, rather you are getting your money back right from the manufacturer! I love rebates.  The down side of rebates is two-fold:  1) you have to spend your money first and 2) you have to wait for the rebate to come back and this can take weeks.  The Up Side: if you were going to purchase the product anyway, you have suddenly earned yourself a free product, which means more money back in your pocket once the refund is processed!


If you are an early morning shopper, shop the meat department because the butcher places meats on special that should have sold by a particular date(never past the date) but, the date may be very close.  With the meats that you purchase on special, be sure to freeze them or use them immediately, but you can save up to 50% OFF! Shop early and you will get the deals!


Bananas are often sold in bags when they are beginning to brown, and it becomes a great buy for your the consumer.  Purchase those bags of bananas for pennies on the dollar, but remember, if you buy them and waste them it really was not a frugal deal! Waste not, want not!

Buy produce in bulk.  More often than not, those pre-packaged 3# bags of apples will be a better price than the per pound loose apples, snap them up! And, when you are purchasing fruit, think about the longevity of the items that you buy.  What I mean by longevity is how long it will last in your refrigerator before it spoils.  Apples are a great staple, and they last long before, wrinkling(yes I make buying mistakes as well, I am hardly perfect), oranges are another great staple, but pears and nectarines each have a short shelf life and will not last weeks on end in the fridge! Think smart, buy wise, be frugal!


I am in love with frozen veggies, they are my go-to 7 days a week! I am a produce nut, and I love stocking up on fresh produce, but even with the best intentions of use, life gets ahead of me, and I don’t get to use it all, my alternative, frozen veggies, no fuss, no muss, no waste and so little prep time that cooking becomes a pleasure(well, almost)!

Bags of chopped veggies are so much easier to use and now in so many instances you can purchase veggies that are in ‘steam’ bags which translates to quick cook time in microwave and really healthy for your waistline!  I love that I can make a basic pasta at the beginning of the week, add sauce to some portions one night, and yet another toss in fresh steamed veggies.  Frozen veggies are chocked full of nutrients and so convenient, I can not stress enough how versatile and wonderful these vegetables are!


If your grocer of choice has a loyalty program, join! Rewards in grocers range from free grocery coupons that are mailed to you, all the way to Pump Perks that offer you money off at the gas pump for purchasing groceries in their store! Absolutely a great way to earn while you spend!

Last, don’t forget if you have a DISCOVER CARD use it if your store allows purchases with Credit.  Earn while you spend!


These are all tips and tricks I use daily when shopping and I am certain they can help you save a bundle while you shop and save!





These are my opinions and this is not a sponsored article. Your opinions may differ.







“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”




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