FORTUNE COOKIE CRAFT = simple material circles, cut, and ends crimped and loaded with a home made message. See site for details. Love Love Love this easy Project

PINK ROSETTE KISSING BALLS - This is an inexpensive project which will leave you with beautiful results and your color possibilities are endless.





GOLDFISH FOR VALENTINE’S DAY - a new wrap for the goldfish crackers. Super Cute, and super do-able. You have to check this out!


MASON JAR – Thanks to Shabbychiccrafts, this is available to create





VALENTINE KABOBS - Fresh fruit and a colorful plate, heart healthy and easy to create. Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydew add to this!

VALENTINE CHEX MIX – Thanks B.C for whipping this up!. Looks Yummmaaayyy.

CRAYON HEARTS – This is one I have blogged about before. Reusing old pieces of crayon and baking them to form a new FULL crayon.. But look at these.. These are HEARTS. Love Love Love

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