Everywhere you go you see people on cell phones and with cell phones comes the ability to save money! Cell phones are pretty much a lifeline that let us function away from our home and office on a day-to-day basis with ease!  As the world converts to a very paperless society text alerts help us with reminders, almost like having a mom keeping us organized daily!

Text Alerts

Text coupons are great, they are delivered right to your phone and have a code you just have to share with the Cashier in order to get $ off your bill. Many companies are utilizing this service. This is truly a revolutionary way to get coupons, and details about upcoming sales and if you are getting coupons on your cell phone you won’t need to hall those pesky shopping passes with you! Keep your savings it paperless, and organized so that everything you need is only a fingertip away! If you do sign up for text alerts, you will find that you will probably starting saving more money than you expected because the savings are always with you!


Here are a few that you can save at, because let’s face it, you always have your phone with you, even if you forget your paper coupons at home you have your PHONE!


JC Penney



Kohl’s (and for signing up .. a first time bonus )

Footlocker (sign up for mobile coupons)






7 Eleven



With the holidays upon us, it is great to receive Text Alerts about upcoming sales, specials, deals and buyer incentives and those most coveted percentage off texts! Get ready to save more than you ever have before with Text Alerts.



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  1. […] Dana suggests you keep it simple and do it on one piece of technology!  No coupons or shopping passes or a flyer, just take your phone!  You can respond NO Dana said at the END of the alerts if you don’t find them helpful.  Dana uses Target, Toys R Us and Supercuts who offer her great reminders about expiring coupons and such.  You can find the text alerts she said on doors, cash registers, receipts and websites.  There are many and you can find some more here. […]

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