Never judge a book by its cover or never look without looking and see without noticing.  How many times has something been right in front of your face or there is something right in front of you that you really just never took notice of, until it S-M-A-C-K-S you in the face?  When I finally take note of something that was so obvious and completely in front of me, I remind myself to step back a while and notice the small things they can really make a difference.  What am I rambling about?  Have you ever looked at a stick sitting on the ground but quite possibly not noted that it is forming the letter ‘A’ or a really round window makes the “o”?  Oh you are not the first person to not really note things but I can telling you looking at the things around you can completely change how you see the things around you.  I am often the same way.  We are all so busy doing our own thing that sometimes stopping to really look at something is more bothersome than fun.

Alphabet® Photography

I had heard about Alphabet Photography before but I never really listened to what it was about.  I never really knew what they did or that they merely did not just place letters on a frame and make a photo.  There is so much more involved to artwork when creating a piece people love and talk about.  Did you know if you look at things on a playground you can probably find letters in them, like an ‘A’ on the A Frame of a swing set or a “u’ on the swings and much more?  Have you looked at Wagon wheels, ropes tied, gates closed, fences with gates and seen letters like ‘H, O, A, E” and so on?  I have not paid much attention to things lately, life goes crazy and that is normal, but Alphabet Photography has been paying close attention and snapping photos that create the most unique finds you will see on frames.  Create your last name, your first name or a word in ways you never even knew and what you have is a whole new creation, an Alphabet Photography creation.

I received the following: a 3” solid wood frame with a dark Chocolate finish accented with gold leaf. Contemporary, sophisticated and elegant, which makes it the perfect addition to a modern or traditional home. The frame is matted with a museum quality double mat with a V groove. My piece is hand signed and dated by the artist.


My artwork is more than just a piece on the wall however, it is a conversation starter as people who never really look, SEE and the conversation begins.  See my Artwork below.  Here is the hint, you are looking for a WORD actually formed out of many different scenes from real life that when transformed together create, a word, or name.


What you will see in the frame is artwork which is unique to each piece, known as alphabet art.  What happens in alphabet art is the blending of everyday objects that can resemble letters of the alphabet, placed into a photo collage which creates a name or a word.  Alphabet Photography, Inc. is the original and leading company in the letter art industry, and boasts the largest collection of photographs collected from around the world.  EVERY official Alphabet® Photography art piece is hand crafted, high quality, and truly original! You pick which piece will represent each letter and really we all think differently so every piece will be differently.  You may pick one photo for the letter ‘o’ while I would pick a completely different one!  We are all individual and Alphabet® Photography allows us to express our individuality in this great process.

It is so easy to do but the choices are immense. Plan a time that you can look online and enjoy testing out what your final creation will look like.  We spent a few hours but you can spend as much time or as little time as you like in the process.  I spent time because I did not want to say, “what would that have looked like”, but not everyone does it this way, I just really was curious!  I changed the letter ‘o’ probably 50 times just to see what that letter would do to all the other letters and how it would play out, and each time I was amazed, however…. I came BACK  to my original choice!  It is amazing the amount of letters that are in everyday items we look at but never see.  Trust me when I say, Alphabet® Photography has been seeing for all us and collecting some really great photos to use in these collages.  They have a HUGE, collection of photos from around the world and these are not clip art photos, they are original photos.

We moved in to our new home five years ago, and I never really have made our house a home.  In our old house, I was always so busy hanging things that I never paid attention to how to really decorate and make it look right.  When we moved into our new home, I decided it best to hold off hanging anything unless I was SURE it was going to look right, could be accompanied by other items that made it work and really had a purpose being in the house.  Our family room is the center of our home, but I have done nothing to the walls, they were bare.  I wanted whatever we put into the room to make it ours.  The Alphabet® Photography piece that we created by making it personal has absolutely transformed my idea of a Family Room:  Our FAMILY name on a portrait, spelled out in a unique way.  I now know how to decorate the room, around our name, our room.  This piece absolutely made our room ~ a FAMILY ROOM!

I waited endlessly for this package to come, you know the watched pot that never boils? When the package arrived it was packed to perfection, tightly, with signs that it was fragile, and well packed inside with plenty of cushion for its journey from the Alphabet® Photography Company to my home! I was so excited unpacking the bubble wrap and looking inside the package to see the creation that I had made online actually come to LIFE! I felt like a kid on Christmas day.

If you never really felt like you owned your last name, frame it, and create it with Alphabet® Photography and I bet you will suddenly really OWN your last name and your friends will always talk about the artwork.  It is a really great conversation starter!

Alphabet® Photography My Alphabet® Photography ~ Don’t mind my flash in the middle.



Alphabet® Photography Alphabet® Photography



Alphabet Photography







The perfect customized gift that includes photographs from all over the world, this is the original Alphabet Photography. Celebrity owners include: Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, Tyra Banks, Ryan Seacrest, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, John Schneider, Nelly Furtado, and many more!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alphabet Photography. The opinions and text are all mine.


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