October to me is the beginning of Sparkle Season.  Sparkle season is the time of the year when it is ok to add a little ‘flare’, ‘sparkle’ to everything you wear because the Holidays of every sort are approaching!  I love a little ‘bling’ in things I wear, it just seems to make them pop and the energy of a good sparkle makes me feel more energized!  Getting dressed up during SPARKLE SEASON is a great opportunity to wear bigger items with faux stones that really dress up everything that you wear!  Teens love Sparkle Season because it is HOMECOMING SEASON, time for new dresses and new jewelry, and my daughter is just like all other teens she wanted to Sparkle for her HOMECOMING DANCE!

I contacted Prom Girl dot net seeking out the perfect piece of SPARKLE to coordinate with her dress and both my daughter and I were so excited at what they chose for us to accessorize her homecoming dress!  The name of it is ‘largest silver jewelry set style #83.

Here is what it looks like:


These pieces will lend more ‘sparkle’ to any outfit.  The earrings have a clear disc closure on the backing which firmly holds the earring in position on the ear.  The necklaces offers a hooking closure that is rectangular and keeps the necklace secured around the neck. The earring drop from ear lobe down is 2″.  The necklace is 15″ with the pendant in a stationary position(not sliding) The ordering process was easy and secure and we received the item within days of selection.  Prom Girl dot net is not just about prom, but it is about all those dressy dress occasions your daughter is off to or for those that YOU need jewelry that Sparkles!


Now that we have found such a great Internet store, we will be shopping there again because there is jewelry and dresses for EVERY occasion and before you know it PROM will be here!







I was provided with the aforementioned item in return for a true and honest blog!



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