Rock It has clothing for 12y & Up. Premiere Name Brand Clothing


Last year I learned about a great premiere, name brand, fashion consignment sale.  It was not your average Consignment Sale because it was not OFF BRAND, it was Premiere Brands that I LOVE but the brands I hate paying Retail for.  The sale was a 2 day event and had brand name handbags like Coach, Prada, Buckle, Gucci and Versace as well as the same name in shoes and the prices ROCKED IT!

Yes, I guess I kind of gave it away that last word – ROCK IT!  I don’t like giving up shopping secrets like this because I know that the more of you I tell about it the more people that will shop there, but honestly I don’t worry because the inventory is there and I am sure if you shop there you will tell more of your friends. I love name brand bags, and the bags I found were barely used, some with PRICE TAGS still on and I got great prices on them.  I am not saying the bags were free, or Under $50, but I am saying if the price tag was marked $500, (which original tags were on the items) I payed Under $125!  (remember pricing is determined by each Consignee and this pricing may not be reflected in this sale, it is what was previously found)

If you are a bargainista, with a flair for the FASHIONISTA  and crave PREMIERE Brand names?  You have to shop, ROCK IT.

Here is what I found as a description at the Rock It Website: “Rock It is a fabulous 2-day consignment event for girls, juniors, and ladies. The sale features new and gently used clothing from the hottest brands, cool shoes, and endless accessories for a fraction of the retail price.”

Imagine being able to take your daughters with you, letting them shop, TRY ON their clothing because there are MULTIPLE fitting rooms, yes, I said fitting rooms, and YOU can shop, peacefully while they grab their stuff. The girls love it because the fashion and the brands are all in one place and your wallet will love it because the prices ROCK Designer Premiere retail to the ground, usually about 70% off!

It is amazing what I have learned through shopping at this event.  Many teen girls consign at this event because they find it helpful to Clean out their closet and Consign IT, and ROCK IT for a new Wardrobe.  How PITTSBURGH FRUGAL are these Teens?

Oh this is not your typical Consignment sale because the owner makes certain that is PREMIERE from the Wonderful Entrance to the music and items stocked.  If you are a brand snob but LOVE Consignment you have to ROCK IT.

Here is a little piece of information that you might find helpful:  It does not matter when you can go, because ROCK IT has amazing hours.  If you have to wait for someone to watch the kids, no worries, ROCK IT is open until MIDNIGHT on October 19 and on the 20th, Rock It is open from 10a-10p.  There is simply no reason you can not get there from a time standpoint.  :):) This helped me out with shopping because I had to wait until my husband came home to watch the kids.


October 19th 10am to Midnight, October 20th 10am to 10pm, at the Iceoplex at Southpointe. 

If you want to learn more, as I did, check out their website, Rock It.  If you want to know what it is really like, you have to Shop It, in order to Rock It! I love name brands, I love a good CONSIGNMENT Sale and Rock It makes them both come together.

See you Rocking It! ~PFM








Check website for event details.

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