Nuzzle Up With A Great Beba Bean Throw

I love furry, soft throws that welcome cuddling, especially with BABY! Babies will LOVE this blanket, as much as YOU will and FIDO too! The blanket is the color of chocolate and has the feel of fur, but the fur is FAUX. It is warm, and inviting and it is 36″ x 36″.  Beba Bean has exceeded my expectations in a throw blanket.  If you are looking for a warm, special child blanket, you need to see the BEBA BEAN Nuzzle Throw.

I was so happy to have it that when my little son took his naps on the couch this was the first thing I put on him. With the air changing so much, as we are between seasons, a luxe throw is needed to help cut the chill in the air, my solution: Nuzzle throw.
This throw is faux fur and the back has a cotton velour that is just screams lay under me! The blanket is machine washable and able to be tumbled dry! I love things that are wash and go and this blanket will fit every need you can find. It is great in the car, on the stroller or in the house! We have used it everywhere. It is warm, soft, and plush. We had to wash and dry it because someone spilled their tippy cup on it! I was able to return it in under 2 hours because it could be washed and dried!  It is the first choice of everyone in my house and not everyone is small enough to use it! I hope they make one in matching adult styles soon!!! If you have a PET, I am sure that it would work well with them as well as it is plush and warm and great for cuddling up into! (oh yes, I tried it out)

If you are looking for a great BLANKET for a little one, this is the GIFT to purchase for the HOLIDAYS! 36″ x 36″ and warm. The color is very inviting and the blanket is warm!






I have been provided with one of the items mentioned in this blog in return for my true and honest opinion as set forth in this blog.!

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