Have you ever wished that your cupcake could have been filled rather than just iced? Have you ever wanted a muffin with a filling of fresh fruit?    Have you heard of Muffinmeal by Cupcaqe? Muffinmeal will allow you to take any cupcake you back, or any item you put in your muffin pans and provide each with an INDENTATION for a filling!  The creativity is up to you, the tool is by Muffinmeal.

I was interested to see how this worked.  I set out to work on baking this weekend.  What you will need:(please note my review is based on cake mix/cupcakes you can cook other items with this tool)

A cake mix that is prepared by you and ready to pour(or anything else you are putting in a muffin tin) the Muffinmeal pieces, and a pre-heated oven, after that the possibilities are endless as you can fill cupcakes with anything from ICE Cream to jams and fruits!

See Illustrations 1-5 below:

Muffinmeal provides you with a 2 piece baking set : (1) 1 piece is the bottom spindle that you will set in the muffin pan, (2)then you place the muffin cake liner in the pan and then you will fill the wrapper 1/2 way(3), place the top ‘cup’ on top of the batter(4) and then fill into the top cup a dollop of batter.  (5)This  bakes and leaves an indentation on the muffin.  Once the muffin, cupcake or whatever you are baking is cooled, take the top piece off, and pull the muffin wrapper straight up, the bottom part of the muffin meal should remain in the pan and you will have a muffin, cupcake or whatever you baked with an indentation waiting to be filled!

Step #1Muffinmeal
Step #2with the insert added
Step #3 with batter of ANY sort
Step #4 a dollop in the middle for weightiness
Step #5 Finished product less filling

Now I have to be honest, I totally missed step #5 when doing mine, and mine turned out looking great too! I need to read the directions better next time. Here is what mine looked like:   Mine

Make sure to use NON-STICK Spray on each Top piece it will help in separation process.

It is helpful to use a big enough muffin pan, I had one that was just too small and it was pushing STEP 1 from sitting flat.

Don’t Overfill batter, 1/2 way is MORE than enough.

Do not put these in the dishwasher.

Let the Muffinmeal pieces soak in warm, soapy water before you clean them, it makes this an easy WIPE-OFF process.

Don’t remove Muffinmeal before they are cooled.


The whole process was super easy and I anticipate using these during the Holidays to bake a few recipes that called for FILLED mini cakes!  These are great!  For this reason, and because they work so well I am placing this on my Holiday Gift Guide as you may want to ‘gift yourself’ before the HOLIDAYS start!









I was provided a package of Muffinmeals by Cupcaqe to review in return for my true and honest opinion as set forth in this blog.


L-R, Empty, Filled, Baked, without muffinmeal in, filled!


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