kleenex Germs and kids seem to be something that are as natural as peanut butter and jelly!  Do you have kids that SNEEZE into their hands?  Neither do I but people do and then they touch everything you touch and GERMS are spread, EWWWWW!  After I leave a store with my kids I make sure I coat their hands with sanitizer because we see everything from people picking their noses to people scratching their behins, and while this is all ok, because as each to their own, germs are spread.  Every person is touching a cart and navigating through the store is spreading germs.   TO each his own, but the germs are spread and I prefer to not be part of the germ fest! If you work in an office this would also be great to use as FLU season is right around the corner and germs are spread so easy!  Fight back with sanitizing your hands and moisturizing at the same time.

Kimberly Clark Professional Kleenex Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer:  I have a pump in my car, in my home and in our garage! The pump releases a quick teaspoon or so full or hand sanitizer!  The hand sanitizer is opaque in color and odorless, UNTIL you rub your hands.  Your hands will not feel dry but moisturized almost as though using cream!  There is a STRONG odor once you rub your hands together to get the sanitizer spread throughout your hands, however, once it is spread it is very pleasant smelling.

The pump comes in 80z dispensing container and while it is UNSCENTED, there is a potent ALCOHOL smell upon rubbing your hands together.  The Sanitizer contains Aloe  & Vitamin E to moisturize your hands.

These are also great office supplies! Get rid of an office full of germs!









I have been provided a sample of this item in return for my true and honest opinion which is what is set forth in this blog.

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