I love when things are set up for me and I do not have to think how to make a matched set or what looks good together, it offers me a ‘springboard’ to work from.  The best ideas are often those suggested by someone else based on what they learn about you and I have found a way to incorporate that principle into HOME DECOR that arrives MONTHLY to the home!

Are you decor-challenged?  I know I am.  My mom can practically decorate things in her sleep and she can make a definitive decision in a moment.  I will look, re-look, over think and then decided NOT to do it!  I am insecure in my decorating options to the point that I actually have a well-lived in room with BARE walls because I don’t want to make a mistake! I kid you not a room we watch tv in, gather in, play board games in, is completely decor-free because I am afraid to no make it look RIGHT!   Bedly can change things for you, it has started me down a new decorating path!  Door Stop pfm pillowcandle pfm holder

Bedly is a company that will send you a new BEDLY Box each month with items that are curated from all over the world that match your preferences.  Bedly dot com asks you to fill out a small survey (3 minutes or less) at the beginning which allows them to learn your taste, your budget and your needs.  Once you fill this out the Springboarding begins!  Each month a BEDLY BOX will arrive at your door step with different items in it from around the world based on the survey you filled out.  If you would like to shop for other items as a member you will be given members-only discounts!

I received my box and it had a Pillow, A door stop, and a candle holder. Other boxes may contain throws, decorative accents, artisan gifts, and wall art.  Each item is hand-picked by interior decorators staffed at Bedly.

My pillow has brightened up my living room sofa, as it is brilliant pumpkin orange and makes the color POP on it.  The door stop is very heavy and with the weather we have been having as I open the back door and the front, the cross breeze is a bit overwhelming, it held the door open, no problem and it’s so cute!  As I have only had the candle holder a few days I am looking to see what candle will look best on it.  The holder is well built, not flimsly and will make a great addition to any room I place it in.


There are exclusive benefits for being a member of Bedly.  such as exclusive discounts offered, giveaways, contest, and how-to articles.  Shipping is free and returns are hassle-free.  Membership to Bedly is $39.99 a month.











I have received the aforementioned products in return for my true and honest opinion which is what I have set forth in this blog.  As with all reviews that I write I make sure to use the product and make sure that it is, what it is!


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