Relaxation is different to everyone.  For some relaxation is an exercising routine that is maintained while others find relaxation in a glass of wine being sipped on slowly or for others it is just time to lounge and mellow out with the television radio or a good book.  Often in relaxation we rely on scents like perfumes, candles, or even incense, it simply depends on the individual.  Finding the scents that you love, can really make a difference because a scent that emanates in a room can remind you of a very great memory that takes you back just a little, long enough to jolt a smile and a great thought.  Smells can be like a great song as they can allow you to formulate or replay in your mind an great time that has passed.

Auric Blends is a feature manufacturer of Scents, Henna Body Art, Perfume Oils, Incense and more.  The items are all hand-blended in small batches to provide the best possible scents.  Auric Blends are created from the highest quality ingredients from ALL over the world.  If you are looking for a fragrance and unique applicators, Auric Blends is a MUST visit online!



I remember my earlier college days when my suite mate and I would burn incense on Friday nights before getting ready to go out.  It was not just us burning incense but so many of our friends in the dorm apartments.  Walking up and down the hall you could smell anything from rose to lily.  Recently, Auric Blends sent me a package of Incense with the scent of Ginger Lily and it absolutely brought Friday Night memories right back as soon as I opened the package.

Auric carries a line of over 49 Incense fragrances to choose from and each provides an alcohol free and charcoal free burn.  These burned easily and smelled lightly fragrant, not over-powering.  The package came in with plastic around the incense in order to keep it fresh.  The ends of the fragrant incense are color coded.


PERFUME OILSRoll On Applicator

What I found intriguing are the perfume roll-ons.  I have not seen a roll on perfume for a while and I love toting roll-ons because they fit in a purse for the on-the-go moms so much better than the traditional perfume bottle.  This roll on allows a long-lasting scent that can be reapplied because it is no larger than a tube of lip gloss and it rolls on, you can apply it anywhere with ease!

As with many items I try, my daughter saw what I had(she is 15) and she ‘borrowed’ it.  Needless to say that was the last I have seen of it because she LOVES the smell(so did I).  I received 3 different scents: Water Goddess, LOVE,  and Egyptian Goddess.  These are light, fragrant smells that compliment any day you are going to conquer!  The Perfume Oils are hand blended, in very small batches and created from only the finest ingredients.  Each bottle is 1/3 of an oz.  The Perfume Oils are dispensed via a roll on applicator.  These are absolutely Great Stocking Stuffers, Holiday Gifts or just as a ‘thank you’ or a pick-me-up gift. By far my favorite was LOVE, but Egyptian Goddess came in Second! LOVE smells light and powdery, just very refreshing, while Egyptian Goddess is a bit stronger with a hint of a soap smell.(at least this is what I smelled from my nose:)



I have been trying a lot of different things lately and I have noticed a trend back to small, decorative containers with solids in them(such as hand cream, lip balm and most recently, Perfume).  It is most intriguing to be able to use a scent from a solid form.  The Perfume Solid I tried came packaged in an ADORABLE box with tissue and in a little crock sat my Himalayan Musk.   The blend of the perfume solid is made from pure coconut oil, beeswax and custom blended perfume essences.  This is a very EFFECTIVE way to carry your favorite scent with you.  Himalayan Musk is a stronger scent. A little goes a long way and this perfume solid will last you a while because it is a simple light finger across it to get the scent transferred to you.

Perfume Solid


Each scent that I used lasted, and smelled fragrant.  I did find that the Perfume Oil needed reapplied later in the day but the scent was intoxicating and I absolutely loved smelling it as I caught whiffs of it during the day!



I will be providing a few samples of AURIC BLENDS in a giveaway shortly. Stay tuned…









I was provided with a sample of the aforementioned products in return for my TRUE and HONEST Opinion as set forth in this blog.

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