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I don’t know if you have tried the Subs that the Sub Shop at Giant Eagle makes Fresh to Go, but we have become accustomed to our Friday Night Subs from Giant Eagle.  It is disappointing that not EVERY Giant Eagle has them, but I travel to the Cranberry Location to pick these up~ They are THAT good.

I don’t eat meat but there are veggies subs, meat subs and Philly Cheese Steak Subs, with 4 different breads to choose from!  The Subs are not you SUBWAY subs, because there is ACTUALLY a generous helping of meat and veggies on these subs.  The staff is so outgoing and friendly and they make sure you LIKE the final product!  I love that we individually order them, and that we can get 1/2’s or wholes just like Subway, however… The price ROCKS, $4.99. Make sure to ask them to WRITE what type of sub is in each package because you will not know who belongs to which sub.

Here is the deal for a few more days.  Use your Advantage card to BOGO the subs, 2 for $4.99.  Each Sub gets punched on your SUB Card so you are on your way to earning FREE FOOD!  We get these subs faithfully every week from the Caprese to the Philly, they are great. The bread is fresh, the veggies are delicious, not all fabricated, and the lunch meat is ACTUALLY really there. I love the Caprese! Toasted or Not!

If you have not tried their pizza, bread sticks or mini stromboletti, and garlic knots you are also missing out on a very palatable set of foods.  The garlic knots are 2/$1 and sell out frequently.  The mini stromboletti is layered with meat and cheese and a great option for those kids not quite ready for a full size strombolli, but ready to TRY a great food.  We order our pizza’s ahead as well as our bread sticks!  Make sure to get the sauce.

Friday nights pizza nights for so many families, but have you gotten the Giant Eagle Advantage and earned Fuel Perks for your purchases?  You have not if you are getting your pizzas, subs and bread sticks anywhere else other than Giant Eagle.  Earn free food with the sub card, get delicious hearth-baked pizza and manga bene on Subs from the Giant Eagle Prepared Foods Department.



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